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Postby Kasima » 07/30/09

Full Name: Kasima Marcellus
Nicknames: Kasi


    Level: 5x
    Class: Conjuror
    RP Power: Mildly powerful with elemental (specifically air) magic

    Race: Koada'dal
    Gender: female
    Date of Birth: She doesn't remember
    Age: 350 or so
    Hair: long and red
    Skin: pale white
    Eyes: silver
    Height: tall and big boned
    Weight: 180 pounds

    Place of Residence: Her Manor in Kelethin
    Place of Birth: Kelethin

    Relatives: She has a twin sister who is presumed dead. Adopted T`Hazen. Her Sire, Branton Marcellus and his wife are long since dead. Her slave, Lysi. Her mate Thaen. Blood oathed to the Gevaudan Sire, Setsuko.
    Enemies: none
    Allies: Countess Malvina, Setsuko, Braylen, Thaen, Lysi

    Occupation: Jack of all trades
    Crafting: jeweler

    Appearance: Kasima is overly large for a koada'dal, stocky with big bones. She has long, clever fingers. Her hands from knuckle and up to the elbows of her arm are covered in burn scars - the sort of divine fire that does not heal properly in the vampiric. She has long muscular legs, and she generally almost always wears opera length gloves which hide the burn scars. One ear is pierced, and a twinkling diamond can be seen near the tip of it. She wears a severely disfigured ring on one hand, which was the signet ring of her Sire, the Caliph Branton Marcellus. On the other hand she wears Gevaudan's signet ring of paladium with the carved ruby rose. She tends to wear the signet pin of the T`Hazen clan often. When she is working she only wears Branton's ring as she never removes it. She has long, long ruby-red fine hair, and the silver eyes that are the mark of the Tiberus vampiric line.

    Fashion of Choice: Sumptuous fabric, long opera length gloves with open fingertips and stockings. long thigh high leather boots
    Armor of Choice: Robes. Anything soft.
    Weapons of Choice: Her rock pet.

    Special Abilities: she has an affinity for earth/air magic. Very slight empathy and with Lysi and Thaen she has more of bond that allows her to communicate with Thaen telepathically. She has very strong psi shields, which were trained into her by Setsuko to give her some protection.

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
    Motivations: Order. Control.
    Disposition: Optimistic yet controlled. She expects obedience and success and tempers herself towards that goal
    Outlook: Positive, cheerful, upbeat

    Religion/Philosophy: Devout worshipper of Sol Ro

    Sexuality: absolutely

    Positive Personality Traits: Focused, controlling, patient, cunning
    Negative Personality Traits: quick to anger, quite a temper. Protocol nazi
    Misc. Quirks: She genuinely cares for all the thralls of the house and has their best interests at heart.

    Guild: Cladire Mortii
    Guild Rank: Kinde.


    Likes: quiet evenings by the fire, flogging thralls, good wine
    Dislikes: disobedience, disrespect

    Favorite Foods: She can no longer tolerate mortal food.
    Favorite Drinks: good wine. preferably defafnyr
    Favorite Colors: red, black

    Hobbies: playing games with the thralls

    Played by What Famous Person:

    Theme Songs:


    From the tree city of Kelethin, a young mage was captured and sold into slavery. Through cunning and her ingenuity, she won her freedom from the teir'dal family that bought her, becoming their bonded servant. Taught the ways of capture, deception, capturing and training of slaves, she excelled in the practice. Buying her freedom, she free lanced for twenty years before bringing herself to Jastin with excellent references. When Jastin's business practices fell, she continued along with others to the Fairwinds Company. Disliking the athmosphere and some of the business practices, she left.

    Attempting to find herself, she studied in Qeynos, and met the Caliph and Valideh. She was turned, and when their estate was burned, she dug through the wreckage, taking a disfigured ring. The penalty for digging through the smoldering wreckage were burns that disfigured her hands and arms. She views these burns as a badge of pride.

    Discrete inquiries have led her to the T'Hazen door and Lady Malvina's employ.

    An argument with Thaen and she took herself from Malvina's House, and she wanders alone. She's looking for something and perhaps her paths will cross with others soon. One thing for certain is that destiny holds great things for her. Possibly terrible but definitely great.

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Magician Kasima Marcellus of House Gevaudan
Demonologist Kasima Le`Brun of Thelus
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Re: Kasima Le Brun

Postby Thaen » 09/30/09

Ah, my other Lass. A Lady that captured my attention the first moment we met. Her pale skin, long red hair and very pretty eyes. Watching her with the other slaves in Fairwinds was a delight. Bedding her after watching her was even better.

After she was fired from her position there, I found her wandering the beach in confusion. She doesn't remember all her time there, her mind is clouded with fog. She was holding an almost dying girl in her arms, another of the slaves from the House. We ended up taking her back to Kasima's acorn and dealing with that.

There are nights my Lass wakes up screaming from something that happened there. She doesn't remember it when she wakes up. If I thought I had a chance to kill the man who treated her this way, I would in a heartbeat. But she is lovely and healing well, and is a warm spot in my bed (or I hers) many a night.
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