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Neversea's Collection of Things!

Post by Pirate » 03/01/12

Hi there and thanks for browsing! I like to write! Do you like to read? Good, let's be friends!

I like to write poetry, short fiction, plays and other bits and baubles. A lot of my writing is very very dark and deals with all sorts of ugly issues that some people might not like to read about and that's okay! But as a fore warning, these are dark pages and it's okay to turn back if you don't like that kind of thing!

I have been writing since way before high school, so I have quite a collection, including a collection of 200 poems written on napkins, pieces of paper, scraps and bits and some...lost. The hard part will be finding it all. The second hard part will be finding the courage to post it all. I think most authors have trouble with sharing work and my inner critic likes to rear its ugly head far too often.

That said, I prefer comments over criticism. That's not to say you cannot critique my writing. You won't be any harsher on me than I have been on myself, but I ask that if you are going to post a full fledged critique, that you please PM me. Short suggestion, discussion and brief commentary are welcome on this thread or the thread of the written work.

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Re: Neversea's Collection of Things!

Post by Pirate » 03/01/12

This will include a linked list of both non-EQ2/Thelus work and EQ2/Thelus work. Please post commentary on this thread and not in the linked threads!

Short Fiction
The Blood Flowers
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Re: Neversea's Collection of Things!

Post by Pirate » 03/01/12

I am taking a Playwriting class this semester and I hate it, but I shall be brave and post some of my plays for reading! Enjoy! These will consist of non-EQ2/Thelus works obviously! However, some have been inspired by EQ2 or Thelus!

Short Plays

Urning Dirt
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Re: Neversea's Collection of Things!

Post by Pirate » 03/01/12

Much of my poetry has been lost over the years, but I know I have a few notebooks stowed away, so I will dig those out.

Poetry 2012

The Candy Shop

Water droplets cling to the clear glass
Above a storm has begun to stir
The soft tinkle of bells lures my eyes
To the bright shop of treats and good eats

The tinkling of the bells
Rings out into the dark night
And I press my face to the glass

Inside are mountains of glorious treats
Bright tasty lollipops hag in a row
Giant heaps of marshmallow fluff
Adorn mounds of chocolaty goodness

My eyes light up at such treats
I press my hand to the glass
This is not a place I may pass

Children run to and fro
Squealing with the glee
In the way that only children can
Such happiness for such simplicity

And the storm stirring the dark gray clouds
Begins to pour its soupy teardrops
Down upon me as I gaze into the glass of the Candy Shop

The Dancer

Twirling and spinning
Her arms gracefully spread
And lift above her head

Sweeping and grasping
Her leg lifts to kiss her knee
Bending to a crook in her plea

Dizzying and drowning
Her hand presses to her heart
As tears begin to part

Tumbling and collapsing
Into a heap she falls
Like the still lifeless eyes of a doll

Screaming and reeling
Her eyes flutter
As her lips begin to mutter

Gasping and breathless
Her body stills and stiffens
Her hands fall without any mittens

Still and lifeless
Never will she prance
Through the loving grace of her dance


Snow tumbles down
From the gray white clouds
That hover above
Never do they part

Darkening and shadowing
They hover and wait
Until the storm bursts
From crystal blue skies

I feel the droplets
As each falls from those milky white clouds
Those dark storms that hover
So far above the unreachable sky

Grasping and searching
I fail to find a hold
On the mountain side
And I fall

Dark blue waves engulf
Me as I fall into the unknown
Life-granting water fills my lungs
And I begin to drown

Flailing and screaming
I go unheard and unsaved
No one to rescue me
From the sorrows that drown my heart

Then there is nothing
Darkness takes hold of the light
And nothing remains
But the ripple of the darkened ocean waves

Mask of the Damned

Rage stirs in my mind
Grasping all of my kind

Pure white fluff
Flutters down in a puff

Blood fills my eyes
And all I hear are lies

Where is the mask?
To wear it is my task

Block out the light
Save me from my own might

Screams fill the air
And nothing is ever really fair

Last until the night
I cannot fight

Take my hand
Lead me away from this land

Let dreams never come true
Nothing is ever really new

And I will be nothing more than what I already am
For we are all truly and irrevocably damned

Fallen Angel

Falling from the sky
Crashing to the ground
Bright fire reaches up high
Exploding from the garbage mound

Sparkling white and shining bright
Dancing across the ocean blue
Drifting and splashing across the night
A cry is born to the mourning dew

Life once thought lost
Begins anew upon the ancient land
But a life for a life comes with a cost
To be granted to this particular hand

The Candy Shoppe Revisited

Purple sugarplums and bright blue lollipops
Lay in row upon row of sweet treats
Strands of bright orange and pink taffy
Stretch across beams of delicate chocolate

Sour sweets and colorful gumdrops
Rest in great piles of tarty eats
Tantalizing gummy bears shine so glassy
Behind the counter the sweet children aggravate

While the shopkeeper fills requests
A lone grubby child presses a dirty nose
To the polishes glass of the shop window
Peering in at all the goodies within

Never will he be one of the guests
Always affixed into a sleepless doze
Lost in the silent turmoil of limbo
The treats and sweets never to be part of his sin

Children running to and fro
Spreading sticky sweetness across the door knob
As they treasure their candies high and low
Weaving and dancing through the Candy Shoppe

Mirror of Shattered Darkness

Mirror, mirror on the wall
How is it I always seem to fall?
When I gaze into your abyss
All I can see is bliss

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Why is that to me you call?
I see your demons hidden inside
And I become a virgin bride

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Why is it I who traverses your darkened hall?
I scream in rage
But my words do not make it to the page

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who am I to entertain your royal ball?
I feel your coldness seep through my heart
And your lips never do part

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Why is it that I come to a crawl?
I shatter your darkened shards
Like the deck of a million cards

Mirror, mirror on the wall
What is it now you ask me to scrawl?
Like a butterfly’s breathe on the wind
There is nothing you can mend

Fragments of Passionate Rage

I see the glass case surrounding your ever broken heart
My fingers brush the sacred case that seals all inside
But nothing I do will ever make that glass part
Because there is nothing we have but pride

Screams fill the air every night
But none hear them until it’s too late
Do you see the light?
Do you hear the hate?

Hidden away underneath the abyss
There is nothing that the light can touch
There is nothing, but the soothing bliss
And the hand tight around your throat to clutch

Do you hear the wind call as it blows past?
Do you hear the whispers of your name?
Nothing is ever made to last
Nothing but the ever burning love of my flame

Burn in the shattered remains of what I once was
Let the darkness collapses into the nothingness of nothing
Not even I am without my own flaws
For all that I ever could be would be bluffing

Tear your eyes from the recesses of my broken heart
And follow through the path of the fires of my passion
For nothing will ever tear the flame and I apart
Until all that I am is turned to flakes of ashen

Screaming Chaos

Falling, falling down down
Into nothing, into darkness

Surrounded, surrounded
By nothingness

Swirling darkness
A single light breathes true

Screaming pain
Fills the air

The eyes
Are all around me

Watching, watching
Staring and gaping

What is behind the closed doors?
Who is behind the darkness of the light?

And nothing
Becomes chaos

Frozen Mask

Time fades by so quickly
As I stand at the crossroads
Which way do I turn?

The mask clings to me
Hides everything that I am
From the judgmental world of darkness

Where is the light that shines so bright?
Why does it hide from the mask of my pain?
Where do I go from here or there?

No one hears the scream at night
No one sees the brightness of the light
And nothing can ever be as it once was

I hide behind the mask
And hide behind the darkness
Waiting ever so long

Will I become nothing more than the mask?
Will I become nothing but the darkness?
Will my heart be shattered into a million shards?

I stand alone as time fades by
My mask clings to the light in the darkness
And nothing can save me from the fate

I take that one step out into the crossroads
And ice covers everything
My frozen scream cannot be heard
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Re: Neversea's Collection of Things!

Post by Pirate » 03/01/12

This will be a linked list to anything else that does not fit into the categories above!

Other Bits and Baubles

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