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Fort Huggable: Server & Updates

Posted: 01/17/11
by Duvessa
Minecraft is a sandbox building video game which allows players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D world. It is currently in development, originally by creator Markus "Notch" Persson and now by his company formed from the proceeds of the game, Mojang. The gameplay is inspired by Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper, and Infiniminer. In order to play on the Raven's Minecraft server, you'll need to be a registered user of the game, see below for details.

Admin Team:
  • Duvessa/Lyah
phpBB [media]

phpBB [media]

Tenebrae's Installation Instruction Thread

The Raven runs a Survival Mode Multiplayer server. When you run Minecraft, select "Multiplayer" and put in: or

In the field for the address of a server. Click connect, and you should be off to the races. Keep in mind that both the Raven's server, and the master login servers for the game are buggy. They can get swamped with overloads on a regular basis and may cause frustration when trying to log in.

The general consensus seems that people do NOT want "op" powers, but to play without cheats. There is, however, a little dispensary of helpful items that has been set up near the spawn point.

Now with Extra Commands!
  • Flight Mode:
    • /flight on - Turn flight on for yourself.
      /flight off - Turn flight off for yourself.
      /flight toggle- Toggle flight for yourself.
      /flight check - Check your flight status
      /flight check [player] - Check flight status of another player.
      /flight list - List all users with flight mode enabled.

Re: Fort Huggable Lives Again!

Posted: 01/17/11
by Danasseus
From another forum I go to.

Code: Select all

Minecraft first turned out to be a singleplayer/online game where you built anything your heart desired with a large variety of blocks. This gamemode was and still is called Creative. But since Survival Mode is all the rage, Creative seems to be lost behind all of the commotion, only played by the poor men of the Internet.

What exactly is Survival Mode?
Survival Mode was the second gamemode Notch (aka Markus Persson, the creator of Minecraft) has ever made to Minecraft. The gamemode is all what you can imagine by the title - surviving. With the ability to create any structure with a large variety of interesting craftable and obtainable items, endless hours of gameplay. And with the exciting Multiplayer, it just keeps getting better.

Survival Mode all started out with Survival Test, with Notch just toying with things that would soon become the incredible gamemode we all play today.

Next came /indev/, also known as In Development(?), which was just Survival Test, only, well, I'm not exactly sure why he did this, but he did it for a very good reason I bet.

After that came /infdev/, also known as Infinite Development(?), but again, like /indev/. I'm still boggled about why he did this.

And finally, after everything was prepared, he released the fantastic game of Minecraft Alpha (also known as Minecraft Survival), the game we HAD until December 20, when the game was updated to Beta and the price was doubled! Further updates will continue to be free but this means the game will be nearing completion far in the future! 

Code: Select all

What are mobs?
Mobs are creatures that roam the generated terrain of every level. They can range from nice pigs to green dicks that blow up your shit.

There are currently 12 mobs in Survival Mode, with 5 of them being passive.

- Pigs are friendly mobs. They may seem cute, but not everyone lives forever. So you'll have to kill such adorable creatures for their delicious bacon that heals 1.5 hearts (cooked bacon heals 4 hearts).

- Sheep are just as adorable as pigs. You are able magically shear them with your hands by punching them, which results in 1-3 blocks of wool being dropped.

- Cows seem friendly, but they look pretty stupid. But these mobs drop up to 1-3 leather, which can collected to be crafted into really crappy armor.

- Chickens may look like ducks, but try not to get them confused too much. Chickens can drop from 1-3 feathers when killed.

- Squids are a new addition to Minecraft that came with a big update. When killed, they drop 1 - 3 ink sacks which is useful for wool dye.

- Zombies looks like they're ready to hug, right? Well try not to get too close, because these fuckers pack a punch. They drop 1-3 feathers for God knows why when killed. When it turns day, they begin to burn (there must be no blocks above them, even leaves).

- These assholes like to shoot arrows at you from anywhere when they're close to you. Do NOT get trapped in a pit with Skeletons above you. When killed, they drop 1-3 arrows. Just like Zombies, they burn as well when it's day.

- Spiders lurk anywhere, and are ready to jump at you whenever. They can be a big pain in the ass, especially when there are more than one. When killed, they drop 1-3 string. But with Spiders, they do not start on fire, but most of the time they become friendly, making nice house guests.

- Slimes are currently broken for some odd reason. But they are very adorable mobs, even if they are unfriendly. Slimes can range from many sizes; smallest slimes don't hurt you, so you can have them follow you and keep them as a pet! When they are killed, they usually drop 1-3(?) slime balls.

- These gigantic dicks are the epiphany of why I hate this game at times. They can be lurking ANYWHERE - even more concealed than spiders, and jump at you and blow up for no reason. They may seem like they need a hug (like Zombies) but be careful - they will destroy your shit. And what makes it worse is that they do NOT burn in daylight. But they drop 1-3 gunpowder when they are killed (not blown up) that can be crafted with sand to create TNT.

Pig Zombies
- Pig Zombies were added in during the Halloween Update. Though they can only be found in the Nether, they are completely friendly (until you disturb them by hurting them).

- Ghasts were added in during the Halloween Update. These large, white, box-like, annoying fuckers shoot fireballs at you from wherever they are floating, even if you aren't that close. Thank god Notch fixed them from crying so much when on fire, you'd probably quit playing the game when it happened. 

Code: Select all

What is the Nether?
The Nether (underworld, hell, etc.) was added in during the Halloween Update. When you construct a portal (an outline of a box used with obsidian and then lit with flint and steel) it will teleport you to a randomly generated level called the Nether. There are all sorts of interesting things there. But don't let me bore you with words, go try it for yourself! 
Useful links

Minecraft - The site that hosts the game that started it all.
Notch's Blog - Notch's tumblr (blog) that he posts Minecraft related things and things about he reviewed/his life.
Notch's Twitter - Like his tumblr, but he posts more actively on his Twitter and about stuff that is going on right at the moment.
Minecraft's GetSatisfaction - You can submit bugs/suggestions here so Notch can add more things to his to-do list.
Minecraft's Official Facebook Page - Has some interesting news, whether it's actual news or community news.
Minepedia - Wikipedia for Minecraft.
Crafting Recipes (Minepedia) - Crafting recipes for Minecraft.

If you have anymore questions about Minecraft, please look at the wikipedia first:


Re: Fort Huggable Lives Again!

Posted: 01/17/11
by Zesra
Me and Striothia already claimed a hill. <3 Come play. There is a huge amount of lag though.

Re: Minecraft: Fort Huggable

Posted: 01/18/11
by Ijaka
Just a reminder for anyone who hasn't been playing Minecraft since the recent changes, spiders can now climb walls, making certain structures that used to be safe not so safe anymore. However, they are apparently not able to climb on blocks made of sandstone. To create sandstone, you'll need four pieces of sand. Put them in your crafting window in a square (as though you were creating a crafting table).

Sandstone however is not a very good defense against creepers, as the ill-fated entrance to my first mine found out yesterday evening.

Re: Minecraft: Fort Huggable

Posted: 01/18/11
by Pyxie
It's a crazy addictive game for those who begin to obsess with perfection. My goal is a deadly shooting gallery with the new dispensers to lure in monsters and critters so I can collect their stuff. Murderzone! Weee.

Re: Minecraft: Fort Huggable

Posted: 01/19/11
by Ijaka
So, while the multiplayer server is getting sorted out, I've started playing a new single player game to take advantage of all the beta changes. I'd just like to take a moment to give kudos to this new game, because I've just had awesome luck so far. I ended up with a big deposit of clay right next to my spawn point, so I'm going to be able to make a ton of brick blocks to build with. Then, when I moved away from that spawn point (since it was on an island) I just happened to build my next safe house directly on top of a huge natural cave system with naturally forming obsidian.

To balance this luck, I'm expecting a rain of creepers.

Re: Minecraft: Fort Huggable

Posted: 01/19/11
by Pyxie
Can you mine obsidian? I haven't tried cause I thought it was invulnerable or somethin'.

Re: Minecraft: Fort Huggable

Posted: 01/19/11
by Ijaka
Pyxie wrote:Can you mine obsidian? I haven't tried cause I thought it was invulnerable or somethin'.
You can mine obsidian indeed! It's only next to invulnerable. To mine it you need a diamond pick and even then it takes a bit of time to actually dig out. I think it is possible to break a block of obsidian with less than a diamond pick, it takes absurdly long and then you don't even get a piece of obsidian to pick up afterward though.

Re: Minecraft: Fort Huggable - ONLINE!

Posted: 01/19/11
by Duvessa
We're back online!

The general consensus seems that people do NOT want "op" powers, but to play without cheats. I will, however, stock up the little dispensary that has been set up near the spawn point, and will take requests for items to put there. First come, first served.

Given that the Minecraft login servers crash with astonishing regularity, I have changed Fort Huggable, temporarily to insecure status. This means you can login even when the Mincraft official login servers are down. Sometimes his may result in you getting the name "Player" instead of your character name. That's the best I can do, since logins are out of my hands. I suggest you make sure keep a stock of spare inventory in your homes for events where you can log in, but not as yourself.

Fort Huggable is now running on its own server, independent of the Raven, and that is the ONLY software running on it. A full gigabyte of memory is devoted to the server, so it should run very nicely.

Re: Minecraft: Fort Huggable - ONLINE!

Posted: 01/19/11
by Pella
Boats work well. It's a little wierd leaving one, I have to jump more often than in single player. But entering and riding around is very smooth. Until the spiders jump you.

I am experiencing missing chunks, though. Mobs can cross them, it seems, but when I try to, I get stuck at the edge.
Which might be a good thing. The last server, I got stuck in the void after falling through the bottom. :D
These seem to move around whenever I log out, so it might be a loading error on my end, rather than the server.

Re: Minecraft: Fort Huggable - ONLINE!

Posted: 01/25/11
by Duvessa

Re: Minecraft: Fort Huggable - ONLINE!

Posted: 01/26/11
by Pella
I've placed a waypoint in the safehouse near the spawning area. It's signature is four white wools.

Re: Minecraft: Fort Huggable - ONLINE!

Posted: 01/28/11
by Corydonn
I made a teleporter outside that safehouse that leads to a really spiffy flatland I fond in about 20 minutes of walking straight in one direction, Pretty cool place to build a town, Complete with inn and such perhaps?

Re: Minecraft: Fort Huggable - ONLINE!

Posted: 02/23/11
by Duvessa
Minecraft Beta 1.3

* Implemented a new lighting engine with the help of MrMessiahs (can be turned off)
* Changed the options around, added a new “Graphics options” button
* Added beds. If all players in a map sleeps in a bed during night, the game immediately skips until morning
* Added three new half-size blocks
* Added Delay/Repeater redstone dust blocks
* Added whitelisting to the server. To use, enter “whitelist <cmd>” where cmd is “on”, “off”, “add <player>”, “remove <player>”, “list” or “reload”
* New save file format, old maps need to be converted (that might take a while..)
* It’s now possible to have more than five save slots, and to rename saves
* Scrollbars in both the texture pack list, and in the map selection screen
* Replaced the Mojang splash image to reflect the new logo colors
* .. and a bunch of bug fixes and tweaks!

Re: Minecraft: Fort Huggable - ONLINE!

Posted: 05/27/11
by Duvessa
Fort Huggable is fully updated!


+ Added Nether support to multiplayer
+ The client will ask if the current login is valid. If the server says “no”, a warning message appears in the client. You can still play the game even if this happens.
+ Added craftable maps
+ Added hatches
+ Added tall grass in some biomes
+ Mushrooms now spreads (very) slowly
+ Added server property view-distance. Sets the radius of terrain updates (in chunks) to send to the players. Range 3-15, default 10.
+ Added dead shrubs in deserts
+ Added allow-nether (set to true or false) in
+ Blocks destroyed by other players in multiplayer now shows the breaking block particle effect
+ Doors make sound for other players in multiplayer
+ The record player now supports more than 15 different songs (you can’t get the records yet, though)
+ Activated dispensers make sounds and trigger particles in multiplayer
+ Players stuck in walls will slide towards the nearest gap if there is one

* Disabled Advanced OpenGL until we can fix some bugs with it
* It’s no longer possible to build solid blocks on the top layer of the maps (sorry!)
* Made booster tracks speedier
* Severely nerfed fire so it spread slower, and doesn’t spread infinitely
* Seeds are now found in tall grass, using a hoe on the ground no longer works
* Compressed network traffic more agressively
* Blocks that don’t change appearance when the data changes don’t send block updates when their data changes now
* Arrows shot by players can now be picked up by all players
* Nothing riding anything or being ridden by anything can enter portals

* Fixed running out of memory corrupting the current level
* Fixed the side textures of grass getting extra dark when mining them
* Fixed anaglyph 3d rendering mode having severe visual bugs
* Fixed the crash screen vanishing immediately
* Fixed not being able to target blocks when at x or z pos 1000
* Fixed the achievements screen messing up the sky color
* Fixed saving while sneaking dropping the player through the ground
* Fixed a system clock change messing up the game speed
* Fixed rain sounds not playing with fast graphics enabled
* Fixed hair and cloaks being rendered in the wrong locations on sneaking players
* Fixed the attack/swing animation not being applied to the armor layer
* Fixed player rotation not being loaded correctly when loading a saved game
* Fixed arrow physics, making them not get stuck midair when you open a door
* Fixed arrows hitting reeds, portals, and other non-solid blocks
* Fixed keybindings not getting saved properly under certain conditions
* Fixed the player not being able to sneak off lowered blocks like cacti
* Fixed a bug where the player could mine without swinging their arm
* Fixed boats placed on snow being placed too far up
* Fixed submerged boats rising very very fast
* Fixed sand dropping onto boats getting stuck in a falling animation
* Fixed a game crash when riding a vehicle or animal into the nether
* Fixed falling while riding not dealing damage to the rider
* Fixed buttons and levers too close to the player being impossible to use
* Fixed dispensers shooting through walls
* Fixed fire hurting through wall corners
* Fixed entities reaching water through wall corners
* Fixed placing doors next to cacti creating half-doors
* Fixed buttons and levers being placeable on leaves in “fast graphics” mode
* Fixed furnaces and dispensers not dropping their contents when destroyed
* Fixed dispensers biasing later slots
* Fixed farmland taking too long to dig
* Fixed tilling below some blocks being possible
* Fixed tilling the underside of blocks somehow working
* Fixed fences and stairs sometimes becoming invisible
* Fixed walking on top of fences not producing step sounds
* Fixed fire sometimes existing mid-air as an invisible block of pain
* Fixed fences and wooden stairs not being flammable
* Fixed fire effect on burning entities sometimes getting rendered in the wrong location
* Fixed fishing rod rendering being a bit lacking
* Fixed fishing rods being stackable
* Fixed mining glass hiding the clouds behind the glass
* Fixed rain falling through liquids
* Fixed items in glass blocks not getting ejected properly
* Fixed water interacting strangely with glass
* Fixed glass not blocking rain sound
* Fixed fences and signs preventing grass from growing
* Fixed rain and snow being incorrectly lit
* Fixed grass staying alive below stair blocks
* Fixed the achievement screen not pausing the game
* Fixed some screens breaking the sky tint color
* Fixed fullscreen mode switching causing mouse issues and screen closes
* Fixed chat messages surviving through game switches
* Fixed ice so it regenerates regardless of whether it’s snowing or not
* Fixed rain falling too slowly
* Fixed levers being placeable on weird locations
* Fixed floor levers sometimes not delivering a signal downwards
* Fixed floor levers sometimes not being removed when the floor is removed
* Fixed rail tiles sometimes not properly connecting to a new neighbor
* Fixed minecarts next to each other causing extreme velocities (sorry!)
* Fixed wolves not following their owner if the name has different caps
* Fixed creepers retaining charge level when they can’t see their target
* Fixed dying in the nether spawning new portals
* “Fixed” beds in the nether
* Fixed inventory acting weird when portaling by making the portal close all screens
* Fixed wooden pressure plates being mined with pickaxes
* Fixed redstone repeaters having the wrong particles
* Fixed saplings being plantable through snow onto non-grass blocks
* Fixed ore density varying per quadrant from the center of the world
* Fixed dispenser graphics being one pixel off. ONE PIXEL!!!
* Fixed mushrooms spawning everywhere during nights
* Fixed animals only spawning near light during the night
* Fixed the multiplayer join screen input field being too short
* Fixed IPv6 addresses being parsed wrongly. To connect to a specific port in IPv6, use the format [1234:567::1]:25565
* Fixed network packets being sent unbuffered, causing huge amounts of packets being sent
* Fixed entity positions going out of synch sometimes. They get re-synched every 20 seconds now.
* Fixed inventory icons not animating after being picked up in multiplayer
* Fixed mushroom soup not leaving a bowl in multiplayer
* Fixed entities above the map height limit becoming invisible
* Fixed healing not flashing the health bar in multiplayer
* Fixed arrows being animated really strangely in multiplayer
* Fixed arrows triggering too many entity move updates in multiplayer
* Fixed the compass not pointing at the spawn location in multiplayer
* Fixed fires being impossible to put out in multiplayer
* Fixed record players spawning client-side fake records in multiplayer
* Fixed records not playing for other players in multiplayer
* Fixed players spawning in the wrong location and quickly lerping to the correct location
* Fixed monsters not being visible for players with their difficulty set to peaceful
* Fixed pigs getting hit by lightning in multiplayer spawning client-side zombie pigmen
* Fixed loads of exploding tnt generating way too many particles, possibly crashing the client
* Fixed bonemeal use in multiplayer sometimes spawning fake client-side trees
* Fixed saplings sometimes spawning trees client-side in multiplayer
* Fixed weather sometimes changing client-side in multiplayer
* Fixed grasscolor.png and foliagecolor.png not being read from texture packs
* Fixed stats getting saved to different files in offline mode if the caps in the player name differ from the true spelling
* Fixed fireballs not being visible in multiplayer
* Fixed ghasts’ fireing animation not being visible in multiplayer
* Fixed receiving more items than the maximum stack size sometimes causing an oversized stack in the inventory

Re: Minecraft: Fort Huggable - ONLINE!

Posted: 06/19/11
by Tomias
Clan Silverpaws is pleased have opened it's first Silverpaws Subway Shoppe! self service with fresh bread and a relaxing safe place while on the road! Located at the crossroads leading to Pyxie/Clan Silverpaws and the Erithe's Castle. Open 24/7!

(( just a safeplace at the crossroads, stocked with some food and set up a bit like a fast food place I know. let me know if the bread ever starts to run low there.. the wheat farm is very productive... and if you are heading to Erithe's beware of the zombies in the basement area... :twisted: ))

Re: Minecraft: Fort Huggable - ONLINE!

Posted: 06/19/11
by Erithe
Why should they beware of zombies in my basement?

Re: Minecraft: Fort Huggable - ONLINE!

Posted: 06/19/11
by Tomias
Last time I was there, there was a fair number of them in one area... very annoying and creepy

Re: Minecraft: Fort Huggable - ONLINE!

Posted: 07/30/11
by Rakkoth
Newest mob tease - The Endermen.

Welp, we're boned.

Re: Minecraft: Fort Huggable

Posted: 11/27/11
by Tomias
Strange... seems the Tower of Erithe has been broken into.. but nothing is missing.. instead there is a gift in a chest in a bedroom.. what would someone leave for a wizardess?

Re: Minecraft: Fort Huggable

Posted: 11/28/11
by Erithe
Tomias wrote:Strange... seems the Tower of Erithe has been broken into.. but nothing is missing.. instead there is a gift in a chest in a bedroom.. what would someone leave for a wizardess?


Re: Minecraft: Fort Huggable

Posted: 07/02/12
by Velshorn
I'm digging. Deep. Pretty awful deep. I have more stone and gravel than I know what to do with. Look for the resident bunneh's estate and then look under it. You're welcome to any material there.

Re: Minecraft: Fort Huggable

Posted: 09/12/12
by Duvessa
Fort Huggable Has Moved!

Until now. Fort Huggable was hosted on a server in my office at work, but as the possibility looms of me looking for other opportunities, I need to dispense with such luxuries. So... I've moved the server to a Minecraft hosting service. For about $12 a month, they will host the server, keep it updated, and manage all of the other headaches I normally have had to deal with. On balance, I think this is good for our small Minecraft community.

Please make note of the new addresses above. Let me know if you feel the new server is at all laggy or bad in some way. If this doesn't work out, we can go back to the old server.

Re: Minecraft: Fort Huggable

Posted: 09/13/12
by Duvessa
Now with Extra Commands!
  • Flight Mode:
    • /flight on - Turn flight on for yourself.
      /flight off - Turn flight off for yourself.
      /flight toggle- Toggle flight for yourself.
      /flight check - Check your flight status
      /flight check [player] - Check flight status of another player.
      /flight list - List all users with flight mode enabled.

Re: Minecraft: Fort Huggable

Posted: 10/11/12
by Duvessa
Huggable Admin!

Shizouka is joining the admin team for Fort Huggable. In the event of a server outage, you can contact her or myself to look into any issues!