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Postby Ernool » 06/25/10

Full Name: Ernool Nassar
Nicknames: Ernie, Chocolate, Stardust Soldier


    Level: 90/90
    Class: Bruiser/Woodworker
    RP Power: He's a young punk who may surprise you one day. For now he's firmly in "he's got potential, he's just not that disciplined".

    Race: Ayr'dal
    Gender: M
    Date of Birth:
    Age: 25
    Hair: Blue
    Skin: Chocolate
    Eyes: Green
    Height: 5'8''
    Weight: 193lb

    Place of Residence: Gorowyn, in the Secondary's quarters.
    Place of Birth: Qeynos...under unhappy circumstances.

    Relatives: His mom, Secondary Eliza Nassar. His father is a wood-elf in qeynos, but Ernool doesn't talk about that bum.
    Enemies: Gorowyn's foes
    Allies: Gorowyn and their allies

    Occupation: Civilian volunteer for gorowyn. Part-time fletcher and ex-primary (Retired in Honor). Currently fully employed as a guard for the Maiden's Fancy and possibly it's manager.
    Crafting: Woodworker


    Fashion of Choice: When he's out for a night on the town, he typically wears a darker colored gi. When it's an important occasion he can be talked into a Kunark robe or officer's armor.
    Armor of Choice: Since the gorowyn military doesn't provide really great gear for ayr'dal, he's been depending on his agility and uses normal gi's that don't get in the way of movement. Plus he doesn't chaff like he would in armor.
    Weapons of Choice: His paired Beatsticks that he carved himself long ago. They bear some gnaw marks from creature bites.

    Special Abilities:

    Alignment: Neutral Good. (Ernool lives very much by a code of freedom, life, and opportunity. He has never backed down from the chance to earn that for someone and even at his most fearful, he's never backed away from a friend in need.)
    Motivations: Safeguard his city and his guild, Enjoy life, and become a better fighter
    Disposition: He's incredibly cheerful and laid-back. This has gotten him mistaken as dim.
    Outlook: "We all have something and someone that matters to us. So like, it's cool to pursue it so long as you don't shame yourself."

    Religion/Philosophy: He follows the Tribunal, and is a very devout believer in "Might makes right" and "Those who can, must".

    Sexuality: Firmly Hetero.

    Positive Personality Traits: Energetic, Forgiving, Bold
    Negative Personality Traits: "lovably simple", Proud, and Laid-back
    Misc. Quirks: He speaks with a very thick "island" drawl and this can rankle more traditional folks.

    Guild: Maiden's Fancy
    Guild Rank: Manager
    Faction: Watchers of Gorowyn (Ex-Primary, currently has an open door policy to share stories with recruits)

    Likes: Rum, Tactics, Biological Sciences, Gorowyn, and Pretty women
    Dislikes: Hangovers, Sarnak mating calls, His father

    Favorite Foods: Aviak steaks, Potatoes, and Gravy'd biscuits
    Favorite Drinks: Mead, Mango juice
    Favorite Colors: Red and blue

    Hobbies: He carves little wooden figurines and enjoys making children's toys.

    Played by What Famous Person: Troy Baker as he played Kanji Tatsumi in Persona 4

    Theme Songs:

    Ernool Nassar was born, when his mother, a former terrorist working for Freeport, was arrested during a failed arson attempt in Qeynos. The head guard at the time took a shine to the woman and took her in without reporting her existence. Stockholm syndrome set in and eventually Ernool was born. The guardsman cast both out of the house refusing to tarnish his name with the birth and association.

    She snuck aboard a ship that ended up back in Freeport and lived in shame, especially when Ernool's birth origin came to light. Eventually, seeing that Ernool was running with gangs for most of his early childhood got to be too much for her, so when Freeport discovered Gorowyn, she signed on to be one of the first soldiers from Freeport in the new city.

    This change in lifestyle and the strict discipline living among sarnaks required changed Ernool for the better and he discovered the prophet of the Tribunal in his early days as a Tertiary. This changed him into a proud soldier of Gorowyn and Law which shaped much of his development since. He rose through the ranks, meeting and then surpassing his mother's rank of Secondary, even with the shock that came to him when his mother passed away from old age.

    After reaching Primary status, his growing friendships with the fancy prompted him to not renew his commission, bringing him back to a civilians life, which, after he grew accustomed to it, was happy and fulfilling. But this time, he would live by the principles instilled in him as a soldier.

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Re: Ernool

Postby Aristeia » 06/25/10

This one’s speech and manner of fight only prove one thing to me; He is young. Young in the sense that he comes across a bit naïve. He possesses the bravado of one approaching the beginnings of maturity. What he may lack in the areas of experience he more than makes up for with his determination and loyalty. He shows a passion and fervor to succeed in the goals he has set. If he continues along the path he has begun to walk, he will succeed more than he can even begin to imagine.

He has expressed an interest in having me teach him a thing or two. I have no reason to deny or refuse such a request. It would be foolish of me to try and hide my interest in this youth. He shows promise and I would consider it a joy, and a bit of fun, to help foster a growth in skills that will make him a formidable fighter. Along with promise he shows a passion for life that I have come to admire. These training sessions I hope will help make him into a student as well as a friend.

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Re: Ernool

Postby Aixa » 06/25/10

Ernie!!! he's a really nice fellow. He seems interested in learning all he can from others so he grows stronger in his own arts. He talks a bit funny to me but that's just another interesting quirk of his. I met him on the Maiden's fancy and he's kind of charming, he has that very slight hint of shyness that makes it cute but when you tease him... it's lots of fun because he knows how to return each tease! Must be an Ayr'Dal thing *giggles* So happy to have you around!
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Re: Ernool

Postby Yahlik » 06/26/10

Okay...Okay, Okay, okay!

Now i Never really respected an elfie, or HALF eflie serving in the gorowyn militia and doing it right but....nassar is an exception, He's likable, smart, can fight....kinda, he's learning at the least, and listens to those of experience, and he's a half elf so...he kinda shares the struggle we've got, torn between two cultures who made and hate you, I think that's why he belongs here.

Also he pulls crazy stuff too, like one time we tried to do a panty raid on the female dorms know, never mind, i dun wanna retell that embarrassment.

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Re: Ernool

Postby Tallindra » 10/14/10

"Ahh, the potential." She nods sagely, "our meeting was brief, though he did leave a mark - I suppose that goes both ways, of course."

When questioned as to just what she means, she will shrug and take her time before responding. "He is a man trained among Sarnak, and if those scaled warmongers didn't tear him to pieces, certainly he must have some deep well of willpower, aye? I have seen him training, which further confirms my belief that in due time, he will be more than just a face in a crowd. It would only take some... Very careful shaping."
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Re: Ernool

Postby Meridyth » 11/09/10

I don't know if I'd want to say anything about Ernool or not.

He's a cool guy, does that work? ... Probably not, huh? Alright.

He's devoted, first and foremost. He's had his eye on becoming second for a long damn time and he fought for it with tooth and nail. Even losing his mother didn't keep him from caving in, and I respect him for that. And I'm really surprised that he didn't approach me with any hint of bitterness. It took guts, after what we'd gone through before, and I'm hopeful that we can put the past behind to be friends again. Because I think, with him being an emotionally charged person like me, we'd probably destroy each other if anything went beyond that.

Funny thing is, he hides it behind being a cool guy. And I'm serious, he's laid back. He's a cool guy.

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Re: Ernool

Postby Layla » 01/20/11

He likes to save people. Thats what at least part of this boils down to. What else would explain someone scooping up a virtual stranger to take them to a place of safety? He didn't know me, had no reason to help me, and did anyways. And he came back, to help out with Io House, to take care of those that life has treated roughly. He's got that thing inside him to do what is right, not only that, but to do it in ways that you can be proud of. Though *chuckles* we have different standards of what that means.

Well I don't think he's some holy person, but he definalty seems like a good man. He listens and I mean /really/ listens. He cares too, you can see it in how he follows through. Right now I don't know whether to curse at the integridy he has or be grateful for it. The standards he keeps himself to in things is really high.

Above all, he's fun. He is definatly in many ways, just a dude. An ayr with the carefree manners that most of us have. Blue hair, friendly attitude, and boy what a lot of fun. Being around him mellows me out. I can relax and just enjoy myself. Tease and be teased back. He's just the kind of friend I need right now.

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Re: Ernool

Postby Kayrissa » 02/08/11

Oh yeah, oils. He's pretty nice and never wears a shirt so like, thats a plus right? Oh and he's pretty much the only other person at the Fancy that talks all normal like I do. I think he can fight or something too but I'm not sure if he can only do his kick and chop moves when he is covered in oil or not. I should ask him or like, pounce him from behind and see, or something.
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Re: Ernool

Postby Kasabella » 03/21/11

*smiles widely, as her cheeks flush a slight pinkish tint*

The first time I saw him was at the Fancy. He was on stage and I hated to see his show end. *chuckles* His show was good, though when I saw him I didn't think I would have anything in common with the Ayr'dal. I was wrong. I went to Gorowynn for some training in my profession. When I got there I noticed Ernie sitting on the docks, I went over and decided to chat with him. We had a lot of similarities in our lives. *She smiles* I've never had a connection like that before, with anyone. It.. it was unexpected... I look forward to talking with him again.

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Re: Ernool

Postby Naurlote » 03/22/11

Ernie. He is absolutely gorgeous. First time I saw him he was takin' his robe off an' just runnin' around in his Gi, showin' kata to an elven soldier. I wonder if he realizes how much of an effort it was on my part to not jump up and lick his chest?

...Ernie's I mean.

He's dark n' luscious an' also a soldier in Gorowyn an' DAAAAMN if he doesn't raise th' heat when he moves. An' that's just the thing, innit? He knows he's good lookin' but he doesn't seem to be a jerk about it, yet he is confident n' proud.

I'm gettin' t'know him a little more an' I like him alot. He seems quite a simple bloke, but I mean that like it don't take alot of fuss to make him happy. He's pretty wise in alot of things for as young as he sounds sometimes. He's uncomplicated.

An' right now I like uncomplicated. We have fun, he's fun, I forget what makes me fuss n' fret when I'm with him.

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Re: Ernool

Postby Eisfyre » 04/03/11

Eisfyre was still talking to the banker, when the nosy interviewer asked him about someone else. The Teir'Dal looked at him with disdain, but answered his question. "Ernool works at the Maiden's Fancy. He's a dancer there. Obviously he's eye candy for the ladies in the audience but he does keep himself in shape, so I can give credit where it's due. I mean, aside from the oiled skin and the flexing and what not, he does perform some admirable spin kicks and acrobatic moves on stage."

He set down his pack and seemed to be remembering something as he continued. "It wasn't until I went out on a 'hunting expedition' recently that I saw there is more to him. He genuinely cares about others and will gladly put their well being before his, to make sure they get them to safety. And he has skill. I watched him perform some very graceful motions with his hand and feel... and even his head, with deadly results. He is the real deal when it come to fighting."

As if suddenly remembering where he was, Eisfyre started digging through his pack again. "Alright now get going and bug someone else. I am Busy."

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Re: Ernool

Postby Sabeane » 08/07/11

*stands outside of her home in Maj'Dul supervising the construction and repairs, her body it wrapped in loose white linens to protect her skin from the cursed heat and a loose hood draped over her head to shield her eyes*

"You there...quit lazying about or I will replace you..." *her eyes turned to the scribe who called out to her* "What? Now? Can you not see I am busy..."
*she watches as some timber and stones were pulled up to the roof* "Who?...Ernool? Yes...I know him...he works at the Fancy... talks very strangely... he is decent enough for a male, a brawler of some type. Keeps in good shape...

*she turns back around hearing a shatter of a vase* That is coming out of your coin... *she looked back to the scribe* Any other questions? No...good, move I have work to do...

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Re: Ernool

Postby Katiyana » 08/15/11

She looks up when she’s tapped on the shoulder, looking at the person that holds a clipboard in front of them, asking to inquire about the person she was talking to a while back.

“Ernool … was not what I expected. He had this way of talking that made my first impression of him. But deeper conversation brought forth an intelligent person with a caring side that I could identify to. I look forward to getting to know him better, perhaps even account him as a close friend someday. For now, I look forward to his assistance recovering something very dear to me that vile goblins took from me.

I also plan to show him a place where refugees and pilgrims go when snow storms hit in Everfrost. Even if it helps only save a few people, having another that knows those few spots would ease my mentor’s worry of the lost dying out in the cold.

I like his blue hair. I think it is originally made me talk to him. Something I guess I could relate too. Both shades were kind of fitting for his darker skin color. Suiting, for him, considering he enlightened me to why.”

She turns away as the interviewer thanks her and nods.

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Re: Ernool

Postby Pirate » 08/18/11

I still do not trust this blue haired freak. He kinda creeps me out always saying "Yo." and "Sup." What the hell is with that? Yeah freakin' creeps me out... You tries to take Layla from me and I might just dye that blue hair of his bright pink. See how he likes that. Anyway, besides how freaky he is, he seems okay. I won't call him friend yet though.

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Re: Ernool

Postby Chances » 09/25/11

When I firsts talkeds to this guys, I thoughts he was dumbers than a box ofs trolls with bricks droppeds on top. Howevers, he's got styles, he's gots experiences, ands who the hells mades this guys a Primary nows?! Anyways, he's nots all whats he seems, thoughs his ways of showings it will always throws you offs, intentionals or nots. I've seens him fights now ands then, ands for alls his air headedness ands 'totalies' ands 'likes' he can makes an opponents crumple likes paper ins seconds.

He's also gots a things for ones of our crew, Lamia. You sees him arounds her ands everythings that he was hidings justs comes out to the forefronts. Sucker.
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Re: Ernool

Postby Leshaya » 10/05/11

Relaxed with an easy smile the ayr swings her foot as she writes swiftly on the pad of paper. Tipping her head to the side she offers it back when she'd done writing.

~The note reads

Muscleman found Shaya wandering beach. Was heart heavy, both. Find fun and peace. Fuss over Shaya not sleep inside. Offer home, help find friends, help find place belong. Show a world that half where belong. Help understand people, things, is teacher, friend. Anybody try hurt him, Shaya hurt back. Though he probably not need. Trust him. Half the balance.

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Re: Ernool

Postby TinweSaa » 02/09/12

"I met him. He is a troublemaker who tries to cover it up with fast talking. For someone who is supposedly a retired Primary, he was stunned when I suggested he might have interfered with an undercover operation and that perhaps next time he should report crimes in the City of Freeport to the law in the City of Freeport not Gorowyn. We will keeping an eye on him and his cohorts. I am sure we have not heard the last of them. Strength in Unity, Citizen..." I urge my horse forward.


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Re: Ernool

Postby Folodu » 04/30/12

Folodu grins widely, her eyes squinting in mirth. "Now there is a tasty morsel. I enjoyed a nice body shot off of his neck - the reaction I got from him! Very pleasing - and I very much look forward to that and more...running my hands over his chest, teasing him. Good fun to be had there, I hope."
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