Venue: Ayrie Skies - 20 Years Of Fun!

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Venue: Ayrie Skies - 20 Years Of Fun!

Post by Nixie » 10/08/13

Nirva's Premier Amusement Palace, Arcade, Hotel, and Emporium!



Located on it's own floating island, Ayrie Skies is accessible via airship, or a teleport door. Look for the Marconis Travel agent in your county or city district for access to teleportation door or air taxi service!


Ayrie Skies includes one of the Nirva's top five-star luxury hotels, conveniently located in the center of the island. Each of the hotel's 232 elegant guest rooms and 43 executive apartments are magic-conditioned and feature modern design. Luxurious amenities include state-of-the-art Principia technology and a free mage-coms. Executive rooms and the Marconis Executive Club lounge provide additional luxury and exclusivity.

Five excellent restaurants offer a wide variety of international cuisine: Corial, Drycan, Shirishiman and Nirvan: a menu to suit every palate. A sumptuous breakfast buffet offers a wide range of choices to energise your day. The hotel's central location means that guests are never far from great shopping or any of the theme rides and attractions.

The spa offers you revitalizing treatments, a fully equipped gym and a wellness area in which to relax after a busy day. Facilities at hotel include 20 versatile rooms suitable for all kinds of social and business events.


For kids of all ages, Ayrie Skies is proud to open with the following attractions. Stay posted, we're adding new rides and themes all the time!
  • Bumper Airships - Strap the kids in for fun with our Principia-made bumper-airships. Crash! Bang! Zoom!

    Peanut Butter Goodness - Located throughout the part are peanut buttery confections stands with Ayrie's favorite recipes.

    The Flight - Our amazing rolling on coasters ride that gives you the feeling of swooping, soaring, and diving.

    Popguns - Play with the very latest Clarkson Youth Line of kid's BB pellet guns!


    Sky Dance Theater - Located in the main hotel, Akkedis acrobatic performances nightly.

    Haunted House - Visit the spookiest haunted house in all of Nirva. Warning - may contain real ghosts.

    Whack-A-Gorvil - Whack those pesky vermin back into The Dark where they belong!

    The Lazy River of Wind - Take a tour of the island while floating on our miniature River of Wind, just like the real thing!

    The Tornado - Our giant spiraling waterslide!

    Dizz-A-Tron - A test of aerial agility for flying species!

    The Super Squeasy Cider Speedy 6000 - Buy some apples!

    House of Mirrors - View a variety of magical mirrors design to both make you laugh, and make you think!

    Zephydrile Show - Meet everyone's favorite species!

    Face Painting and Dance Classes - Let your children's inner sky-dance out in the open!

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Re: Venue - Ayrie Skies - 20 Years Of Fun!

Post by Nixie » 09/10/14

Ayrie skies was moved to Nriva the summer before the Battle of the Abyss, and still operates to this day!

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Re: Venue: Ayrie Skies - 20 Years Of Fun!

Post by Ayrie » 09/11/14

Ayrie occasionally makes an appearance at Ayrie Skies and encourages everyone to see her performances. She quite adores.

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