Venue: The Bleeding Lotus Tea House

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Venue: The Bleeding Lotus Tea House

Post by Miyako » 11/10/14


What: An upscale nightclub with a shiman aesthetic.

Where: The center of the Nesfe Jahan district.

Who: Anyone - Though the place is designed with the wealthy in mind, it does have a range of fare that is affordable for the average citizen who might want a nice evening out. Seeing as it is owned by a vampire archon and staffed by multiple werewolves, it does cater to a crowd of like-minded individuals but with a distinctly Shiroishiman feel.


The Lotus is a relatively new establishment in Terminus, becoming a fixture a few years prior after the more recent arrival of Miyako Tayama of the Dreaming Dead Vampire Court. After deciding to make Terminus her permanent residence during her second visit to the city she purchased a rather sizable block in Nesfe Jahan and created within it the Teahouse, her personal estate and a number of other buildings. While the majority of the buildings were already shiman in style, the rest were remodeled to look like a shiman temple with courtyards connecting all the buildings.

The public side of the Tea House is really a nightclub instead of a quiet place to read a book. It is most active during the wee hours and while tea is certainly served within so is a variety of good alcohol as well as the largest selection of blood wine in the city. There are also willing suppliers of fresh vitae should a visiting vampire desire, for a significant cost of course.

The main bar is in a large room depicted in the style of a regular shiman tea house, with soft matted floors and doors that slide seemingly out of the wall. There are low tables and plush floor cushions as well as regular tables and chairs. There's a large wooden stage, big enough to hold a full band or a small orchestra. A grand piano is off to the side for entertainment that requires it. It is very rarely empty.

From the main area, there are several sliding doors that lead out to various places, including a lush garden courtyard complete with a pond and pathways leading to additional buildings. Another leads down into the bathhouse, as well as a few VIP lounges and rooms for reservations.

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