Mecha: Rockwell/IMI "Mattis"

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Mecha: Rockwell/IMI "Mattis"

Post by Tenebrae » 09/27/17

Rockwell/IMI "Mattis"

The Mattis features an AI system called Mad Dog. This system, which has the level of intelligence of a German Shepherd, is used to mediate between the pilot and the razor-guided artillery system. It uses tracks for mobility, but features an humanoid armored torso. It is quite different from other mecha in many ways, with its focus on explosive damage and indirect fire. It is quite a heavy machine, and its level of protection and durability has come at a cost: it cannot move up levels using its Jump Jet system. It can, however, use its JJ system to cross low obstacles.

Health and Armor
HP: 12
AC: 5 vs Radiant
AC: 6 vs Kinetic
AC: 7 vs Explosive

Integrated Systems

Tracked Movement System
Type: Movement
Distance: 10.0 Units
The Mattis is a tracked mecha. It may choose its facing at the beginning and end of its movement as a free action. Changing direction otherwise burns 2.0 Units of movement. So if it moves in an L-shape it has 8.0 Units of movement, and in a zig-zag it has 6.0 Units of movement. It can move backwards as fast as it can move forwards.

Amphibious Movement System
Type: Movement
Distance: 6.0 Units
The Mattis can move across bodies of water using the amphibious movement system.

Reactive Defense System
Type: Passive
The reactive defense system gives the Mattis 7 effective AC against attacks with the Explosive damage type and 6 effective AC against Kinetic damage.

Mine Clearing Array
Type: Passive
A wide panel located on the front of the base of the unit, just ahead of the front armor plate, can fry the electronics of any mines in its path. An onboard razor combines data from imagery and a chemosensory system to determine the likelihood of nearby explosives, and then targets them using a phased microwave array. This occasionally causes the mines to explode and take out the MCA, but better than the Mattis itself.

Advanced Mortar System (AMOS)
Type: Weapon
Range: Long
Fitting: Back
When used as an indirect fire weapon, AMOS employs multiple-rounds simultaneous impact (MRSI) in its operation. Terminal guidance is provided by a visual processing razor built into every shell. The shells will analyze the target area, identify targets and their type, and strike within moments of each other. The 120mm cannons are mounted such that they can swivel forward to engage in direct fire. Indirect fire munitions may not be used at ranges of 10.0 units or less.

The AMOS is capable of swapping between rounds as needed.

Indirect Fire Ordnance for the AMOS

Razor-guided HE Rounds (RGHE)
Damage: 1 Explosive
Dice: 4d6v
Crit Success: 2 Explosive on 6
Crit Failure: Attacks friendly forces in target area on 1
The pilot chooses a target square. Four high explosive shells then attack that square and the 8 adjacent and diagonal squares. They will distribute themselves across this space and the targets in it according to their priorities preloaded by Mad Dog. For example: if a an armored unit is detected in the target area they will attack its weaknesses directly and at once. If multiple soft targets are in the area, they will distribute themselves and use air bursts. The pilot may change their behavior by interacting with Mad Dog.

HE Rounds
Type: Weapon
Damage: 1 Explosive
Dice: 4d6v
If the terminal guidance razor is disabled, only the target square is attacked.

Illumination Rounds
Illumination rounds may be used at night to illuminate distant areas or to interfere with target low light vision modes.

Smoke Rounds
White phosphorous rounds may be used to blanket target square and 4 surrounding squares in smoke.

Nuclear Round
If nuclear consent has been obtained by the commander, tactical nuclear artillery may be used.

Severe Damage Radius (5kt): 2.0
Dice: 1d8 + 1d6
Damage: 4 Explosive + 4 Radiant

Moderate Damage Radius (5kt): 4.0
Dice: 1d6 + 1d6
Damage: 3 Explosive + 2 Radiant

Light Damage Radius (5kt): 6.0
Dice: 1d4 + 1d4
Damage: 2 Explosive + 1 Radiant

Direct Fire Ordnance for the AMOS

HEAT Shell
Range: Long
Damage: 3 Explosive
Dice: 2d8
Critical Success: +1 damage if each die are at least 7. If the critical activates and the attack destroys the target tank or mecha, unit may perform an additional attack against any enemy directly adjacent to the target destroyed.
Plus Extra: Roll 2d8v to attack two adjacent targets for 2 Explosive
A direct fire, high explosive anti-tank round.

Range: Long
Damage: 4 Explosive
Dice: 4d4
A high explosive anti-tank missile developed by Israel and capable of being launched from the AMOS. It offers a high probability of a kill against tanks and other armored vehicles, and may even be used to attack helicopters and drones loitering in range. Generally ineffective against anything more heavily armored than light mecha.

Weapons Pods
Rather than holding weapons like a person would, the Mattis mounts weapons systems on its forearms. The swiveling AMOS system prevents the use of shoulder mounts, which have been moved down to the upper arms.
Lower Arm: 2
Upper Arm: 2

Flechette Gun
Type: Weapon
Fitting: Lower Arm
Damage: 3 Kinetic
Dice: 4d6
Operating on the principle of a coilgun, a ferromagnetic sabot filled with smaller aerodynamically stable flechettes is ejected out of the barrel. The flechettes expand into a cone shape. In addition to its short range attack, a user of the weapon may target incoming light missiles on their facing. This nullifies one successful attack per turn.

CLAWS (Close Light Assault Weapons System)
Type: Weapon or Weapon+Extra
Fitting: Lower Arm
Range: Close
Damage: 4 Explosive/Kinetic or 2 Explosive/Kinetic
Dice: 2d2 or 2d2v
A weapons system designed for dealing with infantry and light vehicles. The CLAWS pod uses two different weapons systems, a pair of machine guns and a 45mm grenade launcher. As such, damage may be either Kinetic or Explosive. The focus of the weapon enables it to automatically be able to defeat unarmored units, while also offering a chance to do damage to lightly armored units. In the +Extra mode, the damage may be split into a volley at two separate targets.

Lariat Winch
Type: Extra
Fitting: Lower Arm
Range: Close
Dice: 1d20
The lariat winch launches out a small rocket-powered clawed probe which loops back around an object and catches itself. While this device can be used to extricate the Mattis should it become bogged down, it can also be useful in combat. Any enemy mecha attempting to retreat from melee range of the Mattis triggers a free chance to use the lariat winch to trip them up. Various DC will be assigned by the ST for other tasks, to name one example: yanking a weapon out of an enemy’s hands.

120mm Gun
Type: Weapon
Range: Long
Damage: 3 Kinetic (AP)
Dice: 2d8 (Crit: +1 damage if both dice at least 7)
Fitting: Right Hand
Originally taken from a tank, few elements of the original gun system have survived its transformation into an automatic weapon pod. Unlike the more feature-rich magazine-fed versions available to more humanoid mechs, it cannot switch shell types on the fly.

EM Piledriver
Type: Weapon
Range: Melee
Damage: 6 Kinetic
Dice: 2d12 (Crit: +1 damage if two are at least 10)
Fitting: Lower Arm
The electromagnetic piledriver comes from the industrial world. Intended to solve the logistical problems of steam piledrivers, it proves a rough and ready weapon in close quarters combat. It incorporates all of the power of a heavy hammer into a space compact enough to be arm mounted.

TOW Armored Box Launcher
Type: Weapon
Range: Close
Damage: 3 Explosive
Dice: 6d8v OR 1d8
Fitting: Upper Arm
A simple and effective missile system. TOW missiles are as indispensable in a direct engagement as a big gun. A big advantage of the TOW remains that, being manually aimed and guided, it is immune to ECM trickery. A single TOW ABL is capable of launching one volley. Launching TOW missiles individually, while a weak attack, does not expend the volley.

TOW missiles are close range weapons, but they do not require LOS. They have 12.0 units of movement. They can be piloted around corners and and strike at any target blindly.

Chaff Rocket Launcher
Type: Extra
Fitting: Upper Arm
To defray the weakness of the Reactive Armor to Radiant damage, a chaff rocket may be launched which will spread tiny reflective bits of foil in a cloud of particulate gas. This cloud will form a line 8.0 units long in front of the mecha which will persist for two rounds. Each square a beam must pass through raises the effective AC of the targeted unit by 1. Each launcher equipped gives one use of this system.

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