Character: Tyler Andrews

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Character: Tyler Andrews

Post by Attamark » 10/02/17

Major Tyler Andrews

Nicknames: "Odin" (Callsign)
Nationality: US of A
Skin Color: Caucasian
Age: 29
Sex: M
Height: 5' 6"
Build: Broad-shouldered but highly fit
Eyes: Brown
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: Crewcut (Ivy League style)
Accessories: Sidearm, Wraparounds and Cavalry Stetson when outdoors, and his Spurs when he can get away with it.
Image Song:Sabaton - Ghost Division
Born into a solidly middle class military family from North Carolina, Andrews grew up wanting to be like his father, Sigurd, who recently retired as Colonel in the Army. His childhood was typically millennial, and grew up surrounded by quickly advancing technology and adept with it, as well as being a fan of RTS and MOBA style games and importantly, World of Tanks in his youth and later.
Attended West Point Military academy after high school. While attending basic, the shenanigans of another cadet and his friend, resulted in the fracture of his orbital bone with no serious complications. However, the temporary loss of one eye prompted the nickname 'Odin' by his compatriots, which would stick with him as his callsign well into his career.
On deciding to try for Armored Cav he completed the Armor Basic Officer Leaders Course and Army Reconnaissance Course at Fort Benning before being promoted to First Lieutenant, and shipped out to serve a 2 year tour in Afghanistan 'Peace keeping' during the civil war there, following the US majority withdrawal in 2020. He signed up for a second tour and was promoted to Captain, completing the Maneuver Captains Career Course, and the Cavalry Leaders Course at Fort Benning again between tours.
His tank as a Troop commander during his second tour was an M1A3 SEP Abrams, which was nicknamed 'Freya'. Freya was selected as testbed of certain new field razors, including ones for Active Protection and Countermeasure Suites (Buckler) and Advanced Networked Weapons Threat Detection Awareness and Highlighting (Newtype), both of which would go on to become parts of the the backbone of Highlander's next gen Advanced Command Systems. Other test razors however, like the Active Auto Guidance Razor (Jitney), were less than stellar, with the system not able to intuit things like killzones, likely areas of ambush terrain even while consulting with Newtype, and occasionally outright ignoring things like the placement of buildings because the physics razor said it could. The less said about the first battlefield tested Demolitions Razor (Domino) the better.
Promoted to Major at the end of his 2nd Tour and tapped for MAYPOLE and the VULCAN WOLF Highlander Project as potential Test Pilot and Platoon CO.

- Movie buff and Keanu Reeves Fan, Often watched movies and shows during downtime while previously deployed.
- Has 'Top Secret' clearance and codeword clearance on several other VW Projects.
- Though he's never said this to anyone, he didn't actually recognize Linear was an AI when they first met until she said something, having met via a telepresence machine. Only previously dealt with needle focus Razors before, this unintentional turing test went far in establishing her to him as both damn well human and even better, competent.

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Re: Character: Tyler Andrews

Post by Tenebrae » 10/02/17


Razor Burned
Major Andrews has seen enough errors arise in razor systems to have an intuitive sense of failure conditions and how to avoid them. He receives a +2 to all skill checks involving razors.

Combat Veteran
Bitter experience has provided Andrews with a +2 bonus to all skill checks involving scouting. This is primarily of use in revealing garrisoned units and mechs wielding adaptive camouflage. He will always be able to reveal the location of enemy units who have fired on or near him, even if they're using Radiant systems tuned outside the visible spectrum.

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