Character: Reginald Markov

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Character: Reginald Markov

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Reginald Markov

Nicknames: "Rej" (literally everyone - hates his full name), "Sabbath" (Gamertag and Callsign)
Nationality: Born American. Half Russian on his father's side.
Skin Color: Pasty
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Height: 6'
Build: Wiry
Eyes: Green
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Long Hair Don't Care
Accessories: Elastic hair-tie around the right wrist, big black boots, black jacket, black everything else, jailbroken phone full of illicit applications, usb thumbdrive filled with software of dubious legality, clove cigarettes, weed, clove cigarettes with weed in them.
Other: Tattoos: Left arm features a half-sleeve that begins as a latticework of symmetrical cubes at the shoulder that slowly metamorphose into different weapons - guns, knives, and bombs - as the design progresses just beyond the elbow. Right arm features a full sleeve that is just a pile of skulls of different shapes and expressions all the way up from his wrist, to his bicep, where a horned demonic figure sits atop the pile of skulls like a throne, wings outstretched. His back has another image of an anatomically correct skull, with a banner around it holding the words "Never to be ruled nor held to heel", his lower abdomen has a pair of southern crosses that peek just above the waistline, his left thigh has a stylized image of a ram's head, and his right calf has the words "Six Hundred Sixty-Six." in Courier New font.
Image Song:
phpBB [media]

Born in Washington D.C. to security contractor Konstantin Markov and the half-his-age systems administrator Jennifer Stanton, Reginald "Rej" Markov's life started rocky. Rej was born with a genetic defect in his spine which left him with little to no control over his lower extremities. His parents had split up under circumstances he could never get his dad to explain before he turned 2 years old, with Konstantin ending up way over his head in the role of single father to a special needs child. The two of them lived on the road for a few months before landing in Huntington, West Virginia, where his father did everything he could to make sure Reginald could have a normal life. Konstantin was, despite his best efforts, a terrible father, but fortunately for him his son turned out to be of far above average intelligence and became increasingly capable of taking care of himself with each passing year, with the use of a wheelchair. Young Reginald had a lot of difficulty socializing, but really blossomed when on the computer. Though Konstantin had a difficult time relating to him, the boy was fascinated by his father's aptitude with electrical and mechanical engineering - some of Reginald's fondest memories growing up involved staying up late at night stripping wires, applying flux, and etching PCBs with his old man to help him with some odd bit of work he'd picked up. Despite faltering grades during his public school career, he continued to develop beyond the normal curriculum - by the age of 12 he was repairing small appliances and had even hacked together his own (albiet unstable) Linux distro - MarkOS. At 13, Rej's father had saved enough to secure him an experimental spinal surgery in an attempt to improve his quality of life. After several months of grueling physical therapy, Rej's BCI implantation was a landmark success which granted him full use of his legs.

It was just after he turned 15 when he noticed things had begun to change in their quiet little home. His father was already an old man before Rej was even born, and his faculties had begun to fade. He slowly had more trouble remembering things, slept longer and longer hours, and complained of constant aches and pains which he medicated with vodka. A little at first, and then a little more, and then a lot. He slipped further and further over the years, forcing the young Markov to take up more of the slack around the house, and the brilliant young man did just that - forging himself a tidy set of ID cards and the requisite certifications, he picked up an apprenticeship at Lil Petey's Garage which quickly turned into full-fledged employment after he steadily outpaced veterans of the business in a short time. At 19, he tearfully dropped his father off at the Sunny Glen Extended Care Facility, seeing no other option as he'd become violent and delusional over the years, ranting about shadowy forces conspiring against him. It was a truckload of money every month, but between his day job as a world-class mechanic, his side gig as a handyman, and his 'other life' as an online dealer of illicit software, he was able to make ends meet.

At one point or other, Rej had dabbled in nearly every cyber-criminal enterprise you could. Designing viruses, penetration testing security systems to collect and sell vulnerabilities, identity theft, forgery, even facilitating drug deals, but he never stayed with a single activity long enough to gain a reputation for it. He spotted an opportunity, went for it, flipped his investment and fucked off before anyone could ask his name. He usually used a different handle for every transaction to keep himself from making too big of a name in that world. Fortunately he didn't need to do this for very long - he did most of his dealings in cryptocurrencies which rapidly exploded in value, giving him a bit of a nest-egg to lay back on while he figured out what to do next.

During his mid-to-late 20's, Rej tried his hand at sending out resumes to several of the larger tech corporations, such as Google, Microsoft, and even Lockheed Martin at one point, but they all sang the same refrain - no matter his aptitudes, he was nothing without a college degree, and while he was pretty good at forging documents he wasn't nearly that good. Between his job at Lil Petey's and various legitimate and illegitimate projects that had panned out, he was comfortable enough to have a bit of leisure time to himself, which he spent drinking, doing drugs, getting tattoos, chasing girls, going to metal shows, getting into fights, and perhaps most importantly, playing video games. He was just as good at piloting a mech in AC Online as he was at anything else. In the summer of 2027 he met Linear in the game, and in 2028, he won a trip to Oahu from some contest he didn't remember entering, and had the opportunity to meet her where he was then recruited into the Vulcan Wolf project.

-Rej loves drugs, and has a particular weakness for psilocybin mushrooms and small doses of LSD.
-Knows a few Russian words and phrases.
-Despite his criminal dabblings, has always maintained a strong sense of morality. He was fond of stealing other criminal's ill-gotten gains - they're the ones with all the money, after all.
-Is considering getting a chest tattoo of an anatomically correct heart with the word "Linear" over it.

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