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Faction: The Dead
Faction: The Dark Bargainers
Faction: The Temple of War
Faction: The Freeport Militia
Lyah is a tall young woman of really quite striking beauty. Her skin is pale, though it's the look of someone raised in cloudy climes, not the deathly pale of most necromancers, or gothic affectation, all-in-all, it's very healthy skin! Her hair is a wavy mane of golden blond, trimmed neatly, meticulously maintained, but never over-produced. She has quick eyes of deep green, and only one piercing on her body, not likely to be seen by most. She dressed in dark Nerian fashions custom-tailored to her human frame, and pulls off a look of gothic fashion that's dark without being gaudy, or worse yet, pretentious.
Lyah was raised in a house that followed Rallos Zek, schooled in a Neriak the followed Innoruuk, and generally respects those teachings, though she can't really be bothered to invest much personal thought to them. Being a necromancer, she has strong ties to followers of the Plaguebringer. Chances are she's in at least one or two cults, more for contacts than faith. If she did believe deeply in some god, she'd never admit it to this apathetic world!
<p><strong>Fashion of Choice:&nbsp;</strong>Goth<br /><strong>Armor of Choice:&nbsp;</strong>Her fierce intellect<br /><strong>Weapons of Choice:&nbsp;</strong>A necromancer's staff, her reward for graduating top of her class.<br /><br /><strong>Special Abilities:&nbsp;</strong>When really angry, Lyah's eyes turn black, her skin more of a death-like gray, and her veins tend to turn black, along with a hint of vampiric fangs. No evidence to show that anything actually happens, beyond a cosmetic change, though! Lyah does have one special, and grisly ability: she can sometimes divine information from recently-dead corpses using a technique best left only to the imaginations of the truly monstrous among us.<br /><br />Lyah also has a keen interest in the Ca'Na snake women, and has managed, through a number of arcane feats, to be able to assume their form when she wishes.</p>
<p><strong>Relatives:&nbsp;</strong>Zeverai (Mother), Malefic (Father), Allandia (Adopted Sister, Deceased), Maeva (Aunt), Duvessa (Aunt)<br /><strong>Enemies:&nbsp;</strong>Draethos, Taureth, Tamur, and Valadorn (All Mother's Enemies)<br /><strong>Allies:&nbsp;</strong>Chath, Avarice, Mahamari, Savani, Duvessa (Ish! They're friends, maybe not allies!)</p>
<p><strong>Alignment:&nbsp;</strong>Chaotic Evil<br /><strong>Motivations:&nbsp;</strong>Power, money, her parents.&nbsp;<br /><strong>Disposition:&nbsp;</strong>Sunny!<br /><strong>Outlook:&nbsp;</strong>Pragmatic. Lyah has a gregarious and vivacious personality; she is warm, outgoing, and genuinely engaging in conversations. It's hard to say how much of that is her core personality, and how much of it is a mask that hides something more sinister underneath.</p>
<p><strong>Sexuality:&nbsp;</strong>Bisexual<br /><br /><strong>Positive Personality Traits:&nbsp;</strong>Witty, Gregarious, Charming, Hard Worker<br /><strong>Negative Personality Traits:&nbsp;</strong>Utterly Vain, Selfish, Greedy, Arrogant.<br /><strong>Misc. Quirks:&nbsp;</strong>Speaks better Nerian than she does Common</p>
<p>Lyah came to be as a means to an end. Her mother and father married as a union of political and mystical forces within Freeport, not out of any real love or desire. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement for both of them, and Lyah was one of the fruits born of that union. A child from the two would serve many purposes in the future, and secure a legacy for both of her parents. Until she was ready to pick up that legacy, however, Lyah was an unwelcome nuisance in their house.<br /><br />Almost immediately after her birth she was sent away to Neriak to be kept safe, fostered, and then taught in whatever arts the child showed an aptitude for. It wasn't an arrangement that Lyah resented. From an early age, the child (raised on Nerian values), felt that the presence of a young life in her parent's house would add an un-needed vulnerability, and put a damper of the activities of both of her parents. She did not mind being out of their way in the least. Additionally, as she grew, Lyah came to realize that she would return home a woman, and her parents would have few memories of a weak child to bias them.<br /><br />Lyah worked hard in Neriak, often besting the Teir'Dal she trained with, bringing a human's sense of urgency and hunger into the schools of a long-lived race. Her meetings with her parents were few and far between, and most of their conversations were done by correspondence. Sequestered in an all-girls wing of a school for Necromancers, she sometimes jokingly refers to this as her "Lesbian Dead" period. Her maturation was expressed with her schoolmates, and she feels this rather burned her out on womanly companionship, and has rarely sought it since.<br /><br />After graduating, she spent some time vacationing in her adopted city of Neriak, discovering her own desires when unencumbered by a cloistered school, contacting her parents, and eventually moving back to Freeport after coming into a small fortune with the help of some friends she made in the Raven. Thus she was able to return home head held high, both educated, and self-sufficient.<br /><br />She now lives on her parent's estate, and has been accompanying her father to Militia functions, and working with her mother on her private researches in her lab on the family estate.&nbsp;<br /><br />Lyah is not big into "adventuring". She has two parents who can intensely educate her on combat, and draws a lot of her power from her intense study and research. Very much a city girl, she likes being able to work in an office, travel not far at all, and be home and in her bed, or close to any social function she might like. When Lyah does have to go out into the fighting world, she very carefully picks her battles and works to bring overwhelming force to bear on any opponent.<br /><br />When not working on personal projects (she has enough money of her own to explore any subject she likes), she divides her time between assisting her parents, and relaxing at the Raven.</p>
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