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Owner of the Raven
Owner of the Raven
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Naturally silver, usually dyed dark red
Pale white
Ice blue
Place of Birth:
[b]Guild:[/b] Sigils
[b]Guild Rank:[/b] Gatekeeper
[b]Faction:[/b] The Lyrech
[b]Faction:[/b] Obsidian Order
[b]Faction:[/b] Freeport Militia, Sentinel.
[b]Faction:[/b] Academy of Arcane Sciences, Teacher.
[b]Faction:[/b] Ordo Draconis et Atri Adamantis
Appears as either a dyed-haired half-elf, or a red haired dark elf, depending on mood and circumstance. She has multiple piercings on each ear, along with one on her nose, and five piercings below the neckline. Scars on her wrists and ankles are covered by tattoos of vines and thorns, with blood dripping from the thorn points. She also has a deeply scared neck, baring many fang marks. Some tattoo appears on her chest, though that is obviously not seen by most. She appears to be young in defiance of her reported age. Wears Freeport Militia Plate or spellcaster's robes with equal ease.

When not on active duty, she enjoys a variety of fashions, from formal and slinky, to mundane. Usually eschews typical leather robes in favor of leather fashions. When completely relaxing, neither on duty, or trying to impress, she can be found in cotton pants and knit sweaters.
[b]Alignment: [/b] Chaotic Evil
[b]Motivations:[/b] Achievement, Hedonism, Power
[b]Disposition:[/b] Generally even-tempered and calm.
[b]Outlook:[/b] Bold, unscrupulous, spontaneous, generally agreeable and gregarious.

[b]Religion/Philosophy:[/b] Formerly a follower of Saryn, Terris Thule, and Innoruuk, Duvessa currently eschews all forms of godly worship though, as many wizards do, she has a "working relationship" with Solusek Ro, and regards the god fondly.

[b]Sexuality:[/b] Openly bisexual, tending towards lesbian, promiscuous, deviant, kinky, flirtatious and experimental.

[b]Positive Personality Traits:[/b] Fiercely defensive of those she cares for.

[b]Negative Personality Traits:[/b] After a long bout of depression she has become capriciously evil at times. Unable to dream. Insufferably terrible to anyone or anything in her way, as loving as she is to friends, she is the opposite with anyone else.

[b]Misc. Quirks:[/b] Her name means, "Dark Beauty" in the old Combine tongue. When the broken pieces of the shattered Luclin are far apart, she has intense migraines, and usually heads off to be alone. In the absence of the best luxury items (drink, food, clothing, cigars) she would rather do without than suffer something of lesser value. Her inn is named after the Blood Ravens of Terris Thule.
[b]Likes:[/b] Lust, cigars, women, drink, hunting, blood, people, friends.
[b]Dislikes:[/b] Being alone, racial arrogance, powerlessness.

[b]Favorite Foods:[/b] Steak, Smoked Alligator, Wassabi Roasted Peas
[b]Favorite Drinks:[/b] Whsikey, Brandy, Bloodwine, Root Beer
[b]Favorite Colors:[/b] Black, Green, Blue, Orange

[b]Hobbies:[/b] Singing, dancing, piano, guitar, writing in her journal.
There is no easy way to sum up the history of an elf who has lived the fast-paced lifestyle a human for five hundred years. Certain facts do come through, though, as highlights of her life. As a young child in the treetops of Kelethin, she never fit in. Often a dour, moody, stuttering child. She resisted the advances of boys her age, once to the point of pushing one off a railing and nearly killing him. Only her cousin Amalla was able to soothe her during those years.

Sometime in her early teens, she was captured and sent to Neriak as a slave. There she served the clerics of Innoruuk for several years, eventually converting to their religion, and earning her freedom.Taking up with a Teir'Dal wizard named Vailia N'Rai, she became both apprentice and servant to the woman, serving her faithfully. Vailia, however, defected to "the light" and left Duvessa behind, abandoning her. This was a pivotal event in Duvessa's life, causing her to leave a life of submission and become a power in her own right, as time progressed.

This was also a period in her life when she claims many magical experiments were performed on her. Right or wrong, Duvessa believes herself to be the first Feir'Dal endowed with the ability to use wizardly magic. Centuries later, the experiments wrought on her have given her the appearance of an Ayr'Dal, and she no longer tries to correct people about her true race. When pressed on the matter, she will say she considers herself something of a chimera as result of the magical changes she was subjected to.

Through Vailia, she found service with the Ancienne Noblesse, an order headed by a Shadow Knight vampire named Nauria D'Lurien. Additionally, she seems to have had a dual alliance with another organization, though she now keeps that a secret. Her service to the Noblesse allowed her a rise in power, and skill. For perhaps a century total, she remained with the Noblesse, until the order ended in some terrible event which she will not speak off. The following four centuries of her life with spent in various enterprises, sometimes with, and sometimes without, members of either of her two old orders.

Sometime after the Rallosian Wars she moved to Freeport. During The Shattering, while attempting to return to Freeport from some distance away, Duvessa teleported at the exact moment of Luclin's shattering. The unpleasant coincidence left her with permanent migraine headaches that come and go, and as with many other wizards, nearly stripped her of her power.

After years spent rebuilding her power, Duvessa opened the Raven Mythic, and began to gather new allies, and new business contacts. She drifted though a number of guilds (Bloodthorn most notable among them) until finally joining Sigls, headed by her lover Erithe, rising through the ranks until she became a low-level officer, which is all the duty she really craves at this point.

[b]As Wizard & Inkeeper: [/b]

As with anyone so long lived, Duvessa has had a lot of experience, and wears many hats. First and foremost, she is the owner of The Raven Mythic, an inn and tavern. In business terms, she is an opportunist, and believes commerce is commerce. She expects that as the world opens up more and more, people will have to stop imposing their provincial views on free traders. Her main source of profit comes less from the drinks and rooms she sells, and more from the deals made behind closed doors, with larger trading houses. Her inn is also a stop for the post deliveries of the Norrathian Express. She is, however, a wizard, of not inconsiderable power. The Raven could be thought of much like her wizard's "tower" a place of power from which she operates. After the Shattering, Duvessa has found herself tapped to perform many roles, often all at once. Though she maintains relations with Qeynos, she does most of her work on the Freeport side.

[b]As Sage[/b]:

Much of her free time is occupied with a long-term project for the Academy of Arcane Sciences, trying to puzzle out matters of teleportation, and re-establish instantaneous transport between the places of the world. This is a task she shares with many wizards, mostly working individually on the collective project, meeting in secret to occasionally share findings.Much to her annoyance, she is occasionally tapped to teach at the Academy, either a full course, or as a substitute. She is not the teacher most students want to have, as her lessons are often about teleportation, and highly theoretical. She claims, and not without justification, to have worked directly with the legendary Al'Kabor, though she refuses to openly provide details.In her long life, she has taken up many hobbies, including dance, music, and literature. She has published a number of plays and musicals, along with several books on the history of the Combine, Luclin, and Mayong Mistmoore. Often, she has historical information that can not be found anywhere else, though she has also been responsible on more than one occasion for deliberately hiding some facts.


With the loss of Alarice Grayson, her best friend of many years, and the devastation it's caused both to those left alive, and those who may soon die from it (such as Nefariana who she cared deeply about), something in Duvessa has finally come unchained. She refers to it as being "free". The reality is that many of the moral and ethical constraints that have held Duvessa back are simply falling away, leaving her free to do her unbound, amoral, will.

The subsequent death of Mahamari, and the loss of several other companions during these unsettled and changing time has left the wizard spending more time in seclusion than she normally does. Those who watch the wizarding world with a careful eye might realize that she is gathering power for something. She has also made vague mention in having a hand in "changes" coming to Freeport.
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