Nestled Qualm(BYORP)

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Nestled Qualm(BYORP)

Post by Face_Humor » 06/29/18

Venue Name: Nestled Qualm

Owner: Aestine


Location: Mistmoore Crags Estates, Qeynos

Hours of Operation: 24/7

Nestled Qualm is a small venue that is open to all 24/7. A gathering place for those who keep odd hours, or are in a completely different time-zone, causing you to miss out on the the typical venues due to day-to-day responsibilities. It can be a bit disheartening when you get home from work at 4am and have trouble finding people to role-play with, though you aren't alone! Sometimes you just need a place to go.

Can be accessed through Mistmoore Crags Estates in Qeynos, under Aestine.

(If you want a portal for your own home or guildhall, send a tell to Aestine when I'm online, and I'll be more than happy to plop one down for you!)


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