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Black Sun Den/"The Devil's Den"

Posted: 05/10/19
by Rahfel
((OOOOOOOOO it's been around for a few years now but I just remembered that I never officially posted a thread for it apparently!))

Venue Name: Black Sun Den. The locals of Maj'dul often refer to it as "the Devil's den" due to its strange clientele. To say little of the talk surrounding its owner...

Owner: Rahfel

Staff: Rahfel, Alupia, Axun, Tsaeryn ((I'm taking staff applications, so lmk if you wanna bartend or smth!))

Location: Maj'Dul (IC'ly); can probably be accessed via the Housing and leaderboards as I generally publish it before openings.

Hours of Operation: Late nights on Fridays and Saturdays PST/Central time. Will occasionally rotate slots with Club Ravenous.


Whispers of a luxurious, exotic establishment resting amid the sandy streets of Maj'Dul that offers a colorful if not macabre atmosphere catering to some of Norrath's darker denizens, but the doors are open to all. A few posters about the dusty pylons of the city promise a variety of entertainment--even open stage nights and an outdoor lounge! Staff applications are currently being accepted as well, if you dare!

In life, lust, lunacy, and in luxury, we bring you the savage dream. A blood oasis in a sea of sand and secrets.

OOC: (18+++!) The place is simply awash in burlesque shows, gore, violence, nudity/partial nudity, profanity, etc. Howbeit, no ERP in the venue whatsoever unless you'd like to be tossed out and strung up by your ears, provided that Rahfel is feeling particularly magnanimous--but usually he isn't, so I wouldn't risk it!All the decoration credit goes to yours truly. Make sure to read the rule book before entering and read the SIGNS, yadda yadda. This is an extremely LGBTQA+ friendly space!