05/15/19 - RFN - The Mis-Education of Sioux S. Kannal

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05/15/19 - RFN - The Mis-Education of Sioux S. Kannal

Post by Psia » 05/15/19



This week on Radio Free Norrath, DJ Sioux shares her glory days as a drag performer. The melodramatic mayhem will begin at 9pm eastern - 8pm central - 6pm pacific. Lasting at least a few hours.


Our evenings soundtrack will run the gambit of nightclub worthy dance music, high camp, and a few melodramatic torch ballads for good measure.

Tonights set has also been offered as a casual backdrop for the Raven's roleplayer's who occupy the Iron Secrets setting.
  • Casual lore and rumors - going back as far as the 1980's - tell of this mysterious venue having appeared throughout the Garou and beyond it. The venue appears just after sunset but for a single night. Occupying a random, abandoned building. A single petroglyphic, neon sign is all which hangs outside to indicate its presence. Was it a trap? Or was it an invitation? Most who recall having ever visited tell of an evening of entertainment and pleasure. Some recall an enigmatic hostess who would call her venue The Nightlife. Lore also tells that the venues symbol changes depending upon which community it wants to serve. Tonight that sign strongly resembles that of a wolf.

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"The food is good, the wine is excellent, the staff timely. All that is lacking is your company." - EQ2 Raven Mythic FAQ

"Let me tell you something. Don't. Don't let them promote you. Don't let them transfer you, don't let them do anything that takes you off the bridge of that ship, because while you're there, you can make a difference." - Kirk to Picard, Star Trek Generations

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Re: 05/15/19 - RFN - The Mis-Education of Sioux S. Kannal

Post by Psia » 05/18/19

I was requested to provide my set lists. So here goes!

The Mis-Education of Sioux S. Kannal. Aka The Nightlife for the Garou of Iron Secrets.

A Captive Audience
Commander Uhura of the Starship Enterprise provides a distraction for the pesky desert outpost who would reveal our heroes rescue of locals. Crooning her song atop a sand dune. Palm fronds as her only cover...
The Moon Is a Window to Heaven performed by Hiroshima.
The song crooned by a vocally capable Nichelle Nichols for the Star Trek V film. Her vocals were replaced by this band in both the film and the final soundtrack. Nichelle wasn't impressed.

Route 66 performed by The Manhattan Transfer
Added last minute to the set after learning more of the Iron Secrets roleplay setting. The classic highway leads you to their world.

Whole Lot of Trouble performed by Stevie Nicks
Written and composed by Nicks. One of my favorite singers. Who knows how to evoke her own version of camp when she wants to. As well as popular, DJ friendly, music over multiple decades.

(I Know) There's Something Going On performed by Frida
Frida might be better known as Anni-Frid Lyngstad and for her accomplishments as part of the legendary band, ABBA. This was the hit single from her only solo album post-ABBA.

Reverse Psychology performed by Laura Branigan
Before we had a Celine Dion to sing danceable radio hits and rip-out-your-heart-and-stomp-on-it ballads, there was Laura Branigan. This was from a later album which never reached the popularity of her previous hits. Like, say, Gloria or Self Control? Many of Branigans recordings would become popular only after having later been recorded by, ironically, Cher or Celine Dion. Who had bigger producers and studios behind them. Laura belted them out first.

Don't Walk Away performed by Toni Childs
A once Grammy-nominated singer who simply doesn't get her just deserts in the music industry. But then again, she enjoys a more relaxed lifestyle. And never care for the faster side of the industry. I hear they is currently touring to sold out crowds in Australia.

Manhunt performed by Karon Kamen
One of a laundry list of popular songs from the soundtrack of the Flashdance film. High energy music for the frenzied dancer inside all of us.

Diamonds Are Forever performed by Shirley Bassey
What good drag queen doesn't try to perform at least one, classic James Bond film theme. As interpreted through the amazing vocals of Bassey? I mean, seriously.

Never Be You performed by Maria McKee
McKee became popular as the lead singer for the band, Lone Justice. Which made many rounds of the college campus scene. Finally hitting fame after singing on Saturday Night Live. She was tapped to record this song for the Streets of Fire (A Rock n' Roll Fable) soundtrack. The song was later covered by country singer, Rosanne Cash. Whose version is also rather good. McKee is mostly solo these days.

Crying performed by K.D. Lang and Roy Orbison
Certainly one of Orbison's more memorable songs. Re-recorded multiple times. A hit every time. This song was brought to my attention by a friend and male-impersonator, Cory. Who was dying to perform a duet in front of a small crowd at the local campus. I agreed. Usually all glammed up, I had to go butch for my K.D. side of the performance. One of the few and amazing, collaborative experiences of that chapter of my life.

Outside the Rain (Live 1986) performed by Stevie Nicks
A song recorded by Nicks for Fleetwood Mac, she continued to incorporate it into her own tours to this day. This specific concert was from one of my favorites. Live at Red Rocks. An outdoor amphitheater in Colorado.

Fireworks performed by Siouxsie and the Banshees
Siouxsie was introduced to me by a goth neighbor up the street. She heard I wanted to perform in drag. And immediately said I looked like this favorite singer of hers. Who I had never heard of. And she wasn't wrong. With serious tutelage from my friend, who was a goth girl rebelling from a rich family, I was taught proper etiquette, posture, walking like a proper lady in women's shoes - with a book on my head!), and all about the Queen of Punk music, Siouxsie Sioux. Quite the contrast to be sure. I had been challenged to perform in a 4th of July theme show. This song was my selection. I like the whole orchestral conductor tease at the opening. Leading into hard punk rocking. Been a hardcore fan ever since.

Bad Attitude performed by Laura Branigan
Another, highly campy song from Miss Branigan. It simply screamed drag queen. I found it first in my local circle. Mine. Mine, I say.

House of Hope performed by Toni Childs
Childs writes deep, soulful songs about life experiences like few that I've heard. I had been challenged to contribute to a fundraiser for a women's shelter. And I felt this was in good taste. It seemed to go over well.

Itsy Bitty Spider (Coming Around Again) performed by Carly Simon
I needed something lighter for the above women's shelter fundraiser. This one is a bit of a curveball. The song Coming Around Again was a part of the soundtrack for the film Heartburn. Starring Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson. It was a big deal at the time. Simon also had been recording songs for children. As that was just how she rolled. So the B-Side for Coming Around Again had the same song mixed with a children's chorus of the classic, playground song, The Itsy Bitty Spider. Yes. I actually walked on to a stage and performed the hand movements we used as children to sing the song. Lighter fair for a lighter performance.

Bette Davis Eyes (2002 Remix)
Another classic song that screams for drag queens around the world to interpret it. I didn't actually so so myself. But my drag Mother (yes, they exist) did so as Baby Jane Hudson. A character acted by Bette Davis, from the campy film Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? I got to be her disable sister, Blanche. For a modern take on the classic 80's hit, this remix holds up rather well.

Can't Shake Loose performed by Agnetha Faltskog
Another ABBA alumni had a solo effort during the 80's. Very danceable. And much fun when wearing lots of long fringe...

Over Love performed by Laura Branigan
Did I mention Branigans penchant for rip-out-your-heart-and-stomp-on-it ballads?

Poker Face performed by The Motels
One of the better songwriters of the 1980's was Martha Davis. Who wrote for others. Helping for the Southern California band. Later called Martha Davis and the Motels. The smokey voice of Davis contributed to such hits as Take the L or Only the Lonely (Can Play) putting them on the map. Her work is still being covered this side of the century line. Before Lady Gaga made Poker Face a top-ten hit, Davis's band recorded it first. Davis had a new album as recently as 2019. Establishing that she still has it. I will play some of that in a future set.

Where is My Man (Mega Mix) performed by Eartha Kitt
Eartha May was an established lounge singer during the 1960's and due to her unusual feline-like voice earned herself the stage name, Eartha Kitt. Kitt became stereotyped into campy fem-fatale stage acts. Later being one of the trio (with Julie Newmar and Lee Meriwether) of actresses to be cast as Cat Woman during Adam West's Batman television series. An accomplished singer and dancer, she embraced her stage presence. And recorded some popular nightclub dance music when the 1980's rolled around. Coming in at over ten minutes long, this is the longest of several remixes given this classic.

One of the Living performed by Tina Turner
What is not to like about the sexy howling of Tina Turner and that saxophone solo? This was included within the soundtrack of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Wherein Turner, our Goddess of Rock and Roll, was cast as the villainous Aunty Entity. A role written specifically for her. The club mix streamed tonight was recorded directly from an original vinyl record pressed for the DJ's. You can hear a few pops and cracks.

Sorcerer performed by Marilyn Martin
Martin got her start as a back-up singer on one of Stevie Nicks albums. Becoming a solo artist in her own right (she recorded duets with Phil Collins), she recorded Sorcerer for the Streets of Fire soundtrack. Written by Nicks, she can be heard performing back-up for Martin! The song was finally recorded by Nicks herself for her Trouble In Shangri-La album.

Moonlight On Water (Sex on the Beach Dub) performed by Laura Branigan
While Branigans career had previously peaked. she was still popular internationally as a live performer. She was huge South America. This song, recorded in 1990, would be the final dance song played throughout nightclubs. After which she set her career aside when her husband fell ill and died. During 2003, while preparing for a comeback, Branigan died suddenly of a brain aneurysm. I still mourn her passing.

(Until) The Last Beat of My Heart performed by Siouxsie and the Banshees
Praise for this band often gravitates around the unpredictability of their orchestrations and nuances in Siouxsie's voice. Recorded live at the 1991 Lollapalooza, the song is a ballad with strings and accordion. The song addresses a lover who is leaving a relationship, as she asked for him to return to her. She declared her desire to be "close to you til the last beat of my heart". This song was a favorite of mine to mime before an audience and was traditionally something I always closed with.

During the Iron Secrets roleplay, my event hostess would remain unseen. Hidden behind close curtains and bodyguards. She would send a short letter to the characters to add to her enigma. This was The Letter:
Of your hostess, I am no one of importance. My existence is in the past. I travel for new experiences. I choose to be a traveler to encourage others to live and experience. Tonight is for you. The Garou.
"The food is good, the wine is excellent, the staff timely. All that is lacking is your company." - EQ2 Raven Mythic FAQ

"Let me tell you something. Don't. Don't let them promote you. Don't let them transfer you, don't let them do anything that takes you off the bridge of that ship, because while you're there, you can make a difference." - Kirk to Picard, Star Trek Generations

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