Thursdays - EQ2 - Maiden's Fancy

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Thursdays - EQ2 - Maiden's Fancy

Post by Layla » 04/29/10

What: Neriak's premiere burlesque club has moved to New Halas. Come and enjoy the luxurious wine, delight in good music, and be sure to stay for the entertainment. We have bards, dancers, and magicians to delight the crowd with opulent decadence.

When: 8pm est, 7pm Central, 6 pm Mountain, 5pm Pacific

Where: New Halas Guild Hall under "Maiden's Fancy".

Details: Our guild website is here

Basic Rules:
  • Posted in a book at the Foyer. Below are some of the bigger ones.
  • Leave your weapons and pets at the door. Security are the only people who should be armed.
  • We have healers and wizards on call, so your poisoning/mind-control is likely to be seen. (Which goes along with...)
  • Do not drop plot in open channels without checking with us beforehand. Yes, the fancy may be the perfect chance to get someone while they're relaxed, but if you don't tell us, we'll have security crack down. In fact, if we like the rp we may even help you out.
  • We are known for our stage shows. While you don't have to like them, please keep unrelated chatter away from the stage area. Also, excessive "Do not want" or "insulting" emotes or /says is disrespectful to the performers and guest performers who spend their free time preparing these routines. As they teach in kindergarten, if you are asked to pipe down, in tells or say, please do so, or please leave the stage.
  • All in all, don't be disruptive. If we are not drinking your milkshake, don't put your straw in ours. We do reserve the right to ban offenders at officer discretion.
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