Tuesdays - EQ2 - The Spider

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Tuesdays - EQ2 - The Spider

Post by Telis » 03/22/11

What: The Spider will be open for drinking, gambling, brawling, and good company!

When: 8PM EST every Tuesday and we close when the last drunkard wanders out.

Where: 4 Bayle Court, South Qeynos. Under "TheSpider"

Details: The Spider is nothing short of the best wild dive you can find in Qeynos. Spitting, swearing, brawling, gambling are just a small list of things to expect here. Keep your blade at your side and your manners at the door for you're entering the rough side of town. So grab a tankard, start a song, and for the love of the gods, don't order the Fondue Tea.

Special occurances are known to occur and will be advertised but random hazards and events are known to pop up, so be sure to be prepared whenever you come to town!

Only a few rules:
- You start a brawl, we wont care, but draw steel and you will be thrown out.
- Evils are not welcome, if you want to show up, be in disguise. If you reveal yourself, or go overt, you will be thrown out to the guard.
- Undead same deal as evils.
- Vampires will get a single warning, then they get staked. (Disguises are welcome, just don't reveal your nature)

ON THE NOTE OF VAMPIRES: We get constant questions about it, and I'm going to make it clear. The VK has had a strong dislike to near hatred of Vampires and Undead. Betrayed too many times to overlook another case, they've come to shoot first ask questions later.

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