Festival of Discord 2016

In-game events and gathering places
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Festival of Discord 2016

Post by Tajar » 11/03/16

Festival of Discord starts TOMORROW!!

Final schedule below, all times are in EST! Remember the clocks go back on Sunday morning! (Mine went back last week so I get to be confused about times for the first two days til you over the Pond people catch up :) ) Any questions contact Tajar in game or PM me here.

Friday 4th

8PM Opening Ceremonies/Sacrifice/Executions
9:00PM Guud Eetz
Venue - ?

Saturday 5th

3PM Rum Run
5PM Ranged
6PM Stick n Pike
7PM Witches Brew
8PM Fashion Show
9PM Scavenger Hunt
8PM Venue - Shadow of the Rose/Speed Dating

Sunday 6th

3PM Bug Munch
4PM Joust
6PM High Dive
8PM Arena
4-7PM Venue - Wayfinders

Monday 7th

7PM Bardic
9PM Closing Ceremonies/March of Champions
10PM Venue - Soulfire

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