How To Schedule Your Venue or Event

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How To Schedule Your Venue or Event

Post by Duvessa » 08/06/07

We want to make sure everyone that we possibly can gets informed about upcoming events and in-game establishments. Using the guide below will make sure the most people get informed about your events.

Good Advertising:

Events not posted in the proper format WILL NOT show up on the main page index of events. Please play close attention to this, it's very simple, and will save me the time of having to go back and fix your posts. Don't post event dates as follow-ups to your venue post. They will NOT get in the events list.

Slapdash events posts get less attention than ones with effort. If nothing else, use a little good judgment in formatting, use of bolding, and so on. This is basic advertising that you should learn, and applies everywhere. Take a look at how other people are posting, and you'll quickly see the difference in appeal between eye-catching posts, and unformatted text.

On the day of the event, remember that you can advertise in channel RM and channel RFN!


If you look on the main page of the Raven web site, you will see we have a panel that shows all upcoming events for the current month. Your event will be listed automatically, IF you follow the instructions:In the Venues and Events forum, make a post with the subject, "MM/DD/YY - Establishment - Event". Multi-day events should have a separate post for each day to be the most effective. Not mandatory, but it will look better for you.

Subject Format For Single Events:

Code: Select all

01/21/07 - GAME - Soulfire - Ladies' Night
The "GAME" section should be a common abbreviation for one of the games we use. This helps format your event on the main page of the Raven. Abbreviations we use are:
  • EQ2
Try and keep them short, and to the point, so they fit well on the Raven's main page. The date format is NON-NEGOTIABLE. Your post must start with:


...or it will get mangled, if it shows up at all.

Subject Format For Weekly Events:

Code: Select all

Tuesdays - Soulfire - Ladies' Night
The Raven now has a feature that allows you to set a weekly recurring event! That is, an event that happens the same day every week. Rather than having to continuously edit or remake your event, you can set it once and forget about it. Instead of a date, you put "Mondays", "Tuesdays", "Fridays", etc. The events system will ever-after show your event on the main page calendar.

Post Format:

Code: Select all

[b]What:[/b] Description about the event goes here.

[b]When:[/b]  Event time here, add in multiple time zones to make it easier on people.

[b]Where:[/b] Location of the event. Be specific: Zone, where in the zone, if player housing, the specific door, and character name to look up.

[b]Details:[/b] If you have a Venue description, post a link to it here, or your guild's web site, etc.

Free free to "pre-load" events. If you know your club is going to be doing the same event every week for a month, make multiple posts. You can post for events as far ahead as you like, the main page will only show events for THIS month. If your club is open four times this month, make four separate posts. That's a good idea, too, because it lets people see your upcoming events, and helps if you forget to come by one week, and update your event schedules.If you want to be a little lazy about it, you can always edit your previous event post, and just change the date in the subject and body of the post. I do this for my Radio Free Norrath DJ schedule.That gets you into the automated event system on the main page.

Venue Information:

If you have a regular establishment that hosts events at least once a month, do the following: In the Venues and Events forum, in the subforum for the venues, make a post with the subject "Your Establishment Name (City Name / RP Channel)" and we will sticky the post to make sure everyone sees it.

This should NOT be an ongoing thread to announce specific dates. This post should contain information that is constant, or only updated rarely.

Venue Format:

Code: Select all

[b]Venue Name: [/b]




[b]Hours of Operation:[/b]

[b]Details:[/b] And then put any kind of explanatory text here, along with details, images, and whatever else.
Remember, posting updates to your venue information will NOT make it show up on the main page. Each event day must have it's separate post.

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Re: How To Schedule Your Venue or Event

Post by Duvessa » 07/22/11

The Art Of Self Promotion:

I'd like to pontificate a bit on the art of self promotion, specifically promoting your venues and events.

You may have a well-designed tavern, a great RP idea, or some overall awesome scene you want to do, but if you don't let people know about it, and don't let them know in a way that shows some style, you're more or less sabotaging yourself.

I'm going to reference the Raven as an example a lot, but this applies to all sorts of forums.

Let's start with the very basics here, the Venues forum. There's a specific way I ask people to post info on their venues, this includes subject heading, the style of the post itself, and where and when to bold things. This is all done for a reason. Because this:
Venue Name: The Soulfire. Freeport's premier members-only establishment.
Owner: Euryale Kyr'Eris/Aerryn "the Tailor"
  • Euryale Kyr'Eris (Bartender/Security/Customer Relations/Executive Chef)
    Lalya (Bartender)
    Torryn Woodsrunner (Security)
    D (Security/Bartender)
    Sabrae (Waitstaff)
    Suyin (Security)
Alternate Staff:
  • Nedrah and Bubba (Security/Waitstaff)
    Neversea Crimsonblade (Security/Bartender)
    Boglily (Waitstaff)
    Tyta (Waitstaff/Bartender)
Location: 7 Integrity, North Freeport. Under "Soulfirecub."

Hours of Operation:
  • Every Monday night:
    10pm EST
    9pm CST
    8pm MST
    7pm PST
Details:The Soulfire is an exclusive establishment that caters to the fine citizens of Freeport. It offers a temporary escape from the daily chore of keeping on Lucan's tolerated side, indulging its members in a safe environment where they can relax and enjoy fine food and drink over good conversation and entertainment.
Is about 50 bajillion times more readable than this:
Bobs house of Stuff

Located in a zone that's not easy to find because the exact zone name is buried in the middle of a long sentance.
Stuff about what we do here.
More stuff about what we do here.
Other stuff we do here.
ahd her
Aside from readability, and spelling, there's also a simple matter of appraisal of effort. Look at Soulfire... it's obvious that someone is really invested in the place. Look at Bob's House of Stuff. They didn't take the time to use the standard format, they don't really sell themselves, they're not displaying anything particularly attractive or enticing.

One looks like they have their act together, one does not.

Now, it's entirely possible that both places have equally great staffs, equally great leaders, and can provide an equally awesome time. But people have limited time, limited options, and can get annoyed easily with browsing through walls of text looking for quality.

If you want people to give you a chance, your venue listings and your event postings are like resumes. You may be great at what you do, but if you submit a crap resume, people may never see that.

Spelling, formatting, good grammar, consistency with other posts on the same subject... this stuff all matters. I like knowing that went I want to know where a Venue is, all I have to do is go to the list, click on that venue, and look for the bolded word that says "Location:", and when that's not there, I'm annoyed.

You throw out something slapdash, and you're going to suffer because of that. You follow the formatting of those who have gone before, get a logo made, put some real effort into selling yourself, and you're going to get a better response.

Likewise with posting your events. There's a format it should be obvious that everyone else is following, and again, it's stickied right at the top of the events list. If you don't follow that formatting, you're only screwing yourself.

I, personally, don't look at the events forum every day. There's an events list on the main page, lets me see what's going on today. If you don't take the time to post your event in the right format, I won't see it. It's not hard.

And yes, you could go on a tear about how presentation shouldn't be important, and how everyone should judge every event equally, and not on the basis of something as ephemeral as advertising. But it still won't get you anywhere. The simple fact is that if you want quality people to come to a quality event, you have to sell it as such. If your first contact with a potential guest to your event shows them you don't seem to invested in it, why should they be?

When you don't put in your best effort at selling yourself, you know who benefits? I do. Because with nothing better to do, people will come into the Raven. And that's what the Raven is meant for... it's the place I want people to come because there's nothing better to do. I -like- it when the Raven is quiet because people are at Soulfire, or the Wishing Well, or other events. I'd much rather have the Raven be silent because everyone was at your event than have it be full because you didn't follow posting instructions, or made it look like you didn't care about your own event.

All of this applies to other places, anywhere you might want to advertise of promote your event. Doing things right doesn't take all that much more effort, and does a lot towards making it look like you're presenting a quality package.

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Re: How To Schedule Your Venue or Event

Post by Psia » 05/29/15

Just a note to share regarding the name of your event. In the example of an event name:
  • MM/DD/YY - Game Acronym - [Event Name]
There may only be a maximum - including spaces - of 28 character's for an actual event name. Anymore forces bad formatting on the Raven Mythic's front page event listing.

Also, do not place an additional Hyphen - in your event name. This also messes with front page formatting.

Mods will edit your titles as needed to accommodate format for the front page. A more detailed event title should be maintained within the body of the event post.
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