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Name: Sun-rah Osiris

Aliases: Rah

Server: Balmung

Race: Voidsent (Au Ra character model, but as with all my characters. They're quite different in RP.)

Gender: Androgynous male


Class: Summoner, Scholar, Monk and Dark knight (none of these are IC)

Date of Birth: Unknown. He wasn't born, but created.

Age: About 5,030 (As he was cultured and sanctioned during the latter half of the Third Astral Era. Appears to be anywhere from 18-24. It can be hard to tell, and guesses on how old Rah looks can vary from person to person.)

Hair: Half-Jet black, half-white in color. Falls into a neat train on the ground behind him. (The lower, tendril like parts of his hair are alive. But their movement is usually restricted whilst glamoured.) Usually coiffured and decorated with many ornaments, chains and gems. A section in the front at the right looks to have been cropped at a near-perfect horizontal angle, and barely falls past his shoulder.

Skin: A bright, lurid red with a metallic sheen. Very soft and cold to the touch.

Lips: Very narrow and full. They naturally transition to black at the corners and toward the interior of his mouth. They constantly look wet and glisten, but show signs of makeup or moisture. (Very similar to this, but without the spikes and the stripe down the center.) His jaw splits naturally to reveal teeth, and the flesh of his cheeks that serves to hide his teeth and disfigurement is just another glamour. However, the teeth are usually not left readily visible.

Physique: Svelte but toned physique. His lower half is composed of wide hips that taper into a pair of long, slender and legs. (Legs are just a little too long to suggest normality, and are grossly disproportionate to his torso in terms of sheer length. His arms are lengthy as well.) Rah’s wrists and ankles are also spindly. His hands are also rather small, save for extremely long, clawed fingers that aren’t fully retractable.

Eyes: Very large, heterochromatic and almond-shaped. One is the a glowing cyan color and the other is a dull red. Both colors appear to correspond to the glowing designs that can be found on Allagan relics. No pupils, but the irises appear to be designated by large black rings that dilate; periodically becoming larger or smaller depending on his mood. There are linear red and violet markings beneath his eyes, and a closer look reveals that there are sub-dermal impressions there.

Plating: Some are black and have prismatic undertones like chemically-treated hematite; some are pure white with a silvery, diamondine quality. All of his scales have a very angular and inorganic appearance. The patterning and colors of his plating appears to be inconsistent, offering a bit of a patchwork effect in some areas–looking like they have been cut into deliberate, geometric shapes prior to being grafted on to his flesh.

Tail: White, unscaled, and frilled with an arrow-shaped tip. (Similar to the succubi tails, but it’s white instead.) VERY LONG (about 5-7ft or so.) His tail is expressive (i.e. it sometimes drags behind him when he is sad or curls into a question mark shape when he’s curious about something.) Has a slippery, velvety texture in addition to being very cold like the rest of him.

Piercings: Tongue, nipples, navel, and something a little more private...

Horns: The first set on the sides of his head are plated and very sharp. Bioluminescent and white in color, they transition into violet and black toward the tips. The second set of horn apparatuses are very large, extend well behind him, and are a brassy color. They have the same same linear, glowing blue designs found on many Allagan relics and structures (comparative to Bahamut’s in the Coils.) Unlike the Au Ra who have their horns as an equivalent of ears, Rah’s two smaller and lighter-colored horns are located slightly higher upon his head, and his hairstyle usually conceals a pair of pointed, elfin ears. It is heavily implied that those four structures are some form of Neurolink.

Height: 5'5

Weight: Unknown, feels deceptively heavy

Place of Residence: Azys Lla
Place of Birth: In a metal containment unit under the watch of many Allagan researchers and chimerics workers.

Relatives: None
Enemies: Garleans, voidsent hunters, some surviving Allagans
Allies: VECTOR, his adopted family

Occupation: headhunter, performer, historian of sorts, Allagan artifact restorer and collector
Crafting: Goldsmith (OOC)


Fashion of Choice: The voidsent is generally spotted wearing lamé, black, white or vibrant-colored silks as well as colorful jewelry with intricate and unique, custom engravings. He has no love of shoes, but adores wearing platforms or heels as they give him a much-needed height boost. Sometimes, he can be spotted in a peculiar “living” set of armor, which is simply an extension of his being, rather than something he has to put on from an outside source. No expense is spared, as Rah has both a tailor and a cobble that design custom garments to suit his unique form. He has no qualms with wearing dresses, and does not adhere to most gender norms.

Personality: Though the bioweapon intended to be a fierce, sterile and heartless creature who was to defend Allag to the death, the Rah that everyone knows is anything but. There is little to nothing in his orthodox behavior that can be called cruel or self-righteous. It can be noted that he has little to no grasp on the concept of sexuality and public displays of affection, and more often than not misses the punchlines in dirty humor. He often speaks cryptically in a melodic voice with somewhat stiff, melancholy and mechanical responses. Rah’s strange beauty is matched only with a fatal temper when he is at last pushed too far. Tolerant and uncannily observant, he is often able to mimic many things he sees other people do–usually in order for him to cautiously forge and don a ‘mask’ when interacting with people he does not know how to approach. His initially passive and shy nature might seem endearing or cute, but that lack of social understanding is another unwanted perk afforded by the status quo belonging to a cultured abomination–to say the least, it has likely cost him many open friendship opportunities in the social setting. It is strongly suggested that Rah has a split personality, presumably resulting from years of ignoring his inherent drive to cause harm, as well as mounted and long-disregarded bloodthirst.

Motivations: Friendship, his masters, protecting and make those he cares about happy, learning

Disposition: Aloof, petulant and somewhat distant

Outlook: Slightly pessimistic.

Sexuality: Demisexual and moderately naive

Religion/Philosophy: Believes all gods to be eikons (primals)

Positive Personality Traits:
- Creative
- Highly intelligent
- Thoughtful
- Diligent
- Polite
- Talented at most things he does
- Candid

Negative Personality Traits:
- Hypersensitive
- Stubborn
- Unmerciful
- Unstable
- Murderous
- Voracious
- Shy
- Petulant
- Distant
- Impatient
- Foul-tempered
- Destructive
- Dangerous
- Prone to anxiety
- Overconscious
- Lazy at times
- Secretive
- Socially awkward

Misc. Quirks:
-Seems to have a minimal grasp on the concepts of sexuality, gender and public displays of affection, and more often than not misses the punchlines in dirty humor.
-During initial interactions, Rah’s lack of knowledge pertaining to proper social interaction and Spoken behavior are often pronounced as an uncomfortably long, flat stare.
-Will occasionally experiment with certain social vices in an attempt to better understand aspects that govern the Spoken races
-His facial expressions and reaction times are often delayed.
-The prehensile, animated nature of Rah’s hair is similar to Calofisteri’s (final boss fight from the Weeping City of Mhach.)
-Rah hates shoes, because it is difficult to find shoes that fit his extremely large, clawed feet
-It is never a good idea for a stranger to look Rah directly in the eye, especially during a hostile situation. Like a wild animal, Rah sometimes interprets this gesture as a challenge, and the following circumstances may result in violence and/or bloodshed.


Free Company: VECTOR

- Food (Especially pasta, junk food or baked goods)
- Magitek
- Relics
- History
- Anything Allagan
- Birds
- Dancing
- Dragons
- Soft things
- Warm things
- Colorful and/or shiny things
- Flowers and plants of all kinds
- Music
- Art
- Jewelry
- Bats
- Affection
- Coeurls
- Books and reading

- Loud people and loud noises
- Elezen
- Being stared at
- Being ignored
- Ignorance
- Not understanding things
- Most Garleans/The Garlean empire as a whole
- The Ul'dahn Syndicate
- Greedy people
- Dishonesty and lying
- Poachers
- Discrimination/prejudice/racism
- Bugs and insects
- Bickering and arguing

Favorite Foods: Junk food and savory food. They don't nourish him, and rather than drawing out the aether of people's souls, Rah feasts on crystals from failed primal summonings.

Favorite Drinks: Anything junkfood-y.

Favorite Colors: Gold, blue, purple, silver, red, white

Theme Songs:
(will work on later)

Rah was first cultured at a restricted, high-security sector within the Aetherochemical Research Facility at Azys Lla, much like other chimerae. Rah’s body is comprised only of flesh and parts taken from Voidsent test subjects with rankings ranging from the second and third rungs of the Voidsent Hierarchy. While some of the parts may have been taken directly from the test subjects themselves, it is also likely that certain parts were cloned, artificially replicated and possibly even enhanced.
Post-culturing, Rah’s strength was immediately tested against creatures such as Harmachis, in addition to later undergoing artificially simulated combat scenarios with squadrons of other chimeras and automatons, similar to the EX Triad battles. Shortly before the calamity which destroyed the Allagan Empire, Rah was transported from the Aetherochemical Research Facility and into an emergency bunker (believed to be somewhere beneath Cartenau), where he was then forced into a chemically-induced stasis by his creators after a failed attempt at turning him against the defense systems of the Crystal Tower. Due to being put into stasis within an undiscovered location, what few people found information about Rah’s existence believed that he had been lost. Thus, Rah’s specific genus was never recorded in any of the IC bestiaries, such as the Raimdelle Codex.

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