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Posted: 12/16/10
by Kvanilya
Full Name: Kvanilya S'Lon
Nicknames: Ilya, The Gravewitch, Innoruuk's Champion, The Soul Reaper

  • Level: 110
    Class: Necromancer
    RP Power: She has a better control and knows some more about ancient Necromancy than anyone of the common era would.
    Race: Teir'Dal
    Gender: Female
    Date of Birth: Unknown
    Age: Unknown
    Hair: White with silvery streaks
    Skin: Indigo. The shade varies based upon her travels and time in the sun.
    Eyes: Silver, sometimes bordering on an icy blue. Her eyes are sometimes surrounded by shadows as she sometimes has visions of the Void.
    Height: Average for a Teir'Dal
    Weight: Average for a Teir'Dal

    Place of Residence: Primarily within the Darkmoon Tower, she sometimes takes up residence in Maj'Dul or Freeport as the mood or her research suits her.
    Place of Birth: A small settlement outside of Najena's ancient lair in Lavastorm
    Relatives: Younger sister Taelae, Eldest son Gotfrer, daughter Vloryn and her twin brother Killian, niece Viilrath, cousin Khimyra, cousin Khimera.
    Enemies: That she knows of, none that she hasn't already killed. There may be some from her past however.
    Allies: She has aligned herself with Darkmoon and has made allies with their allies.
    Occupation: Necromancer, Sage
    Crafting: Sage and Tinkering.


    Fashion of Choice: Once she wore only black in mourning of her lost mate, now she prefers to wear other clothing that depends upon her mood and where she is currently hunting.
    Armor of Choice: Whatever will be functional
    Weapons of Choice: She carries the weapon of her profession mainly, although when the mood strikes she will weild a scythe that reminds her of her ancient weapon as Innoruuk's Champion

    Special Abilities: None that she is aware of

Kvanilya is typically calm although she seems a bit unemotional. She has no use for males, save for pleasure and no interest in a mate or other emotional entanglements. Her desires are more in exploration, conquest of new information and finding new places to enjoy her hobby of jumping from high places.
  • Alignment: LE to CE, depending on the situation
    Motivations: Discovery, education, destruction, torment
    Disposition: Highly adaptive, normally calm and curious, at times uses manipulation when and if she deems it useful
    Outlook: Her outlook is that her people will have to endure a repeating of history before they will be made stronger. She also sees those of Qeynos as being manipulated and lied to.

    Religion/Philosophy: Devout to Innoruuk. She does have a curiosity of the other evil deities and has taken to studying them.

    Sexuality: As far as she knows, heterosexual. She has little use for males however and will take and use one when she desires to.

    Positive Personality Traits: Deliberate, patient, calm, calculating, manipulative when necessary
    Negative Personality Traits: None that she sees
    Misc. Quirks: She enjoys greatly finding new high places to jump from.
  • Guild: Darkmoon Legion
    Guild Rank: Mistress of Darkmoon
    Faction: Court of Truth
  • Likes: Books, libraries, high places
    Dislikes: Vampires, Erudites

    Favorite Foods: Very rare Koada'Dal meats
    Favorite Drinks: Tea and the occasional bloodwine
    Favorite Colors: Black, silver, blood red, deep blue

    Hobbies: Reading, writing, jumping from high places

Theme Songs: Sympathy for the Devil, Here Comes the Snake

She awoke in Darklight Wood with no memory of her past. She was told she was found within Miragul's frozen in an enchanted sleep and inside a coffin encased in ice. What belongings were found with her she kept, save those items of any value that had been looted long ago. Since awakening she has been carving a life for herself. Currently she is the Mistress of Darkmoon, having taken over when Moander went on a journey far away. She met Moander and decided to assist him because he seemed familiar to her.

She has recently been reading the journals that were found with her of a Vampire who shares her name. Certain names within these journals have been familiar to her however, she does not believe she is the same person. The most obvious reason she has for this is that she is not a Vampire. She has begun to research more as she finds more and more that is the same between herself and the woman from the journals that were found with her.

((Some who were on EQ1 and on the Xegony server may remember her.))

It has been several years since Ilya became High Lady. She has spent much of the time building the infrastructure of Darkmoon back to where it needed to be. After examining many of the old tenets of Darkmoon, she made changes that were needed she felt.

Darkmoon could no longer hold to a completely pureblood way of thinking. Because of The Shattering, because of the Queen's weakening of the Teir'Dal, and because of the way in which the gods returned to Norrath, Darkmoon needed to recognize that other races could be devout to The Father and Darkmoon could tolerate other so-called "evil" deities who served the greater purpose of Hate. While distasteful to her in some ways, it was a needed change to include the lesser races into the upper castes of Darkmoon. As she likes to think of it, it increases her own Hate and the Hate of any natural-born Teir'Dal to perhaps see a Haeth'Un in a position of greater power than a Teir'Dal as it spreads Hate. The Father would be pleased.

Vampires were something hated by the Rah but tolerated by Ilya. She put strict orders into place for Vampires in regards to feeding on those of Darkmoon. As Ilya sees things, Vampires are useful tools in spreading Hate. So long as they are not preying upon those of Darkmoon or those considered allies to Darkmoon, they may feed as they will.

For her personal life, Ilya has kept Kaiine as her lover. Through a great deal of work he was turned from being a Vampire back to a Teir'Dal. He has become an asset to Darkmoon and to her bloodline. Ilya will never be bound again. Because of her lost mate, Tvryl, and because of the way in which she became Innoruuk's Champion, she has not the heart to ever be bound again.

Ilya's children Gotfrer, Vloryn, and Kiillian have grown in power and abilities. They are a source of dark pride for her.

Gotfrer had some introduction to his father's line. While not many, he has maintained a somewhat good relationship with them. As the eldest, it would fall to him to lead but he has no interest in leading a family he doesn't know and has renounced wanting anything to do with them in that capacity.

Vloryn has remained as the maiden Shadowknight. She has no interest in lovers or trysts and focuses upon honing her skills with a blade. She has not yet taken up a trade but has watched Kaiine many times as he works metals into devastating weapons. She has earned her divine weapon of the Shadowknight.

Kiillian, Vloryn's twin brother, is also a Shadowknight. He faltered in his training to explore Norrath like his mother but has returned to train hard to catch up to his sister. Much like his father in many ways, Kiillian fights with honor and prefers to think in terms of strategy and reason than blindly swinging. He has mastered the S'Lon way of fighting and has sought out other sword masters to learn from them.

Ilya has several adopted children, nieces, and nephews whom she has taken into her bloodline for protection and to expand the bloodline. While they may not know their actual bloodlines, Ilya has carefully made records to keep track. It is her desire to have Darkmoon once more house the prominent bloodlines of Neriak. As her own comes directly from the King and Queen, Ilya keeps careful records to prevent too much intermingling as it has shown to cause madness and weaknesses in the offspring. She also looks at what she considers the "new" Houses of Neriak with some disdain. They are not the same lineage that kept Neriak strong. She has watched many of them blindly follow the bitch Queen impostor of Neriak. To her, most of the new Houses are puppets of the Queen.

Ilya's lack of knowledge of her age is not entirely true. It is something she has passed off as her history. Her true age is much older than she has ever let on. She began her life as an Acolyte of Innoruuk within The Spires. She completed her final task: mating with a Teir'Dal male, sacrificing him, and as a true test of her blessed status by Innoruuk, bringing the male back from the dead. The male was going to become her first bindmate however, her bloodline's head called the Ilharn, had the male murdered in order to bind her to someone of his choosing. This led to Ilya leaving The Spires and following in the footsteps of her mother within the Dead Lodge.

Ilya's long life has always been unnaturally so, even before she became Innoruuk's Champion. She saw the true King and Queen entombed beneath The Dead Lodge. She knew both of them well. She saw Mayong Mistmoore battle Tserrina atop the Tower of Frozen Shadow. She waited outside to prey upon those who survived The Sleeper's Tomb for their treasures. She was among the first to set foot into the Planes. She has killed the Avatar of her god on her own. She has memories of ancient spells that have been forgotten by all.

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Posted: 09/08/11
by Vith
Ooh yes! Kvanilya!

You know, if I were a bit more squeamish or a little less fleet-of-wing, I'd be scared to death of this lady. As it is, I've spent so much of my life around Innoruukians and Teir that -really- I just want to give her a hug. Haha she would HATE that! Maybe later.... Anyway, she's very Proper and Poised and speaks just as fancy as you like. But even better is the eeeeever so subtle whiff of death that lingers around her when she's been playing with her pets. *sniffs* Aaaaaah! I need to spend more time with her. If she's anything like the others, I'm betting I will have lots of fun with her enemies. And her friends. *grin*

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Posted: 12/08/18
by Kvanilya
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