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Full Name: Khimyra
Nicknames: Myra


Level: 100
Class: Coercer
RP Power: She has great powers over the mind through practice and skill.

Race: Teir'Dal
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Near Frostfell
Age: Over 500, but it depends on how you look at it in her opinion
Hair: White
Skin: Indigo
Eyes: Sapphire blue
Height: Average
Weight: Average

Place of Residence: Qeynos, Maj'Dul, a tavern in Freeport, Gorowyn, etc.
Place of Birth: Neriak

Relatives: Kvanilya (cousin, or so she says), Vilrath (cousin), various other cousins.
Enemies: Various here and there, usually those whose pants she has in her collection through means of controlling them.
Allies: Various

Occupation: Coercer, tavern owner, brothel owner, Noble of Neriak (although she no longer lives there)
Crafting: Jeweler

Appearance: Khimyra is beautiful for a Teir'Dal, curvy, and uses her clothes and charms. Her hair is always neatly done up in the fashions of the Nobles of Neriak as she is a Noble. She keeps her clothing tight and shows off her body. She wears jewelry she's either made or that has been given to her by her various lovers and admirers.

Fashion of Choice: Khimyra likes to wear as little as possible. Always of the finest quality, always tight-fitting, and always easy to remove as the mood suits her.
Armor of Choice: Hates armors but wears finely made clothing that is enchanted when she goes out to adventure.
Weapons of Choice: Wands, her body, her spells over the mind.

Special Abilities: No real special abilities.

Personality:Charming, flirty, likes to say and do things for the thrill factor. LOVES to stir up trouble for those who have her current favor (or disfavor), enjoys making things interesting around her.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral to Chaotic something, depending on what is going on.
Motivations: Pleasure, collecting pants, finding things to entertain herself.
Disposition: Flirty.
Outlook: Her outlook on Neriak is that she's bored with House politics. She bought the tavern in Freeport to get away and have some fun. Overall her outlook is positive. She enjoys living away from Neriak in Qeynos now because of the looks she gets as her flirty nature doesn't adhere to the typical "goodie" attitudes.
Religion/Philosophy: Once bound to Innoruuk until she found a way to break free of his hold over her. She now follows Erollisi Marr whole-heartedly but does pay tribute to whichever deity may be of use at the time otherwise. Her belief is that the Gods already use the mortals so why can't the mortals use them to further their own goals. Her philosophy has more to do with her background than anything. She is not a fan of Zek though.
Sexuality: Yes. Khimyra isn't picky. Her profession and the things she does has led her to being very flexible in her sexuality.
Positive Personality Traits: All of her traits are positives in her book.
Negative Personality Traits: Leave the negatives to those who haven't been laid lately as far as she's concerned.
Misc. Quirks: She collects pants. If she can talk you out of them, she will. If she can't, best not to be around if she starts casting. She also takes them as payment in her tavern. Of course she doesn't bother to say that drinks are free anyway.


Guild: ((IC not in a guild))
Guild Rank:
Faction: Maj'Dul
Faction: Qeynos


Likes: Males, females, her tavern, stirring up trouble, listening to all the gossip and what is talked about in her tavern and such. Anything else that goes along with her hedonistic tendencies.
Dislikes: What she calls grumpy people. Innoruuk, people who tell her no, and anyone uptight.
Favorite Foods: No real favorites, whatever tastes good.
Favorite Drinks: See Foods
Favorite Colors: Anything that looks good on her.

Hobbies: Jewelry making, collecting pants, watching people, causing trouble.



Khimyra began her life long ago. Her name was different then and she's now long forgotten what it truly was, or so she says. She's used so many names throughout her life. She was an Enchanter long ago of great skill who traveled Norrath seeking adventure, an escape from the boredom of Noble life in Neriak, and generally doing whatever and whoever felt good at the time.

She was on Luclin when it blew. Having been Agnostic, she had never given any thought to the gods so when she died, she simply died, or so she thought. Instead she found that her soul was a small ball of light that drifted and floated. She was content with this. She watched as the shattered remains of her body and Luclin drifted past her and the destruction, chaos, and desolation swirled on what was once Luclin.

Then came the gods. She watched as those who had always proclaimed their faith were taken by their gods. She was not saddened at this, she was content. Then her soul was plucked up along with others who had been Agnostic like her. It was not any random deity, it was Innoruuk who took her. She was Teir'Dal and he would claim her. She could not protest.

She was brought to Hate and through ritual, her soul was bound to Innoruuk. Cursed to forever serve Innoruuk, she was at first made to help guard Hate. When her talents were discovered, she was cast down onto the shattered remains of Norrath to spread Hate for Innoruuk.

From the first time she returned she began to rebel. Khimyra began by discreetly passing information about Freeport to the agents of Qeynos who were forever trying to help others betray. Though she tried, she could not set foot into Qeynos. Innoruuk's mark upon her kept her from being able to renounce him. He seemed pleased with her stirring up trouble though and let her continue passing information to weaken Freeport.

In time she returned to Neriak and to what still existed of her bloodline's House. She was well-known among them. Being a Noble had not changed and she quickly grew bored with it and went back to what she had done before, passing information, hanging out in the various taverns, and finding pleasure wherever she could.

Now spending most of her time in Freeport, she pretends to spy for Neriak. Like many female residents of Freeport who have caught the Overlord's eye in passing, she been taken to the Citadel to "entertain" the Overlord or the guards. She uses that to listen and gain information to pass on. She also stayed in Freeport more to get away from those who worship Innoruuk so blindly and listen to others who worship the other gods.

It was while she worked with an ancient mindbender named Leandre that she began to find old scrolls that told of ways she could break free of Innoruuk's hold over her. While seeking the other shards to the Eye of the Siren, an ancient and powerful weapon Leandre had put her essence into, Khimyra freed herself of Innoruuk and pledged herself to Anashti Sul.

Those of a more shady nature know that Khimyra's tavern is a place they can find refuge and get information. It is also a place to see part of Myra's vast collection of pants.

After some time, there came the return of Erollisi Marr and Lanys. Myra found that she had far more in common with Erollisi than Anashti and thus, ended her following to Anashti, amiably even. Myra had appealed to Anashti's own tale of having been the Goddess of Health once.

Myra had been married and had a child. She has no memory of this now. That is thanks to Erollisi. After her mate had been reported to be dead, Myra had searched the Ethernere to bring him back. He was eventually brought back and then her mate chose another and it broke her heart. She decided to end her own life by turning herself in to ones from Neriak whom she knew would execute her for treason. She was hanged and her body left to rot on the ground. Erollisi returned her to life however, her heart remains list to her. She still flirts but has no ability to love another because her heart remains broken though she doesn't remember why.
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Re: Khimyra

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Quickly starts going off when he asks about her, "No no no no get the hell away from me. I have almost had enough of Teir as it is, this one is even worse wanting to take my pants from me. I tried to be nice and bring her some but I don't think that is what she wants."

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Re: Khimyra

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