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Full Name: Kesstal/Kestaal Maral
Nicknames: Kess, various expletives as she's escaping the scene of a crime.

  • Level: 100/95
    Class: Beastlord/Brigand
    RP Power: As level

    Race: Ayr'Dal (Erudite/Tier)
    Gender: Female
    Date of Birth: -
    Age: About 360
    Hair: Looks black at first glance, but is actually a very dark brown.
    Skin: Dark
    Eyes: Icy blue
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 120lbs

    Place of Residence: Freeport
    Place of Birth: The Karanas

    Relatives: Half sister, half brother, and their children.
    Enemies: No one specific.
    Allies: Her partner, Raerali.

    Occupation: Thief, bar fighter, troublemaker.
    Crafting: None

    Appearance: Kestaal has an exotic beauty that tends to be hidden behind hard expressions that only really soften for her partner. Her dark skin makes her blue eyes seem even brighter. She keeps her dark hair short and she has a lip ring. She is average height, and relatively well toned but curvy. She does have a few scars, but most are usually covered by her clothes.

    Fashion of Choice: Light weight clothing for ease of moment. Must have pockets.
    Armor of Choice: Chainmail if she has to get into a real battle.
    Weapons of Choice: She has two daggers that she is fond of, but she will throw or use whatever comes to hand.

    Special Abilities: Apart form a knack for getting into trouble, none.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
    Motivations: Thrills, artifacts, money, Rae. Avoiding the cells.
    Disposition: Cheerful but hardened.
    Outlook: Realistic.

    Religion/Philosophy: None

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Positive Personality Traits: Focused once she's onto something, loyal, but to very few.
    Negative Personality Traits: Rash, antagonistic, likes to get in fights. Is a rowdy drunk. Obnoxious.
    Misc. Quirks: Despite her lifestyle she is remarkably honest. While she might try to evade an answer, she won't outright lie. This may stem from pride in her antics which she does not want someone else taking credit for.
  • Guild: Knights of Freeport
    Guild Rank: Squire
  • Likes: Fighting, artifacts of interest to her, the thrill of stealing and getting away with it, rum, sailing, gambling.
    Dislikes: Jail/cells (though she's often in them), the law.

    Favorite Foods: She's not picky.
    Favorite Drinks: Rum
    Favorite Colors: Blues, oranges, yellows.

    Hobbies: She doesn't have a real job, so she does her 'hobbies' for a living.
  • Played by What Famous Person:

    Theme Songs:

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    Kestaal was born to the leaders of Arien de Kaane in the Age of Turmoil. Their reign was short-lived, with her father Yolanir offering his mortal life to Mogadeche to spare the half Iksar-half Tier abomination Cerissa. Refusing to accept her husband as a vampire, Xar'zith hid the 6 year old Kestaal away with foster parents and took off on her own agenda. By the time she returned to reclaim her daughter, Kestaal had already ran away.

    Kestaal stole, fought and bribed her way through the Rending and the chaos that followed, using what she had managed to attain from what remained of the estate of Arien de Kaane. She spent some years at sea among pirates, even unknowingly sinking her own mothers ship.

    After one brawl that left her with broken knuckles, she went to the Temple for healing and met Raerali. She returned frequently with any and all excuses for coming every day. The two ended up a couple and Kestaal settle down some and tried not to get into quite so much trouble. She enlisted in an attempt to prove that she -can- have a real job.
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Re: Kestaal

Post by TinweSaa » 05/19/14

The LC eyes the reporter from the back of her steed. "Kestaal? She is one of our Squires. I never expected her to join. I am pretty sure her partner, Knight Sila`Lumen, did not expect it either. Don't get me wrong, the Squire has some very useful skills. However, rules, rank and file, and following orders are not the skills that she possesses in abundance. However, she has managed to surprise me more than once so far. While I still have my doubts, I will continue to give her a chance to surprise me... ...for now." She encourages the steed to walk once more, "Strength in Unity!"

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Re: Kestaal

Post by Raerali » 05/19/14

She smiles warmly at the mention of the name, "Of course, I do. She is my partner. She is a bit wild and unpredictable, but that is who she is. She is fun when we go out on the town. I was a bit surprised when she joined the Third. I am grateful she has not managed to piss the LC off yet. Perhaps, she is turning over a new leaf." She nods politely, "I need to finish with my duties. Have a pleasant day."

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