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Post by Piorrot » 09/15/14

Full Name: Piorrot
Nicknames: Pio

  • Level: 100
    Class: Inquisitor
    RP Power: Focused Healer and Master Chef/Cookie Extraordinaire

    Race: Woodelf (she was stuck in an illusion that made her appear human, this has since ran it's course)
    Gender: Female
    Date of Birth: 14th day of the great harvest (Nov. 14)
    Age: Appears to be a tender 25
    Hair: Red (This too has been altered .. with the ill effects of the illusion her hair has fade into blonde color)
    Skin: Tanned
    Eyes: Emerald Green (just like the leaves of the forest)
    Height: 4'5"
    Weight: 95 lbs

    Place of Residence: Qeynos/Freeport
    Place of Birth: Kelethin

    Relatives: Search and Shawl Varryn - Estranged
    Enemies: does not know of any
    Allies: Mutinay, Tzanntiel, and her family within the Hellions

    Occupation: Field Medic
    Crafting: Baking, Grilling, and Brewing

    Appearance: Shoulder length strawberry blonde hair and emerald greens eyes adorn this soft tanned face. She has a petite yet muscular body type, that has some sensual curve to it. She appears as a fresh young adult Woodelf with a sugar sweet smile, she is now vampire so her smile is a little on the sharp side. She has a strong will when it comes to her control over the thirst, it has a lot to do with her control and personality before she was turned .. she has since started practicing meditation to help with her control and desires. Nothing else has changed about her, as she strives to be the same as she was, she has become more focused on the targets before her when in combat and when given a task to complete.

    Fashion of Choice: Anything a pretty green or brown
    Armor of Choice: Plate as it protects her from the beasts that she may face while out foraging for cooking materials.
    Weapons of Choice: Mace or Great Hammer; you need to knock your prey out before you kill it ... they stay still that way.

    Special Abilities:
  • Alignment: Neutral, she enjoys a good story from either side of the spectrum.
    Motivations: Bringing happiness to everyone, she is drawn to those with a hardened expression or a dangerous appeal.
    Disposition: Cheerful, Willingness to help with almost anything.
    Outlook: Positive, she likes to look on the other side of the leaf.

    Religion/Philosophy: (pending update)

    Sexuality: She leans towards the male gender when it comes to romance and mating.

    Positive Personality Traits: Protective of those close to her, Observant, Quite, Reliable
    Negative Personality Traits: Honest, Secretive
    Misc. Quirks: Tends to tilt her head when she is studying someones actions or expressions
  • Guild: The Hellions
    Guild Rank: Council
  • Likes: *Updated* Blood Wine, Cooking, People, Being Creative
    Dislikes: Beasties that just wont die!

    Favorite Foods: Blood
    Favorite Drinks: Blood and Blood Wines
    Favorite Colors: Green and Browns

    Hobbies: Cooking, Listening to Stories, Adventuring to new places.
  • Played by What Famous Person: Rachelle Lefevre

    Theme Songs:
    History: Both of her parents are deceased, she is estranged from her brothers she is a nomad of sorts. **Details can be provided if asked in a RP setting**
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Re: Piorrot

Post by Lorae » 03/13/15

*look heaves a large trash bag into the bin behind the Fancy as she turns to see a Scribe standing a few steps behind her*

Can I help you? ...

*the scribe mentions that they would like to ask her what she knows about Piorrot Varryn*

*she sighs and motions for the scribe to go in to the Fancy through the back entrance*

So what would you like to know about Piorrot ... and you can loose the Varryn surname she dropped that a while back ...

*the scribe asks his first question*

I know as we were both apart of a company called the Black Water Syndicate together ... she was one of the Captains there ... until she had a tift with her brother and left .. soon after I left and a few others ..

*the scribe continued with his next question*

I can share only this with you ... she is one of the best cooks I know ... and she is a loyal friend. She has since fell back into the shadows, so she can re-collect her thoughts .. she may re-surface one day but I do not know.

*the scribe smiled at her and closed his note book and turned to leave the Fancy*

Have a Fancy Day ...

*she called after him*

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Re: Piorrot

Post by Maelgrym » 04/29/15

The chef? I know her cooking probably better than I know her. It was succulent...tender in the mouth and so juicy that the savory nectar would grease the corners of your mouth; you would have to use a finger to wipe up and then sample the tasty digit after each bite.

A sly grin crosses the male's lips as he reaches for his glass. A slow, thoughtful swallow later, the dark elf continues.

I would suggest eating her dishes where you might watch her from a distance. It's a delightful experience to have that sensation in your mouth while you drink her in with your eyes.

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Re: Piorrot

Post by Delandi » 04/29/15

Delandi grins and shrugs. "Yeah, I remember meeting some gal with that name. If I remember right, she's supposed to be a good cook...she said as much, anyway. Never tried any of her stuff. I just remember that she wasn't the most friendly type. Oh, she smiled and what-not, but there was a sense of...I don't know...competition?"

The wood elf laughs lightly as she reaches over to ruffle the mane of an enormous, white lion sitting laying at her feet. The big cat rumbles affectionately.

"Seeing as we've not met before, I'm thinkin' she was competing for the attention of my friend, Maelgrym. Maybe she thought we were a couple, I don't know. Maybe she just didn't like the way my face looked. Who knows? People can be weird."

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Re: Piorrot

Post by Adristion » 05/02/15

The Koada'Dal paces back and forth around the laboratory, containing multiple vials, tubes, crates, and goggles. "I had better get started…" He sighs as he puts on his stained lab coat, pulling his goggles down over his eyes and tugging on his gloves. "I'll just hope that this doesn't explode in my face." He would say with a hint of amusement as he poured different measurements of liquid into the tube infront of him. "I should pay Piorrot a visit sometime. She did bring me back from the brink of death after all!" He thought aloud, accidentally pouring too much of the green liquid. "Shit..."

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Re: Piorrot

Post by Piorrot » 05/27/15

Updated a few elements in her profile, as well as her avatar

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Re: Piorrot

Post by Piorrot » 12/29/16

**I'm back from a much needed break, it's been a while so easing back into the community.**

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