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Post by Maelgrym » 04/28/15

Full Name: Maelgrym D'Lothrin
Nicknames: Mael, The Sable Serpent, a host of other perverse titles.

  • Level: 100
    Class: Warlock
    RP Power: Deceptive nature allows for him to obfuscate how truly degraded he is.

    Race: Teir'dal
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: 1st Windday of Grayeven, Year of the Long Shadows
    Age: 237
    Hair: White, almost reflectively so
    Skin: A dusky Onyx
    Eyes: Amethyst
    Height: 65"
    Weight: 155 lb. (lean, but becoming more muscular)

    Place of Residence: Freeport and Neriak
    Place of Birth: Velkyn V'Nal.

    Relatives: Zaelira (Soul Bonded), Xilotzen
    Enemies: No apparent ones.
    Allies: Varied in both loyalty and availability

    Occupation: Necromatic Evocation (Warlock)
    Crafting: Jeweler

    Appearance: Immaculately groomed, Maelgrym maintains a host of cantrips and minor incantations that care for the mundania normally associated with being ready for presentation. The sorcerer's robes unwrinkle themselves continuously in fastidious arcane compulsions.

    Blemishless of complexion, Maelgrym's glistening teeth almost seem preternaturally white behind his soot colored lips.

    Fashion of Choice: Robes, or breeches and form fitting vests atop voluminous shirts.
    Armor of Choice: Abjurations of arcane force.
    Weapons of Choice: Necromantic evocations.

    Special Abilities: Maelgrym is a gifted diplomat and lecturer. His nature is well hidden by his charisma
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Motivations: Power. Sensuality follows a close second.
    Disposition: Maelgrym often appears more attentive to his person than his surroundings. This has been suggested to be a ruse.
    Outlook: Maelgrym's vision has changed due to recent events (The Black Game). He has given up on a unified nation or the bolstering of dark elven pursuits on a cultural level. He has begun to focus inward: his machinations, wealth, and attentions are kept close to a small circle of allies.

    Religion/Philosophy: Shifting

    Sexuality: Primarily heterosexual.

    Positive Personality Traits: Ambitious. Driven. Intellectual.
    Negative Personality Traits: Manipulative. The Warlock seeks to further his own goals.
    Misc. Quirks: Maelgrym has begun to train and strengthen his body. With his last excursion to the Game, the death mage has come to realize that one must rely on all of their assets, not just their magery.
  • Guild: Pedantic Collegiate
    Guild Rank: Chancellor
    Faction: Various Freeportian
    Faction: Various Nerian.
    Faction: Various Kunark Organizations
  • Likes: Raw power, sensuality, and glibness.
    Dislikes: Inefficiency, Senseless requests.

    Favorite Foods: Only the finest types and cuts of rare cooked and nearly bloody meats.
    Favorite Drinks: Port - specifically Horreur.
    Favorite Colors: None.

    Hobbies: Active observer and occasional participant of life.
  • Played by What Famous Person:
    Craig Parker ... lpaper.jpg

    Theme Songs: Possum Kingdom

    History: Mesquite smoke colored the sky over the hamlet known to its residences as Velkyn
    V'Nal. Housing refugees from the fall of Neriak, the village was built initially as
    a series of lean-tos and tents. Velkyn V'Nal was kept this way to facilitate easy
    movement of its residents in the flight from the war. Having nestled itself between
    the protective arms of a small series of foothills, the Northern Nektulos village
    began take to root and create permanent buildings....((story continues below))

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Re: Maelgrym

Post by Zaelira » 04/28/15

Zaelira touches her chin with slender fingers, her expression thoughtful. Ebony eyes stare out as if picturing the being in question and a soft smirk sits naturally on her lips.

"Maelgrym," the name is murmured by her sultry voice. "There are too few words in the Common tongue one could use to describe the enormity of his..."

Here, she pauses as her eyes turn to regard the petitioner and her smirk becomes impish.

"...power. His tongue is quicker than any sword-arm, his wit more keen. He can lay a person bare by a look, a smile, a few choice words, leaving their fate in his skilled hands. He is a marvel in every facet of his being. Such a specimen of perfection deserves nothing less than perfection. Thus, he is my husband."

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Re: Maelgrym

Post by Caymin » 04/29/15

Caymin sat on the dock of the Phantom Seas Islands, polishing his dual bladed ebony rapier and waited for the group that had contracted him to join them. A boat was sailing into the harbor, when a scribe walked up and asked Caymin for his impression of someone in his notes.

“I do indeed know Maelgrim. We have run into each other several times and had some good discussions. The first time I talked to him in the Zen’Myr Lounge, I recognized the Teir’dal seriousness in his tone and was impressed with his wealth of knowledge. Before long though, he revealed hints of a sense of humor, which was surprisingly refreshing. When I saw him again, he proved his skill at handling cards. The evening ended with Me owning him a debt and I don’t mind saying that bothered me a bit. However, we were in good spirits and fun was certainly had.”

The bard craned his neck expectantly towards the approaching ship a moment and then settled back to focus on the scribe again.

“Some time after that, he seemed to genuinely enjoy watching me spar with several combatants at the Coliseum. The last time we saw each other, he displayed charm, humor and a relaxed nature when he had me repay my debt with a simple act of openness, that I would have afforded him anyway.

All in all, he’s exceedingly intelligent and focused, while also being witty and knowing how to enjoy himself among friends. I expect we will continue to get along well into the future.”

As the boat pulled up against the docks, several people called out Caymin’s name and hopped ashore carrying weapons and supplies. “It looks like my group has arrived. I’ll have to take my leave of you now. Farewell.”

With a flourish and a grin, the bard left to join the group.

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Re: Maelgrym

Post by Delandi » 04/29/15

The wood elf steps from the acorn-shaped elevator and descends the ramp leading to the forest floor. The Great Faydark thrums and sings with life. Various birds call out through the canopy and tree frogs resonate in the background. A massive, white lion leaps from the top of the ramp and meets his sun-kissed companion with an affectionate head-butt.

"Oh, I know him." Her tanned face is filled with a smile that would force the surliest persona to soften. There is a twinkle in her eyes that hints at mischief and an unspoken jest.

"Maelgrym's great! I met him when I paid a visit to a Freeport dive - Soul's Fire, I think it was called. It was nice to share a drink and trade a few flirts. If it weren't for him, I'dve never tasted bru...bruchetta...or whatever that amazing chopped slaw is called."

Delandi and her over-large feline friend begin to walk down a path leading away from Kelethin and into the deeper areas of the forest. She smiles over to the scribe, flashing that brilliant smile.

"He actually showed up on my doorstep later that night to help me figure out how to make my own bowl of bruchetta. I don't think we ever made it to the kitchen, though, but I'm not complaining. Oh no...not complaining at all..."

Her smile becomes wistful while retaining a hint of playfulness. "I don't see him around these parts much. If you see him, tell him Del said he needs to visit the trees again."

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Re: Maelgrym

Post by Piorrot » 04/30/15

**Arches her brow at the scribe as she stands on the docks of Freeport**

"Yes I know him ... I think met him in a tavern on eve and maybe the Overlords Crown... "

**pauses to think for a moment**

"Yes it was the OC, We talked about professions and I learned that he dabbles in the art of Jewel craft and I in Provisioning"


"I told him I can make ANYTHING taste good .. and I proved it to him I suppose. I crafted him a dinner and delivered it to him the next time I seen him out"

**frowns at the scribes next question**

"He is a married man ... maybe I was trying to win his attention through a nice meal but I have learned since then that he is a married man so I have kept my distance"


"Very well good day to you, and next time you go to question others .. try to relax. Because I can feel your heart beat from here .. and your lucky I have had my nightly meal"

**A piece of her soft red hair brushes her cheek as she smiles a white toothed grin and the scribe**

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Re: Maelgrym

Post by Lorae » 04/30/15

**leans back her elbows resting on the side of the pool indoor pool**

"Well hello there .. welcome to the Sweet Serenity Spa and Massage Parlor, unfortunately we are not open at this time... Oh?"

**slides back down into the pool and swims over to the scribe and pushes up on the edge of the pool and leans out with her elbows resting on the stone sides**

"Yes I know Maelgrym, he is a very mysterious Teir'dal, that is very creative and fun"

**smiles up at the scribe and motions for him to sit, but the scribe shakes his head no**

"He mentioned he would like to get to know me better? ... "

**blushes at the scribe**

"That would be possible if I wasn't involved with someone whom I happen to be smitten with"

**sinks back down into the water and smiles up as she back strokes away**

"Now if you dont mind showing yourself out ... I have more laps to complete"

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Re: Maelgrym

Post by Elisandre » 05/11/15

A soft humming is heard as Elisa sits, staring out at the night sky. She breaks off the soft hum, turning at the sound of a footstep. She smiles, seeing the scribe approach. Her voice filled with amusement, she asks - "How is it, that you of all people find me when most cannot?" She casually motions him forward. Her eyes welcoming. "Come and join me. The night is calling for a song but it still lingers just out of reach".

She waits, nodding to the question. "Maelgrym, I have seen a few times now that you ask. Both times, I was a bit distracted. My feeling of him is that he is intelligent, witty but underneath lies more. There is something that he keeps close. It lingers in his eyes when he speaks. The turn of his head as he notices others. I enjoy bantering with him. One day I would like to be able to focus and get to know him better. But then as now, the music calls and the night awaits me." She gives him a smile filled with joy and a soft laugh.

"I must return to my song, to the joy of the dark night. " With that, the soft humming fills the air. The sound both soothing and hopeful.

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Re: Maelgrym

Post by Pavla » 05/11/15

The scribe catches her at home... well at one of the places she allowed people to think was her home. It was a bordello, tastefully done in opulent colours, the rooms echoingly empty of the laughter and sounds of pleasure that should be present. A quick wonder through the rooms brought the scribe to the bar where she was sitting on the counter, sipping a glass of rum through a straw no less. At the mention of the Teir'dal's name, a sly little smirk curved her full lips

"Maelgrym, you say? Mmm, yes, I remember ~him~ vividly."

She laughs softly and takes another sip of her rum, the dark liquid, clearly having put her a little worse for wear.

" He makes me want to sink my teeth into a thigh or a shoulder just to provoke him. I just want a little peek under the mask he wears. I want to see the man's true nature shining through to sate my curiosity ands see if I am right about him. Maybe in the past, he could have been something I would have entertained, but I have my male. "

She laughed and paused for a moment choosing her words carefully

"In summation. Silk and velvet, a biting wit and a pleasing body. Under it all, I wager with a box of fine cut jewels, that he is deliciously perverse. No? Not going to take my bet?"

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Re: Maelgrym

Post by Jaraxus » 05/14/15

Jaraxus emerged unto the streets of Freeport, closing the door behind him to one of his residences. Truth be told, the house was bereft of decor, save for a single dimensional portal to a realm of absolute value to a warrior; a massive island within the Void, in which the disturbance of gravity resulted in a yield of ten-over exerted upon one's body.. the perfect training ground.

He panted softly as the scribe approached him, raising a finger as if to silence him a moment before he stood upright, the sheen of perspiration illuminating his bronze construct.

"You wanted to know of Maelgrym, as I recall?" He gave an amicable smile as he rolled his shoulder slightly.

"Maelgrym is every bit of my friend as much as Caymin is. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Fancy, just before we performed for Ladies' Night, and I've felt his influence upon observing his demeanor at several venues since that time. This man is an avatar of class, and masculine elegance.. His performance was as talented as you'd expect on a professional level, and It is more than likely that we shall be working together again in league with Caymin and Kryno for another stage performance for the girls."

He laughed, raising a hand to rub against the back of his head, as he displays a contented smile.

"He certainly knows how to roll the dice, Is the only thing more I've got to say.. If you want to know what that means, you'll need to ask him yourself. I don't go around blurting out personal business."

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Re: Maelgrym

Post by Kianette » 05/14/15

She smiles a moment thinking of the other night at the Fancy when the scribe spoke the name

You don't listen well do you? I don't know much about him other than what I've seen. He's got nice legs. There does that satisfy you?

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Re: Maelgrym

Post by Megare » 05/16/15

The expression on her pale faced did not change when the scribe posed the question. The high elf's alabaster visage could have been carved from stone for all the emotion it betrayed. It was in the eyes - as green as summer grass - where hatred flared to life, but the blaze was brief and the gaze once again reflected endless indifference.

"There was a time when a badge served as his shield, yet he has recently chosen to lay it down to pursue other paths. Perhaps his years in service to the Overlord has lulled him into a false sense of security and the cursed blasphemer has forgotten his sins. I assure you, I have not."

The high elf woman spoke from atop a gleaming white, winged stallion. Both horse and rider bore the colors of Freeport's Third Division Cavalry with no sign of wear, tarnish, or stain on their shining gear. Even the steed's steel-shod hooves shone brightly in the mid-day sun.

"The warlock and his wife shall find no succor from the Overlord they once served, nor from the god they continue to deny. They are among the Spurned, and will soon outlive their usefulness as tools in the hand of Innoruuk. The Dark Prince's Mouth has only to speak and the Sword will end their wretched existence."

The condemnation fell heavily from the armored woman, though her face remained impassive. For a long moment, she seemed to consider the scribe as her spirited mount snorted and tossed his great head.

"I would see your papers before you go."

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Re: Maelgrym

Post by Maelgrym » 06/10/15

((Updated Character information))

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Re: Maelgrym

Post by Mirhion » 08/06/15

The Scribe found her talking to a guard in Freeport, their conversation low and tone flirtatious. She turned, eying the scribe a long moment before giving the guard a flippant, "Later, handsome," and turning to take a few steps to the scribe where he stood. She smirked over her shoulder at the guard's chuckle and, "Later, Spooky," as he jogged off, armor rattling, to catch his patrolling cohorts. She watched his retreating form a long moment before facing the scribe and prowling uncomfortably close.

"What do you want today, mm?" Her gaze met his nervous one and he quickly looked down to what he wrote, speaking quietly of his request. She nodded.

"Maelgrym... mmm... handsome...dark... a little dangerous in all the best ways... but smooth as silk and fun to watch. How's that?" She grinned as he wrote and she peered to see what he scribbled. She grinned at his quiet question as he wrote. She reached over and snagged the quill from him and he looked slowly to her face, eyes flashing with annoyance. She grinned wide and handed it back to him. "Yes, I watch him. I watch a lot of people.

The scribe took his quill back and wrote down what she said. She nodded to his next question, prowling around him and peering over his shoulder as he scribbled. He did well to ignore her despite his obvious irritation. "Yes. I am a bartender from time to time. It breaks the monotony." She grinned as he stole a glance at her. She purred in his ear at a response to his next question.

"Well, killing people, of course." She whispered in his ear. His writing stopped and he just stared at the page for a long pause. She cackled at his reaction and mussed his hair with both hands. He sighed, forever tolerant and she sauntered off. His eyes glanced for a brief moment at her athletic and smooth gait, her skin fluid over sliding taut muscle. He exhaled and returned to his writing before he continued on his way, muttering to himself but unable to hide the faintest smile.


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Re: Maelgrym

Post by Rahfel » 10/14/15

*The tall fellow tilted his head inquisitively as the scribe approached, and up close it seemed as though the man was losing more than a bit of his muscle definition, arms and various areas of his body that had once displayed toned muscles had taken on a more slender cast. His eyes, thankfully, showed no signs of exhaustion, or and kind of apparent suffering, which seemed to make the fellow's case perhaps more complex in the mind. He flashes a small smile as the name of the person is mentioned, and nods his head indicating that he knows the person--or at least knows him slightly*

"Mr. Maelgrym? Ouh. Yes. I know him, sorta. He is a frequent venue patron in places I myself like to attend. If I'm not mistaken, he also owns a venue that I have more recently have taken a liking to. He's a very classy sort of fellow, and seems tactful and quite well-learned."

*He nods his head, as if corroborating his statements in his head. He chose his words carefully and formed his sentences tactfully, clearly a measure toward sounding respectful.*

"He certainly does have what one might call a "wandering eye"--though perhaps that is his way of analyzing people and watching their actions and perhaps taking notes of their demeanor, and deciding with whom to interact from there. I myself could scarcely fault him for it."
*He chuckles knowingly, for such methods bore similarity to his own.*

*The scribe nodded upon scribbling down the information, and insisted that the tall fellow go buy and sandwich or two, clearly concerned about the thinning demon's health. The male shook his platinum vehemently, and reassured the scribe repeatedly that he was indeed fine, and didn't see himself being anything but in the near future. He walks off rather quickly, before any more interaction could have taken place.*

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Re: Maelgrym

Post by Hllan » 10/15/15

~the scribe looks around the room of the Gilded Tome, one of Freeport’s popular bookstores, not seeing the one he is interested in. He walks through the shelves of books checking the next few rooms. Finally he sees the blue skinned Teir’dal female he has been looking for. He makes his way carefully towards her. There are several books on Teir’dal family heritage scattered on the table around her a couple looked to be mark in different spots. Hllan looks up and grins, seeing the face of the scribe~

“Greetings my friend, please sit with me.” She motions to an open bench. “Oh nothing really just reading this and that, and who have you came to chat about today.”

“Maelgrym,” Hllan gets a small lopsided grin and her eyes twinkle at the name. “He is someone I choose to like.” Her deep teal eyes take on a look of her seeing something in a different time and she giggles.

“He seems to be a very open and welcoming man, very handsome and clean shaven I must add too. He runs the Fugue. That is where I feel I got to know him, well what I know of him. That I must say is one of my favorite places to visit these days, I don’t know how he managed it but it is great you go and you feel like nothing can bother or problem you at the Fugue.”

“I think he has a wife or someone he is invested in romantically, I just got lucky to have had a chance while waiting on Xannis to sit and visit with Maelgrym, there was a small winged female there too. Melenie…I think. She was feeling pretty….well, when she left.” Hllan wiggles her eyebrows and smiles at the thought.

“I know Mealgrym is a Teir’dal and there is always a chance for him to stab me in the back…that is just our way. But for now I will enjoy his company when I get the chance, and maybe I will get lucky and never have to worry about that.”

Hllan winks and gets a mischievous grin, “He told me I won our game… till the next game we play, and he had said poo wins over truffles every time. But I have to wonder does poo win over pigs. I keep asking myself that. I can’t wait till we play again.”

She giggles to herself, “Okay friend I need to get back to my reading, if you please excuse me.”

As he walks away he hears her chuckle softly again at her thoughts.

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Re: Maelgrym

Post by Dayahnya » 10/28/15

Having been caught by a pesky scribe while attempting to fix up her shop, the Spider's Workshop, marquise Kinra Z'Valtaire could only stare for a few moments at the impudent wretch. His questions though only served to worsen her mood.

"Can you not see that I am in the middle of renovations! Meddlesome child--daring to approach me in such a manner... You wish for me to answer questions regarding what I think of Maelgrym...?"

Her expression questioned his motivations, but shifted to a somewhat more entertained smile lifted her lips as contemplation crossed her mind.

"... I suppose I can take the time to answer them, but only for a moment," sighed the Marquise as she seated herself in one of the more plush recliners she had crafted with her own two hands.

"Ah... Where to begin with such a delicious enigma. Certainly, a noblewoman of my station is tabooed from consorting with someone like him. However, being the rebel as I am to the folkways of Neriak society, I am rather glad I had ... rubbed elbows with him, I suppose you can say."

Her expression portrayed a more playful attitude as she lightly tapped a delicate finger against the recliner's armrest.

"If I can remember correctly, we met at an establishment of some popularity. Though do not ask me which one--I wouldn't remember off the top of my dainty little head! He and I caught each other's eye, and we proceeded to converse, as would seem appropriate of two individuals mutually curious of each other."

a silver toned chuckle escaped her as something humorous had taken her fancy. Then her tone took on a more avid tone.

"To describe what I really think of him would take some more of my valuable time. So instead, I'll give you the short hand of my thoughts about such a character as he is: Maelgryms words, in my opinion, are as charming as the words that escape a silver tongued serpent. His body and composure bespeaking a man of great influence and affluence; he certainly shows his experience with dealing in the politics of culture such as my own."

After stating such, she slipped her hands across the armrests then folded them daintily together as she stared at the scribe with a guarded expression and a dangerous smile.

"And be warned, I am well aware that he could be quite a dangerous foe should one ever find themselves unlucky enough to regard or to be regarded by him as such. He has many powerful allies. Indeed! He is brilliant minded, so far as I gauged from him since our meetings have been somewhat limited in time..." a whimsical sigh betrayed her inner most thoughts and feelings.

As she turned to glance toward the unfinished work of moving items around and unpacking new boxes of shipment, her expression portrayed a hint of exasperation.

"I'd love to allow you to stay and continue to bombard me with prying questions, but you really must leave. I've some unfinished business to attend to.. So I will not answer any further."

Once she kicked the brazen scribe out, the Marquise turned to stare at the cluttered interior of her comely shop, her thoughts lingering elsewhere as a smile tugged at the corner of her lips.

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Re: Maelgrym

Post by Xilotzen » 01/07/16

He stood near the water, on the beach and under the cliffs near Freeport. The waves assaulted and retreated, their foamy caps occasionally spraying their outrage at never progressing further. The mind mage looked out over the glimmering waters; mirror-like eyes searching the depths for something...for something. The reporter caught him unawares and retrospective, almost pliable as he was asked about Maelgrym.

What can I say about he whom I am most faithful to?

Maelgrym is not as physically pleasing as myself to the eyes, but he has a charisma and ...assets that make him very seductive to many in both Freeport and Neriak. Possibly elsewhere as well. I have tasted the minds of some who know him...

The psion struggles to convey the next portion. It is obvious it deals with concepts he has no understanding of.

They say that Maelgrym seems to listen to people. He almost seems to care. Many think that he is altruistic, constantly handling situations and striving to be a peacemaker.

The next relation is uttered in a matter-of-fact tone. The casualness of it makes it seem almost insincere.

To me Maelgrym is a teacher - of the arcane. Of the sensual. Of interaction and resolution. He is my disciplinarian, my leader, and I place value to him that is only equaled by one other.

For a moment, Xilotzen's face changes. His manner is contrite.

I am jealous of him, to the point of hating him at times. I have wanted to and have hurt him. He has done the same to me. He is to me what all men should be...and they are not.

The silver eyes ratchet around and narrow at the journalist. They are intense, but rather than rage or hate or lust or fear there is nothing. Nothing but undescribed intensity.

I am unsure how that affects my view of this world. I suspect that others would consider it a detrimental view ultimately...

Wave after wave of repulsion issues out from the mind mage at this point. It forces the reporter to flee in an nauseous and nearly dazed state.

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Re: Maelgrym

Post by Maelgrym » 11/07/16

((Character Update to Reflect Ongoing RP))

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