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Post by Rahfel » 05/05/15

Full Name: Din`Amanrahfel

Nicknames: Rahfel, Rah, Rahfy, Rah-rah, Bird-man

Family: None biological, save offspring.

  • Level: 100
    Class: Bruiser, Shadowknight ((not IC'ly.))
    RP Power: Exceptionally high
    Race: Planar entity
    Gender: Intersex
    Date of Birth: Unknown
    Age: Ancient.
    Hair: To the floor in length, and depending on the form he assumes, it can be a very bright, stunning platinum blonde or a pure white. His hair looks to be especially well-cared for, regardless of any chosen form. His hair is also semi-sentient, prehensile and can and will attack things!
    Skin: His complexion is perfect--unmarred and unblemished, an unnatural rust-kissed persimmon in color that bears an obvious metallic sheen.
    Eyes: Off-white with a sparkling, iridescent sheen, lacking the natural pupil and iris scheme (highly similar in appearance to fire opals.)
    Physique: Lissome & curvy with hints of lithe, borderline-athletic muscle about the torso and arms

    Height: Unknown, but he is famous for being quite tall
    Weight: Unknown
    Place of Residence: Maj'Dul
    Place of Birth: Unknown, but Rahfel was created via divine influence in the Elixian plane, rather than born
    Relatives: Sorrenja Do'Zelyn (adopted)
    Enemies: Anything and everything is subject to become something he hates and/or wants to destroy
    Allies: Anyone he deems worth his time.
    Occupation: (Notorious) exotic dancer by trade
    Crafting: Carpenter (Not IC'ly!)



    Rahfel's exquisite beauty, avian traits and surreal appearance are highly offsetting and confusing to some; stooping well off the border of androgyny; prompting many to hazard an incorrect guess regarding whether or not he is male or female.

    He has a few facial piercings, two black metallic circular hoops protrude from his full lips and a stud adorning his left eyebrow. His arms are riddled with hieroglyphs and various seals that resemble that which can be found in Ahket Aken. A fair-sized white gold datura flower with precise linework is tattooed near his left shoulderblade on his back. A small black and gold lined ankh sits on his left ankle, and the right ankle hosts a tattoo of an eye with linework (again, similar to illustrations found in regions of Sul'Dal influence.) A small black crescent moon encircling a nine-pointed star is tattooed on the upper left wrist. There are circular and S-shaped swirl indentations engraved into his right shoulder that bear a discernible gold hue in the light, and faint scoremarks can be seen both legs in a pattern. The notches look systematic and are reminiscent of bandages, though they are very faint and can only be seen up close. Similar marks sit around his eyes, suggesting that something may have been placed over them for a long period of time. There is ALWAYS a mantle of gilded, dark peacock feathers at his back and similar sprouts of feather plumage mark his wrists and ankles.
    His lower abdominal region features a massive scarab marking whose carapace is to be patterned similarly to peacock feathers; with a glowing green symbol of Anashti Sul.
    A series of hieroglyphs and planar (surmised to be ancient Elixian) runes wrap around both his upper left arm and upper right arm(standing relatively parallel to each other in location) the runes are formatted in sentence structure--similar to what one might see on rune tablets. Among perhaps the more notable of his decor is a large and highly intricate chestpiece of what appears to a very colorful rising sun against a horizon line. It is augmented by a caption composed of large, stylized hieroglyphic text.

    He has a vast assortment of earrings, and the piercings extend well up to the cartilage of his elfin ears. The jewelry ranges from a few more simple pieces to occult-style, elaborately-fashioned cuffs with chains hanging and extending from one base earring to another.
    His lips are rather full and adorned with ebon captive hoops(which are sometimes swapped to cobalt blue hoops.) One eyebrow is pierced and sports a rose gold and ruby stud--and more recently, his medusa has been pierced with a gold and fire emerald stud.
    Rah is usually adorned in jewelry and borderline royally dressed. His fingers are long, elegant-looking and host very long sharp nails that seem to have natural gold hue. The ring finger talon is often painted a different color than the others--a vivid royal blue, more often than not. His facial usually expression ranges from angelic to impassive, and rarely changes unless he is in the presence of people he likes.
    It can also be noted that his eyes are typically closed, even as he walks around and interacts with various people and objects unhindered.
    His nearly floor-length, glistening platinum hair falls in extremely long layers around his body, often concealing his delicate features; leaving one eye to peer out at everyone cautiously.

    Fashion of Choice: Always borderline-royally dressed. He wears obscure but tasteful clothing; some more revealing attire depending in the occasion and his mood. Typically his casual attire consists of ornate silk or fine cotton fabrics that move with him. He takes pride in the large amount of jewelry he wears--extending from a few piercings to hair ornaments, necklaces, rings, and the like. Most of them are very expensive, or occult-style; suggesting that they are antiques or relics.
    Armor of Choice: He could care less about armor, but he does wear ceremonial plate in addition to crimson, ritualistic bindings underneath an ornate mask at times.
    Weapons of Choice: Rah prefers to use himself and his own abilities versus relying on exterior weapons.
    Special Abilities: Rapid regeneration, exceptional perceptual abilities, speed, technique, and gargantuan strength. While being very strong, he is not brutish; and is very intelligent and well-read. If a threat somehow escalates to a menace, he sometimes is swallowed up, and then usually exhibits a berserk state from there.
    Rahfel also hold the innate ability to read much of the contents of peoples' hearts, and thereby accurately predict their many of their actions.
    He can extend nearly every part of his body, including his hair--his main trademark. There appears to be no particular limit to which his limbs can extend. Being a planar entity, this ability has grown to include his fingers and his wings, as well as sprouting many long, whiplike tendrils from his hair to attack and pulverize his enemies--or fetch something in a far up area.
    Rah can sometimes fight hordes of creatures with his power completely suppressed. Due to this, few mortals can detect the true extent and limit of his power without directly touching or interacting with him.

    Personality: Rahfel is a complex, somewhat petulant and enigmatic creature who is exceptional at providing the guise of a likable and charming individual.
    • Alignment: Ranges from neutral evil chaotic evil depending on the circumstances
      Motivations: His new family, religion, glory, aesthetic, vanity, knowledge, power
      Disposition: Rah is generally somewhat reserved and keeps to himself unless he chooses to become involved with a situation. It can often be difficult to tell what mood he's in, where he's coming from or what his intentions might be.
      Outlook: Apathetic and somewhat passive aggressive
      Religion/Philosophy: Worships Anashti Sul again freely, because Innoruuk's death/absence has freed him from conscription.
      Sexuality: Applicable solely to those who meet his standards!

      Positive Personality Traits: Seemingly very likable on the exterior, very humorous on occasion (around those with which he is most comfortable), highly intelligent & perceptive, sweet, understanding, seems kind, loyal to a fault
      Negative Personality Traits: Obdurate, unstable, manipulative, stubborn, selfish, petulant, cranky, dispassionate, a bit petty toward those he doesn't like, withdrawn at times

      Misc. Quirks: Fidgety and easily distracted by physical items around him, especially dominoes, cards or toys.
      He likes to dip his talons in brightly-colored, perfumed waxes and sometimes, henna (whose prime ingredient is believed by many to be 'dal blood of some sort.)
      Rah is known to have a habit of hiding inside wicker baskets and jumping out of them to scare or upset people.
      He has a rather disturbing and nihilistic sense of humor and quite often jokingly alludes to killing or sacrificing people.
      Rahfel speaks with a strangle lilt (that cannot quite be placed for certain to one location upon Norrath) and it more often than not causes him to pronounce (or mispronounce) certain words.
      Rah is pretty notorious for being oblivious and/or thoroughly disinterested in romantic or sexual advances, as well as innuendo.
      He also adores being on rooftops in high and/or unreachable places in general.
      Rah is also most notably blind. His eyes were cut out long ago. A pair of shimmering, opalline seeing stones now covers the portion of that which was lost long ago.
      Rah has somehow become fabulously wealthy and owns a venue.
    • Guild:
      Guild Rank:
      Faction: Silent City (IC'ly has neutral standing with the undead Sul'dal inside the Silent City/Ahket Aken and the Living Tombs, etc.)
      Faction: Court of Tears - assassin (IC'ly)
      Faction: Freeport - ally
    • Likes: Music, incense, birds, cats, books, preening, wicker baskets, good decor, dancing, aesthetic, antiquities, artifacts, beauty, solitude, and discreetly making people uncomfortable.
      Dislikes: Loud unnecessary noise, disrespect, ignorance, stupidity, ugly people, people making assumptions about him, and a great many many other things.
      He especially despises being called a tall elf.
      Favorite Foods: Mortal food does not sate him, though he will munch on it occasionally. He's a sucker for junk food and baked goods of all kinds.
      Favorite Drinks: Various teas, fruit juice of nearly any kind, rum, whiskey, numerous mixed drinks
      Favorite Colors: Red, blue, purple, black, gold, white, silver
      Hobbies: Reading, drawing, painting, writing lyrics, singing, preforming, playing instruments, cooking, writing books

Played by What Famous Person: Me!!

Theme Songs:
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Little is known with certainty about the creature Rahfel, and his purpose was once shrouded in something more sinister than the story of his origin. Those with apt enough eyes and minds can see rather clearly that this enigmatic creature has suffered immensely at the hands of only the most cruel, and was shaped into an instrument with the single-minded goal of methodically serving its master.

Rah's personality has gone through several phases--though he consistently remains somewhat childlike, aloof and emotionally detached from his environment.
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Re: Rahfel

Post by Maelgrym » 05/06/15

Rahfel? Yes, I know him. He does have the air of a potential client for me... Maelgrym motions to the table before him which currently holds an Ulteran Diamond in a multi-pronged stand. There are strips of various precious metals laying beside the assembly and a draconic fueled crucible ready to heat and prepare the strips for shaping.

That male is a bit awkward; I mean more so than just being a lumbering giant. He tends to be timid at times in social sparring and there have been instances that I have seen him become almost unbalanced when they are thrust upon him...particularly by the ladies.

The scribe motions with his quill to his own eyes as he mutters his next question to the bauble wrangling dark elf before him.

Did I notice his eyes? Um, no....but have you seen his massive hands? Now that would be a more interesting point of anatomical comparison that I believe many would be more interested in.

Maelgrym lets out a wistful sigh and then winks as if he suggested a choice bit of gossip before shooing away the reporter so that he could return to his work.
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Re: Rifuul

Post by Delsari » 05/06/15

The Aerakyn smiles at the interviewer when approached.

"Rifuul? Yes, he came to the Ice Dragon's Rest for a while and asked me to join them at their table. He was very pleasant and seemed genuinely interested in our race, and in history in general. I look forward to his coming again."

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Re: Rifuul

Post by Rahfel » 06/16/15

((Quick OOC post--Updating periodically, trying to keep things contemporary with him and what's going on, thanks for posting to those who have <3))

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Re: Rifuul

Post by Mirhion » 09/09/15

Mirhion pauses and looks to the side, noting the presence of the ever annoying scribe. She gives a faint sigh and turns, leaving the merchant babbling until he finally stops talking upon realization her attention has moved elsewhere temporarily. "I am aware of him, yes. I had to watch him a bit to figure out what he was for a while, but I do have a general idea." She smirked as the scribe looked interested, and asked the obvious question. Mirhion simply gave him a flat look with obvious amusement in her eyes, enjoying his annoyance when she cut him off from his curious question. "No, I will not share that with you. Find out for yourself. Some things are private."

The scribe gave an annoyed sound and she grinned for it, obviously enjoying the reaction. He scowled and continued his questions, albeit a little less enthusiasticly. "Yes, I do like him. He's interesting to watch. He is one of the servers at the Hunter's tavern I attend. Says little. Seems detatched most days but that is an illusion. He is watching, everything." She grins as he wrote that down and slides closer to peer at what he had scribbled. He slowly pauses writing to look over at her and her face slowly tumbles into a cat like grin; much as a cat might look playing with a mouse. He swallows slowly and nods, closing the book. She nods in return, "Oh yes, do take care. Come back anytime!" She called after him as he scurried away.

Mirhion turns her gaze to the merchant who had the wisdom to smile brightly to hide the growing worry in his eyes of his safety around this woman. "Now, where were we?"

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Re: Rifuul

Post by Adristion » 09/13/15

*The Koada'Dal was busy sharpening his greatsword when he heard footsteps*

"What do you want." He stated bluntly, still sharpening his greatsword. "Yes I am Iahild of the Hellions." The man grinned and asked a question. "Yes I have met the large fellow. He is... Unlike anyone I have ever met. And I have met many people with differing personalities and traits. He is quite possibly one of the more interesting men I have spoken to." The man quickly scribbled it down and asked another question. "What did you just ask me? No I have no interest in such things. More importantly that is none of your business. Now leave before I decide to set you on fire and proceed to melt your face off." The high elf moved his right hand up, palm facing outwards as the reporter sprinted off, not wanting to be killed today.

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Re: Rifuul

Post by Xilotzen » 10/23/15

Xilotzen seem caught unaware when the reporter next finds him. A touch startles the daydreaming mind-mage; however his fading smile immediately becomes a stern look of rebuke.

Rifuul has...issues. His mindscape is hostile terrain and not be trifled with. You would be best to avoid that one.

Images of his last encounter with the demon flash vividly into the dark elf's mind. With a shake of his head, the coercer pauses and dabs a finger at the blood that begins to drip from his nose.

The silver eyed male shoves past the journalist without a word to become lost into the crowd.

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Re: Rifuul

Post by Dayahnya » 10/29/15

Marquise Kinra Z'Valtiare had been caught by the impudent scribe! With a grumble and a scowl, she merely sat herself down on a comfy recliner after getting herself a glass of thexian bloodwine. After listening to several questions asked about what she thinks about handsome Rifuul, she was all too happy to oblige in answering--just this once.

"I certainly know what I could describe this giant fellow! He's adorable. Absolutely adorable through and through, despite his otherworldly feel and nature. He's shy, self-conscious about himself and about what others think of him, and he is a talented~ piano-player! Well taught by his mother, no doubt. He shows traits of loyalty and honesty--surprising for what he is, but I will not disregard the fact he was raised by a reasonable woman who has taught him well."

The Marquise then chuckled to herself, nodding to the scribe.

"You're quite lucky you found me in a cheeky mood as I am right now."

A warning glare, then a mischievous smile as she continued as if uninterrupted.

"Rifuul is entertaining, and I am fond of his talents in the performing arts. Not only has he the ear for music, but a good choice in style, too. Well. Good-ish. I wouldn't elevate his styles that high, as there are standards I must weigh in hand first, but, as far as his fashion goes, he has good taste in jewelry."

There was a pause from the Marquise, then a nonchalant swishing of wine from her grasping hand, and then a ponderous sipping before an appreciative licking of her small full lips.

"And lastly, in regards to my relationship with him? He is a dependable friend I can certainly enjoy several drinks with, and share a smile or two with."

Another chuckle, then one last casual sip from her wine glass.

"Now. Leave me. You've dallied enough here!"

She waved the scribe away and out of her shop. She was alone once more to ponder as she casually drank from her glass of Bloodwine, rather pleased of the memories whisking her away from reality of her previous encounters with Rifuul, among other pleasantries.

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Re: Rifuul

Post by Kiaua » 11/15/15

When the scribe approached the short, white haired woman talking to what was clearly a drug addict, she turned to face him sharply.
"Ooooooh, really, now you're gonna be buggin' me, pal? Just ask tha damn questions and move along, I gotta run a business!"

She tilted her head, listening intently to the scribe then narrowing her bright red eyes, before bursting into a fit of laughter.
"Big Bro Riffy? Oh, yeah, sure I know him! He is my big brother, yanno. I love him to bits, and I respect him completely...I wouldn't eat him either, so that is a plus. He has some habits, but other than that he is a gorgeous friendly titan. Hey, you smell really good.. Can I have a quick... bite."

She waved the scribe off, smiling widely then turning back to the addict, with a clap of her hands she ushered the poor fellow into the alleyway.

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Re: Rifuul

Post by Hllan » 11/21/15

~The tall good looking human walks next to the scribe silently, He leads him there a area under construction and into a cavernous room of white marble. There is no decorations yet just the clean smooth marble, the panaramic view of the ocean depths is breathtaking and at the same time a little unnerving. There is a slender figure standing in the center of the room, the well tailored outfit she is wearing show off every curve and swell of her womanly form. Her long black hair is pulled over her left shoulder to drop down in front of her. Finally she turns and looks at the approaching gentlemen, the scribe hestitates just a second as he sees her eyes that stand out matching the color of the deep water being held back by the massive windows. Her gazes takes them in, but her feature show nothing. Hllan turns back to the windows hugging herself just as the men reach her.~

Hllan speaks softly and dreamily, “I will take care of my friend now Rand, I do thank you for showing him to me.” The big man eyes the scribe before he turns and leaves Hllan and him.

“I do wonder how you manage it my friend, this is one of my best kept secrets and yet here you stand next to me.” Finally she looks at the man her deep teals eyes showing nothing. “How do you find me, a spell, a tracker, what?”

“Do you harass everyone like this, questions about people they may know or be aquainted with. He you ever been beaten or attacked?” Finally she gives him that easy going grins she is known for. “Well I honestly can’t see begin hostile over a few questions right, I can’t see faulting one for doing their job.”

She turns her body slightly to face the the scribe, “So my good fellow who may the topic be today?”

Hllan’s grin grows brighter at the name, and she thanks for a minute before answering. “Well I do know he is a Demon of some sort he told me. He seems to dislikes being considers anything else. Also he is one of the most stunningly beautiful beings I have ever seen. At first I thought him a female but I think him to be a male.He is one that has his own style, and for that reason I can’t help but like him”

“Yes I have seen him perform he is very talented, I have to wonder if some of his material comes from things he has maybe experienced.” She gives a small shrug. “I know I do enjoy seeing him perform though.”

Smiling at this question, she looks to be excited. “I heard that he will have a booth at the Market coming up. I think he got the tent next to mine, and I greatly look forward to chatting with him more. Now I need to escort you out of here and get myself back to work.”

Hllan slips her hand delicately into the scribes elbow and turns to walk him out. He stops suddenly and looks back over at the windows. Pulling her eyes to look where his are drawn. “Trust me it is very safe. This will be a place I am very proud of, I hope to open sure then later but it all depends on how quickly my workers can get it done.”

Gently she tugs his arm and walks him to the exit, then politely she bids him farewell.

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Re: Rifuul

Post by Zaelira » 12/04/15

She does not lift her head from its reclined position when the scribe sits beside her and poses her question. There is no interruption in her languid demeanor, though an exquisite face turns and an eye opens to regard the snooping interviewer. The attendants working over Zaelira's nails on her hands and feet do not dare pause in their labor.

"It is certainly understandable why anyone would desire to know more of Rifuul," the 'Dal says in a silken voice. "He is an exquisite creature, is he not?"

Her eye closes and her perfect face turns away from the scribe. "And thus is the definition of whom you request knowledge - a creature. I have looked upon him long enough to understand that, while he often resembles an over-large elf, there is more to him than meets the eye. I have also noted that he has quite loyal and protective companions. You may consider practicing caution when asking about Rifuul."

The pampered Teir'Dal falls silent, soaking in the moment of relaxation and no longer speaking of - or to - anyone.

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Re: Rahfel (Rifuul)

Post by Gryphyth » 02/04/16

"Ahh, the demon, well, perhaps not a demon, more devil, but at any rate, not a mortal." The smile was that of a feline having a new plaything, Gryphyth appeared to like the question. "Oh yes, I do like him. His type are bound by rules and laws. I have a respect for traditions and order. I hold to quite a few myself." He leaned back in the throne-like chair, a crown carved in the stone just over his head like a halo.

"Kinra called him in as a moderator for a dispute over the life of a slave. She killed the slave, something I did not expect, delightfully, she showed real dark skin that day. I could tell though, he was the sort to follow a strict code. He has a discipline on him, whether imposed by a higher power or by himself I do not know, but it is there." He wove his fingers together and had a cool look in the dark eyes. "He shall prove most useful in the future, and knowing such a thing walks free on Norrath is a comfort to me."

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Re: Rahfel (Rifuul)

Post by Pavla » 02/16/16

*The red head was browsing in some shops, picking out and exclaiming over clothing for a small boy and toys. She already had what looked like a procession of boxes following her, the poor baggage carries weighed down under the number of purchases and she showed no sign of stopping. Harried clerks swooped about her, taking one thing from her, replacing it with another as if she were a flower and the clerks, a swarm of bees. She eyed the reporter and shooed the swarm away for a brief moment*

You know, everytime I see you, you are asking about this person, or that person. Who is it today? Rahfel?

*She paused for a moment, her eyes turning thoughtful and distant*

There is far, far more to him then he allows people to see. He shows the world what they want to see, keeping who he is secret in some dark space inside him. Some of it does shine through however. You do not get to dance as he does without talent and some training and the way he moves on the stage is a silken song, beguiling and bewitching.

He got up and danced at the opening night of the Ribbon, quite on the fly. Sadly, I missed that show, but maybe for the next opening, I will have snagged a moment to talk with him and have added him to the roster of entertainment. He can dance and seduce my guests and I can advertise the venue his company runs. That seems like a fair trade, no?

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Re: Rahfel

Post by TinweSaa » 06/14/16

The LC looked down from atop her steed and eyed the reporter. "Who? Oh yes... Rahfel. He has been to the Crown several times. Very polite, respectful, dignified, and well dressed. I cannot say I know him well at all, but he causes no issues and seems to be a decent sort. He respects the law here in Freeport which is all that can be asked. Strength in Unity." She urges her steed forward toward the militia house once more.

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Re: Rahfel

Post by Rahfel » 07/27/17

((Profile revamped and cleaned up!))

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