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Post by Rahfel » 06/12/15

Full Name: born Soranayja Maelthrae Do'Zelyn--Now listed more simply as "Sorrenja Do'Zelyn", or "Sorrenjya Do'Zelyn." Spelling varies.(Pronounced SORR-AHHN-YUUH)
Nicknames: Mum, Sorren, Sor, Mama Fangs, Voodoo, Leggy--she's got a quite a few.

  • Level: 100
    Class: Illusionist (IC'ly and OOC'ly!)
    RP Power: Proclaimed illusionist, said by some to be a master of her skill, however if questioned, she personally denies that claim. Also a vampire; defector from the Mistmoore vampires.

    Race: Mistmoore Vampire ; but she was born a pure blood Teir'Dal.
    Gender: Female
    Date of Birth: Unknown
    Age: Also unknown, nor is it a subject in which she takes pleasure in discussing.
    Hair: Silver. Appears more dull and ashen when she is under stress.
    Skin: Very pale, she's nearly as white as her hair, with a silvery sheen in her skin, which is fairly discernible in sunlight. Sorren retains only the tiniest bit of vestigial violet pigment from her days as a Teir'Dal.
    Eyes: Softly glow crimson, hinted with a small but very vivid chromatic flicker
    Height: Unknown, As one daren't approach her with tape measures...
    Weight: Unknown, but she's very small and light.

    Place of Residence: currently Neriak--but she has a more recently-exhumed manor built in the foggy crags of the Loping Plains ((IC'ly)).
    Place of Birth: The Loping Plains
    Relatives: Rahfel (adopted son), Kiaua (Adopted daughter)
    Enemies: Anyone who causes her any trouble, or interrupts her eating/sleeping habits. Enemies are fair game and may or may not be applicable to her menu.
    Allies: Neriak, Freeport, and Gorowyn. She's also a spy for the Lyrech.
    Occupation: Enchanter, Sorcerer, Scholar, Teacher, Scribe, Fighter, Battlemage, Dark arts dabbler--she is a very well-to-do individual in the taboo learning world.
    Crafting: Very disinterested in crafting, great alchemist (IC'ly), is considering the idea of becoming a scribe.

    Appearance: She appears simultaneously delicate and fierce, like a fine china teacup that has survived a rough shipwreck. Those traits, combined with pale white, sometimes-lavender hued skin give her face alone an almost an ageless sexless quality, until one's eyes wander further down to note an ample bustline, a trait fairly indicative of the female gender. She has a near-perfect upward posture, and scarcely ever slouches or slumps.

    Fashion of Choice: Anything frilly or fairly girly or fancy, but usually with darker additions. ((Sorren would go crazy over Gothic lolita outfits!))
    Armor of Choice: She personally dislikes normal clothes, generally finding them cumbersome and expensive. She prefers cloth or plate, as per her norm. Her battle-robes are wrought of fine, dark silk, that looks as if it were spun by something or someone wicked. Her plate armor is wrought of malevolent-looking blue metal, and is emblazoned with seals of the Indigo Brotherhood.
    Weapons of Choice: Staffs, staves, canes, swords, claws, fangs or daggers.

    Special Abilities:
Illusory powers: Her illusions can extend to groupmates and allies, though somewhat limited. Her personal illusions are very hard to see through, and can even extend to her psychically altering her own body to assume said chosen form.
She uses malevolent magic and melee skills when assuming the role as a fighter type, but not without a hint of illusory magic here and there.
Vampire abilities: Can shift into a cloud of bats every day or so. She can also enter extreme berserk fits of hunger and rage, on rare occasions.
  • Alignment: Evil, evil, evil...Others, as well as herself, always dispute her as being "lawful evil", or "chaotic evil," and even some have said "neutral." Sorrenja herself would argue that she is what she is, depending on the context and situation at hand.
    Motivations: Food, Her adopted son, revenge (for whatever reason), And other things, depending on what happens.
    Disposition: Fairly friendly, but only when approached. She often seems very reserved at first glance, withdrawn, detached, cool and aloof.
    Outlook: Very realistic, often in a humorous manner.

    Religion/Philosophy: fervent worshiper of Anashti Sul.

    Sexuality: Pansexual.

    Positive Personality Traits: Quiet, tactful, very intelligent, charismatic, good listener/learner, willing to teach others, diligent, persistent, insightful, wise, lucid, expressive, sweet.

    Negative Personality Traits: Grumpy, dispassionate, sneaky, vindictive, sadistic, obdurate, obsessive, impatient, apathetic, sometimes inconsiderate, slightly vainglorious at times, overly-introverted, sometimes a bit unscrupulous, reclusive, eccentric, and highly anti-social at times.

    Misc. Quirks: Sorrenja LOVES her hair. She takes care of it almost obsessively, and enjoys preening and making sure she is in her own version of "tip-top condition." Touch her hair without permission and you may end up missing limbs.
  • Guild: N/A
    Guild Rank: N/A
    Faction: Neriak, City of Hate (very strongly allied, Nobility)
    Faction: Freeport (strongly allied, Nobility)
    Faction: Maj'Dul/Courts: (Paragon of Truth, Vanguard of the Blade, a Vindicator of the Coin.)
    Faction: Library of K'Lorn (Archivist)
    Faction: Lyrech Werewolves (Spy)
    Faction: Mistmoore Vampires (Neutral, she's secretly a defector though)
  • Likes: Reading, whacking training dummies, sanguinated drinks, learning, stories, books, intelligent people, bravery, power, drawing, making arts/crafts and various oddities and knick-knacks, resting, fighting.
    Dislikes: loudness, ignorance, rudeness, disrespect, being physically touched or trifled with without her permission (esp. her hair or head), ignorance, excessive rules, disregard for the arts and finer things in life, ridicule, being ignored, etc, close-minded people.

    Favorite Foods: Blood.
    Favorite Drinks: Almost anything sanguinated, Scotches, Whiskeys, bourbon, vodkas, various rums, some port, and a vast quantity of mixed drinks.
    Favorite Colors: Deep/blood red, white, gold, silver, purple--most hues with a deep or royal shade, bright greens.

    Hobbies: Reading, learning, listening to stories, flanuering, writing, arts and crafts, a bit of tinkering, toying with magic, dancing, singing, writing, painting.
  • Played by What Famous Person: Elena Vladi of Demona Mortiss.


    Theme Songs:

    phpBB [media]

    phpBB [media]

    phpBB [media]

    History: (Just ask if you want to know more about her!)
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Re: Sorrenja Do'Zelyn

Post by Jaraxus » 06/16/15

"Sorrenja. Of course I know her.. She's one of the many beautiful faces I've had the pleasure of meeting at the Fancy.."

Jaraxus rested the bulk of his arms over the breadth of his torso, lightly tapping upon his opposite's elbow as he peered down at the scribe with scrutiny.

"She is.. more than meets the eye.. but then again, most people are in similar fashion. I must admit, she's certainly got some appealing bejewelments.. and as with any man, a woman with piercings and body art Is.."

His brief laughter is baritone, shaking his head slightly side to side.

"When first I'd met her, she was without sight.. I am assuming as a result of some encounter or another. I am happy to report she seems to have regained that ability since then.. I recall Pavla and I having to spend a few hours describing her surroundings to her at various venues. I've heard.. she's of a mercenary group, but I've heard only rumors as to what deeds they delve into.."

When asked of whether he considered them competition by the Scribe, his lips curled into a wry smile.

"To recognize the achievements of others is to acknowledge competition.. Let us wait and see what happens before I answer that, eh?"

He turned, and departed, placing a cigar into the bite of his teeth, unable to cease his wild smirk about it as the scribe finished his notations in the growing distance.

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Re: Sorrenja

Post by Kiaua » 11/15/15

As the scribe approached the large wooden doors of the Ar'Ghul Library, Kiaua popped out from the bushes with a broom.

"Ask me somethin' oooone more time and I swear I'll wack ya head off with this thing here!"

She glared, holding the broom just above her head, but none-the-less listened to the scribe meekly ask about Sorrenja.

"Jeeez, man, first Riffy, Hay, and now Sor-Mum. Yeah I know her, she's really sweet and my adoptive mom. Way better than my birth mom, may she rest in pieces. I am still kinda mad at her for that whole surgery thing, but eh, whatcha gonna do, am I right? Also, I wouldn't go in there, Ira'll beat the hell out of you with a book."

She shooed the scribe along with a good whack to the ass with the broom, probably hitting harder than needed, sending the poor thing flying.

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Re: Sorrenja

Post by Rahfel » 07/26/17

((updated at long last!))

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