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Post by Kurzou » 09/15/15

Full Name: Kurzou Sharpfang
Nicknames: Kurz, Fuzz

  • Level: 100
    Class: Bruiser
    RP Power: Classified

    Race: Kerra/Lycan
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: Unknown
    Age: 28
    Hair: Black fur with white markings
    Skin: Not applicable
    Eyes: Green
    Height: 6' 2"
    Weight: 170 lbs

    Place of Residence: New Halas
    Place of Birth: Unknown

    Relatives: Mate: None, Lovers: Lyah, Aerleyn, Thiadel, Aisleigh, Nerya, Crysos
    Enemies: Aza (Deceased)
    Allies: Slipps, Several Vagabond Knights

    Occupation: Manager/Owner of The Maiden's Fancy
    Crafting: Alchemist


    Fashion of Choice: Gi
    Armor of Choice: Gi
    Weapons of Choice: Baton

    Special Abilities: Martial Arts, Shapechanger, Masseuse
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Disposition: Easy going, Gruff when he needs to be
    Outlook: One Day at a time

    Religion/Philosophy: Erollisi

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Positive Personality Traits: Loyal
    Negative Personality Traits: Quick to temper at times
    Misc. Quirks: High Alcohol tolerance
  • Guild: The Maiden's Fancy
    Guild Rank: Manager/Owner (Co-leader)
  • Likes: Women, Good Friends, Good Conversation
    Dislikes: Traitors, Slavers, Liars

    Favorite Foods: Meat of any kind
    Favorite Drinks: Firewine
    Favorite Colors: Red

  • Played by What Famous Person: Ron Pearlman


    Theme Songs: Love The One You're With - Stephen Stills

    History: RP with to learn more.
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Re: Kurzou

Post by Maelgrym » 09/16/15

The morning sun isn't felt this deeply within Neriak, yet the Warlock is found awake (still?) at a café outside the midnight palace. An untouched mug of coffee sit before Chancellor D'Lothrin when the reporter invites himself to sit at the same table. He poses his query which prompts Maelgrym to set aside the copy of 'The Red Slipper' he had purchased earlier.

Kurzou? Chief of Security and big handed steward of the Fancy? I know him...not as well as I would like, but better than a few. I've done work on his watch before and I have traveled in some of the same, delicious circles he has. If reputations were being measured here, I would say that mine was the saucer...

A flippant gesture of his hand points to the porcelain that the coffee sits upon.

...his would be at least half of this 3 copper trash-ette piece. The 'Slipper' might not have high brow entertainment in its pages, but its stories gets the sort of rise...

The Chancellor's amethyst eyes travel down to below the table and lingers where the reporter's groin would be.

...that majority of us are looking for. Not unlike, my dear Kurzou.

I would suggest a visit to the Fancy should you wish to take a 'read' of the man himself. It might be more informative than the drivel and fish wivery tales you might fetch around here.

Now that the coffee had finally cooled, Maelgrym took a sip and smiled at its exquisite bitterness. He sets the cup down and makes fluttery hand motions of dismissal so that he might break his fast in peace.

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Re: Kurzou

Post by Tymina » 09/21/15

In the New Halas common area, she moves between the shops when she is stopped by a scribe."No, I'm sorry I don't have anything to say."

The scribe presses more. "I don't know this person. A Kerra male? No I don't know him...I'm not usually in Halas. I'm here to get a few items I need. Please excuse me."

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Re: Kurzou

Post by KrystaNyssa » 09/21/15

Her voice is soft with tones of Maj'dul in its Thexian words as she reaches for her dagger in the belt of her dress: "You must be daft. Did you fail your listening tutorials? You had to have...."

"Kurzou is the very capable Head of Security for the Maiden's Fancy. He keeps undesired attentions from the performers and those attending as well. I'm sure if I told him you were asking of him, he could more than tear you to shreds for it. Should I?"

She giggles a bit softly like a young girl as she watches the scribe run from her.

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Re: Kurzou

Post by NyssaKrysta » 09/21/15

Moves around the Alchemist shop as she picks up supplies, blinks as she almost runs into the scribe. In her Thexian accented with Maj'dul tones "You should watch where you are going as well as who you are asking about."

"No, I don't know him. I've not met him at all. Though my twin speaks highly of his work at the Maiden's Fancy...." She watches the scribe's eyes move to look over her body. She makes a face of disgust and walks to the counter ignoring him from that point on.

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Re: Kurzou

Post by Erelaere » 09/21/15

The female scribe walks around the counter looking at the desserts covering it. "What would you like to try?" The soft Thexian accented voice comes from behind her. When she turns and asks for some candies seen, Erel moves around the counter and makes a package of some. She give her price and the woman pays. Then asks her question.

"Uhm....I don' t believe I know any one by that name.....Oh, here let me give you some of these pastries for free." She moves over and packages several up for the young scribe. "They make a fine addition to an after meal sweet." She smiles as the woman leaves.

Watching her leave, Erel's smile turns into more of a wicked grin as the woman is well out of hearing
"And end your questions about people as well..hopefully some of your fellow scribes will take part as well....."

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Re: Kurzou

Post by Hllan » 10/04/15

~the scribe enters the cave that houses the Freewill Publications, he looks about and spots the woman sitting curled up in the oversized chair. A book titled the "G'Bothive The Terror From Within" rests on her lap as she watches him approach. He reaches the area where she is and bows politely to her~

Hllan looks up watching the man approach and grins as he stops standing before her, "Oh hello my friend, I see that you have found me again."

"Kurzou is the topic you wish to speak of, Oh well....." Hllan turns and looks at the flames leaping in the fireplace, she has a smile playing at the corners of her lips. "Well I would thank him. He was the one that gave me my chance to perform, not to mention the encouragment he gave me when I first started out." Her deep teal eyes turn back from the fire and she looks at the man as he asks.

"No, there is nothing but a friendship between us. I have to say I have become fond of the flirting between us....harmless flirting has never hurt anyone, right?" She laughs softly to herself.

"I know he has a mate and I have Xannis. So that is that. I like him, he is a very attractive Kerra....and he's very nice to talk too. For some reason I feel safe with him, I imagine it's because his work as security at the Maiden's Fancy, I don't know." She gives a small shrug.

Hllan mutters something that is not quite understandable. Something about a massage and claws then responds. "Well if that is all I will be back to my book. Good day to you friend."

Both nod to the other and the scribe turns leaving her, at the exit he turns and sees Hllan looking into the fire again, a small grin on her mouth.

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Re: Kurzou

Post by Kurzou » 10/10/16

((Update with more info))

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