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Kaennara Xu'Knev

Post by Kaennara » 03/30/16

Full name: Kaennara Xu'Knev


* Level: 100
* Class: Fury
* RP Power: Former Sergeant of the New Combine for the city of Kelethin. Currently a knight of the Vagabond Knights.

* Race: Drak'Dal [ICLY NOT AERAKYN. Koada'Dal and Dragon. Uses term Drak'Dal]
* Gender: Female
* Date of Birth: 9th day of Warmstill (Norrath's August 9th??)
* Age: 129 (Looks 21)
* Hair: Voluminous messy wavy or straight long hair. It is a light brown with a platinum strawberry blonde bayalage.
* Skin: Light olive, soft.
*Scales: Bondi blue with black tips
* Eyes: Honey amber iris (color in eyes) with specks of greenish blue. Black slit pupils.
* Voice: Slightly raspy; but gentle, sweet, and smoky. Her singing voice is especially smoky (similar to Dinah Shore)
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=C0jwfZr2V ... iDbhUxOSlT
Kaennara still has her New Tunarian/ High Elven (British W/ hint of French) accent with some inflections of some sort of pirate accent (Think of the Bilgewater Falls Brokenskull mobs...?).
* Height: 5'4.5"
* Weight: ~123 lbs

* Place of Residence: On a Tenebrous Tangle Private Island. Travels there through portal in Qeynos Apartment.
* Place of Birth: New Tunaria

* Relatives: Srilana Xu'Knev (Mother: Unknown status), Thalanor Xu'Knev (Father: Unknown status), Thairendel: Guardian/mentor (Unknown status),
Meparri Xu'Knev (Adopted daughter).
* Enemies: Mayong Mistmoore, The Hellions, Zoro (Deceased), Lord Vyemm (Deceased), Gryphyth (Unknown Status)
* Allies: Vagabond Knights, Blackfang Lounge

* Occupation: Draconic veterinarian, surgeon/healer, independent fashion consultant, decorator
* Crafting: Carpenter

* Appearance:
Young and petite looking, Kaennara is an overall attractive woman, despite the draconic features. Her skin is a soft, light olive complexion. Though, the bondi blue, black tipped scales can distract others from her beautiful skin to certain people. Her large, leathery wings and large pair of 2 horns [On each side] can also be off putting. Her horns are long and slightly thin, nothing really obnoxious. Her long voluminous [light brown with slight platinum strawberry blonde bayalage/ombre] hides her blue skinned scalp. She will look at you with beautiful Amber eyes which have specks of blue. In each of her Koada'Dal like ears are two pairs or earring studs. First pair being moonstone, the second pair being uncut tourmaline. Behind her right ear is a triple set of earring studs, which are permanently placed there, or so thought. One of the earrings looks as if it was once removed. There are quite a few scars that can be noticed on Kaennara's body. These include: The large scar across her left eye, the vampiric bite mark on the right side her neck, the deep ligature marks on her ankles and wrists, then the scarring around the scapula of her wings. Her fingers and toes have claws, that are the length of well cared for human nails, but a little sharper. With slightly rosy cheeks, plump lips and a fairly white and toothy smile (or smirk) she nods to you in greeting, the first words that come from her mouth most likely are, "Ello, Darlin."

* Fashion of Choice: Gi, dresses, or just about anything leather. As long as it is as protective as it is stylish. Likes wearing circlets as well, depending on how she has her hair styled.
* Armor of Choice: Her old Kelethin New Combine armor.
* Weapons of Choice: Her wings have become her favorite weapon. Dragonfire infused shurikens are her one of her favorite range weapons along with her bracer sized retractable bow and arrows. She always has this dagger with a purple jeweled hilt by her side. Sometimes, she can be seen with a large katana that was blessed by Karana.

* Special Abilities:

Based off of Skullblakas Ven (Eragon)
-Uses draconic vision to zoom in on distant sights, see better in the dark, or track others by their body heat.
-when using draconic sight: the white in her eyes turns into a honey amber color

About 100 times stronger than a bloodhound's. With such a strong sense of smell, Kaennara can sense the nearly exact location of whomever or whatever's scent she has. Can even smell magic and what type it is.

very strong, but one of her weaker senses.

Very strong. In draconic form, not as big of a fan of sweets.

Very sensitive. Likes scritches on her head, especially near the horns!

Can sense the strong feelings of emotions of others. Especially if at a close range.

Scales can change color, allowing her to blend with her surroundings. Is immune to fire and can breathe under water. Also has an ability to control storms. [Though, this is mainly because she is a Druid. However, she can control them in her dragon form.]

Even in her Drak'Dal form, she has strength similar to a dragon. Her scales can blend in with her surroundings, allowing her to turn invisible. Her skin can become completely scaly without transforming into her draconic form. Is also able to change her appearance and voice if she really tried to, however, it is not very comfortable for her to do so. Can shrink herself down to a smaller size (has a chipmunk voice when she is shrunk!)

Is a [Brown] Druid. Thus, she uses her druid healing powers, the wrath of storms, fire, etc.
At one point, Kae was a [wizard] mage before she discovered she was actually a Druid. Therefore, she learned other spells and enchantments which she still subtly uses today. Kae even knows a few draconic spells!


* Alignment: Neutral/ Chaotic Good
* Motivations: To encourage and help others get better. To mend others medically and mentally. Help others get back on their feet. To teach others.
* Disposition: Reserved but playful, with a strong impulse towards being nurturing.
* Outlook: Not all dragons are evil. Everyone deserves a second chance, but do not deserve to have any more than that.
* Religion/Philosophy: Karana, but is not extremely religious. Has respect for Veeshan and even Prexus.

* Sexuality: Likes Men. Doesn't mind scales, but will not take interest if she knows they are pure evil or undead.

* Positive Personality Traits: Caring, loyal, protective, friendly, playful. Inquisitive and eager to learn.
* Negative Personality Traits: Can be a bit bubbly and dramatic at times. The screeching and dragon-sympathy can be off-putting to the right people. Sometimes is a flirty tease, which can make certain people uncomfortable. Can be a little sassy and fairly sarcastic, especially when she is tired. Sometimes, her anger gets the best of her.

* Misc. Quirks: Can turn into a 20 ft long, 9 foot tall, bondi blue and black scaled, fire breathing dragon!

*Negative Behavior Traits: Whenever she is near a gnoll or even hears about them, she gets the urge to start "snacking" on them. If she finds herself near any items affiliated with torture or Inhumane experimentation, she begins to freak out.


* Guild: Vagabond Knights
* Rank: Knight


* Likes: Dragons, decorating, fashion, singing, helping others, food, cooking, flying, shinies, shiny things (typical dragon thing), spending shiny things... , exploring, the sound of rain and storms, the ocean (the salty must breeze and the sound of the waves).
* Dislikes: Inhumane experimentation, torture, the Awakened, vampires, the Undead (at least evil. Is more civil with neutral or good undead but most likely won't befriend them), necromancy, plague/disease, people assuming she's a pirate!

* Favorite Foods: Maran food (Asian/Chinese food), shrimp
* Favorite Drinks: Cinnamon whiskey, orange fizzlepop, apple cider.
* Favorite Colors: Charcoal gray, black, [all] blues, and greens.

Background (Generally up to date)

Born in New Tunaria, Kaennara was an outcast. She was rebellious and did not like to follow the New Tunarian law. Kae despised the New Tunarian's racist and egotistic ways. Not even Kaennara was sure why she didn't follow these ideas, even when they were surrounded by her. She was rather disconnected from her family. The only thing that seemed to keep a small connection with her family was cooking. She enjoyed helping cook and bake; but, that was about it.

Because of her rebellious nature, she only had a few friends: The flora and fauna around her and the storms that would pass by. Kaennara had an interest in storms for some reason. Something about the sound of the rain hitting the ground/ the sound of thunder was just so... peaceful to her. One day, she met her soon to be closest friend when she went to sneak out and swim in the Sapphire Pond. It was small fae boy named Teemu. Kaennara would always sneak out of the city to the Sapphire Pond. Here, she would meet up with Teemu and play. Whether it was pretending to be wizards or Knights, swimming in the pond, or climbing the trees, they always had a good time together. Sometimes, Kaennara would sing for Teemu, since she knew how much he loved Kae's voice. They were the best of friends and always looked out for each other. The two one time sat in a tree as Kaennara told Teemu about the mistmoore vampires that would enter New Tunaria. She told him how every night, citizens would go missing or be found dead. Worried about Kaennara's safety, Teemu asked his father, who is a weaponsmith and jeweler, to make a weapon for Kaennara. The very next day, Kaennara was given her brand new dagger. She was more than thankful of this gift and gave Teemu a warm hug. Little did Teemu know that Kaennara had a crush on the Fae boy. Either way, it didn't matter.

Several days after getting her dagger, (Kae was the equivalent of 12 years old) Kaennara went out to play with Teemu once more. But, this time it was going to be different. Two New Tunarian archers discovered the two, thinking Teemu was a danger to the city. They aimed their arrows and fired, striking Teemu in the throat and stomach. In extreme anger and distraught, she took Teemu's body and ran away from the city. Kaennara soon realized she couldn't go back ever; not that she would by choice. She knew she was exiled from the city for interacting with an "impure" being, which was considered betraying and a crime against the city.

She traveled to the Nursery and placed his body to rest. She made sure she showed respect to him after all that he had done. She cleaned the blood from his wounds. Then, she laid his body under one of the gargantuan trees, picking and placing flowers around him, creating a bed. Resting his hands on his chest, Kae stood over him, crying, apologizing and asking Teemu to forgive her. She hid up in the trees and waited once she rested his body, waiting for his spirit bud to move on. She made sure nothing tried to pick at him or disturb his rest. Days past when someone discovered his body. Teemu's family was notified and came to the site. Kaennara hid in the trees, watching as Teemu's family took in the fact Teemu was dead. This guilt and sadness was all too much for Kaennara.

She made her way to the beach where she sat by the shore and cried. A storm started to come in. Rain began to pour down, but that didn't bother Kaennara. She still sat there, her sadness, anger and pain bubbling inside her. Suddenly, she felt a hand rest on her shoulder. It was the hand of a dirty, older looking half elf woman. She asked Kaennara what she was doing out here in an "accent" that caught Kaennara off guard at first. Kaennara explained she lost her friend and had no home. Almost immediately, the woman, named Thairendel, took her to the camp she was staying at. Thairendel raised Kaennara like she was her own. Kaennara soon learned Thairendel was a pirate that was stranded along the cliffs of the beach. Kaennara lived amongst other stranded pirates for quite some time. Thairendel taught her how to hunt using a bow and arrow. She also showed Kaennara the wonders of The Storm Lord Karana. Kaennara became a follower of Karana very soon after. Many of the Pirates that lived aside Kaennara and Thairendel worshipped Prexus, so Kaennara also learned to respect Prexus. Over the years, Kaennara began to act like them, smell like them... even began to speak a little like them! Kaennara went out to hunt, but was never able to return to the camp.

(Equivalent of age 15) Kaennara was captured by an agent of mistmoore when she left the campsite. She was held in the cells of Mistmoore's Castle. After years of being held and tortured, Kaennara helped other prisoners, who were New Tunarians escape along with herself. However, Kaennara was bitten by one of the vampires that held her prisoner. The other escapees left Kaennara behind, which gave Kaennara a bigger reason to dislike the New Tunarians, now known as Renda'Dal. She walked through the loping plains into Greater Faydark. For a few days to a week, she struggled with the vampirism inside of her. About anything and everything that was alive looked like a tasty snack to her. Luckily for her, not much was considered alive in the Loping Plains. Eventually, it had left her system and she returned to normal. Today, Kae still has a scar from the vampire's bite.

(She is the equivalent of age 18 after escaping) After reaching Greater Faydark, Kaennara thought about going to the shores near the Nursery to find Thairendel. However, she realized how long it had been and thought Thairendel must have passed away by then. Kae only had a real connection with Thairendel, unlike the other pirates. So, Kae chose to camp out in areas just outside of Kelethin, sometimes stealth attacking the orcs assaulting the city at night. She couldn't afford to stay in an inn room, so camping was her best option.

One night, She had discovered she could control storms and fire, and thought she was some sort of Mage. She got her hands on a few spell books by "borrowing" them from the Order of the Arcane. She studied wizardry along with enchantment independently. She was quite skilled with both, but chose to master wizardry. For some reason, Controlling fire and lightning seemed to come to her naturally. (This was because Kaennara was actually a Druid, but didn't know how to heal. She does not learn about her true abilities until MUCH later).

Hearing about the New Combine recruiting soldiers from all major cities of Norrath, she thought her abilities would be useful and signed up. She was first stationed in the Withered Lands to study the corruption and assist in any way possible. Here, she learned how to create useful concoctions and make observations. Though, she often would fight off the corrupted beings from the camp. She also would go into the forest and bring back fellow soldiers who were mortally wounded and unable to leave on their own. In the woods, she met her beloved wolf pet named Xylona.

In time, Kaennara became a sergeant of Kelethin's Division of the New Combine, being transferred along with Xylona to Scarstone in Cobalt Scar to help fight the Awakened shortly before it fell apart. Here, she was given a beautiful white War Pegasus. She named it Elafris and took him with her after Kaennara retired. During her time in Scarstone, Kaennara was severely injured during a guerrilla attack by Awakened Droags on the cliffs of Scarstone. One of the Droag attackers had cut her face open with the edge of its halberd, nearly making her lose an eye. Today, Kaennara just has a large scar across her left eye.

(Equivalent of 19-20) After the fall of the New Combine, she chose to start fresh and move to Qeynos. She lived in an apartment in the Lion's Mane inn, but on occasion she will visit Kelethin. The one time she visited Kelethin was the time of the Faydwer Festival (2015). That was the day she met a few of the finest men she ever knew, and changed her life...

The Vagabond Knights took her in with open arms. They taught her a lot, making her become a better person. They even saved her a few times.

When she was a scrub on her way to becoming a squire, she got caught in a huge experiment. Two Awakened Aerakyn were sent out to perform soul grafts on whatever elves they could get their claws on. Kaennara was one of them. But, she didn't even know what they did to her until much later. A piece of her soul was replaced with the soul of a dragon. This gave her the ability to turn into a dragon. Around this time, she had little control over the rage filled dragon soul, along with when she's transform. Later on, she started having strange thoughts and heard strange voices. The voices in her head were telling her to do vile and heinous things. She would try fighting these thoughts, but it would cause her serious head pains. One point, she gave in and the voices took her over. She was being mind controlled! She ran out to Antonica and began wreak havoc amongst the gnolls and highwaymen. She ended up destroying three gnoll camps...no survivors or corpses. Luckily, a few vagabonds heard the commotion, found the bloody Kaennara and subdued her before she could kill any of the highwaymen or do more damage in general. Few weeks go by and Kaennara is taken away by these Aerakyn to the laboratory of Lord Vyemm, but not without a fight. Only one of the Aerakyn took her to the laboratory since she mortally wounded the other. During her time there, she witnessed the most horrific of experiments, had mechanical wings drilled into her back, and was given a potion that gave her the ability to breathe fire. She learned she was part of an experiment to produce Aerakyn-like beings for to help create an army for Lord Vyemm himself. She also was going to help revive Lord Vyemm! (Like how Darathar attempted to in the TOV signature questline).

Fellow knights found her and were able to rescue her. Though, Kaennara was severely traumatized and had a fear of Aerakyn for a while.

She began to practice carpentry and took interest in decorating and fashion to help get her mind off of things. With these new hobbies and the support of her guild mates, she was able to move on... Mostly. Her fear of Aerakyn passed by at least. When she was able to get herself back together, Kaennara embraced her draconic side and created a sanctuary for all dragonkin. Around this time, Kaennara learned of her Druidic abilities and put them to use.

She began to date and quickly married a fellow guild mate and nature loving Lycan named Shalour. After they were wedded, They took a journey across Norrath on a ship for a honey moon, but were attacked. Kaennara was kidnapped while Shalour was injured and kicked overboard. During her short capture, a piece of Kae's draconic soul was taken by a certain Nerian Duke (Gryph).

Later on, the soul piece was consumed, which merged hers with a slightly vampiric soul for a short time... When she we right next to an undead warding crystal. This caused Kaennara much pain, forcing the poor girl to be put in a straight jacket for a few days. When it was all over, Kae was so weak, she was forced to use a cane to keep herself standing. The whole situation also made Kaennara depressed. Feeling slightly empty, metaphorically and literally.

The dragonkin of her sanctuary could sense this. They prayed to Veeshan to help Kaennara. Quickly, Kaennara was blessed by Veeshan and could walk with ease again. She also was blessed to have a draconic spirit, named Shakar, that would watch over her, specifically the draconic side. Sometimes, he will appear on her shoulder as a tiny Wurm!

When she was still weak, she helped rescue her husband alongside his grandmother Jetamyo. Kae was stubborn and refused to stay home and wait. Kae and Jet found Shalour was being taken care of by a young Pygmy girl named Meparri. Curious about the outside world, Meparri asked to come with them. Shalour and Kae agreed and took her in as their adopted daughter, once Meparri had permission to leave.

Time went by and Shalour and Kae grew distant. Shalour had left Kaennara and Meparri to find himself. She understood, but was still hurt by his decision. Eventually, she got past her divorce and continued on with her life. She rescued a small black and white cat she named Minnie. She also took in an obnoxious, banana chip loving scarlet macaw named Scarlet that will follow her around and drive her nuts. [Fellow guild mates and friends tend to offer recipes for parrot when scarlet is with her.] After recently "losing" her daughter, Meparri, Kae has gone under a depression. Recovering, she does her best to help others and continue to run her draconic sanctuary.

Still, today, Kaennara is a proud knight of the Vagabond Knights, a great healer, an inspired decorator, clothes loving Drak'Dal. who will offer herself to anyone that ever needs a second chance.

Other details:
Kaennara is based off of a mix of all kinds of characters for many different reasons, whether it's personality, appearance, skills, or abilities. :P These characters include:
Daenerys Targaryen
Ellie (The Last of Us)
Aveline de Grandpre (Assassin's Creed)

Theme songs
Yellow Flick Beat by Lorde

Glitter and Gold by Barnes Courtney

Fire by Barnes Courtney
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Re: Kaennara Xu'Knev

Post by Rahfel » 04/01/16

The scribe stepped into a luxurious and colorful apartment in nestled in a sandy corner of Maj'Dul. Upon entry, the scribe's gaze immediately met with the intended subject to interview--a tall and extremely effeminate male figure, who was lounged nonchalantly on a nearby set of pillows. The male in question, was clad in garb that was not typical of his preferred attire and that which he was normally seen--he wore a set of formfitting leathers that were clearly custom tailored to fit him.
"Awauwauwauwau. What have we here..?"
Rahfel tilted his head at the scribe, the muscles and bone clearly veering off their natural course. The demon's head and neck were positioned in a deathly and unrealistic angle, one yet to be by morals that lived to tell of doing so. The scribe shook his head, one of the few of his group that had gotten used to the antics of the latter.
"Okay, okay. But who, pray tell, is the subject which you are attempting to yield interest from me today..?" He smiled at hearing the name, the gesture akin in appearance to a child being promised sweeties and baked goods. "The Lady Kaennara," he breathed, "Is a very unique and quirky young lady. I understand there is are a few aspects that are more rightfully of dragons and dracurions interwoven in her existence. She seems to have made a niche for herself in society, and done a fine job of doing so from what I understand. I personally do NOT think she is terribly draconian nor stringent in behavior, however." The scribe smirked and shook his head--he'd asked for it, after all--it was the Bristlebane Highest Day of Silliness. "It has been long since I openly socialized with her--but that can be said for many at this point. I hope to see her again soon potentially, whether by a chance encounter or perhaps something more organized. I cannot say I dislike her," the demon concluded his thesis of input with a small chuckle that bore a faint but still audible demonic undertone; rumbling in its wake. "You may have the exploration run of the Den if you wish," Rah yawned.
The laugh nearly spoke for itself--but leaving little room for further and immediate interpretation, the demon slowly and automatically rose from his lounging posture. The corners of his lips twitched upward faintly at last, into a small and highly unsettling smirk--unsettling, in that his intentions were totally unreadable. Before turning on his heel, his gaze met the scribe's. His lips did not move; the words were delivered by an ominous voice from mental transference that filled the room, "The corners of his lips twitched upward faintly at last, into a small and highly unsettling smirk--unsettling, in that his intentions were totally unreadable.
"But the rooms back here are mine. Begone."

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Re: Kaennara Xu'Knev

Post by Kaennara » 04/05/16

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Re: Kaennara Xu'Knev

Post by Lysa » 05/21/16

((i-i'm gonna try it!))
"Must I--...urgh. If I don't, ya probably gonna follow me around again, ain'tcha? Okay, I'll do it again..."

Grimm takes a breath, her eyes closing for a moment as she thinks.

"De firs' time I met 'er was at de Queynos docks. She ask me a few questions about meself, same wit' Slipps an' Star. I t'ink she be alright...maybe she talk about dat parrot of 'ers a little too much, but whateva. Don' really know enough about 'er ta tell...but she did say somet'in' weird a while ago."

The woman shrugs. "I be a little curious, I gotta admit. An' ya know what dey say about...curiosity."

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Re: Kaennara Xu'Knev

Post by Kosovos » 01/06/17

"Kaennara is one of our most interesting recent knights in these few years." Kosovos speaks up. "You see She is a mix of Dragon, and elf, with an affinity towards Dragons whom are less inclined to bring about destruction upon Norrath." The sarnak smirks. "I don't see much of them as of late, but they do what they can, and thus, I am glad they are a member of the Vagabond Knights."

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