Ronin Jaukoehai Sky'ki, Paragon of Truth

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Ronin Jaukoehai Sky'ki, Paragon of Truth

Post by Jaukoehai » 08/26/16

Admittedly, this is my first stab at making a character sheet on a professional RP site like this. This is the character I do the most RPing with, any and all feedback is welcome.

Full Name: Jaukoehai Sky’ki
Nicknames: Jauk, Sky’ki, Ronin, Grey Wolf

  • Level: 100
    Class: Paladin
    RP Power: 100 (entirely subject to modification)

    Race: Sarnak
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: It’s very complicated.
    Age: (varies, I’m flexible)
    Hair: His horns protrude straight out from the back of his head, and are orange at the base but gradient to white at the tips.
    Skin: Dark red
    Eyes: Vibrant purple
    Height: Around 8’ tall
    Weight: About 300 lbs.

    Place of Residence: Qeynos
    Place of Birth: Gorowyn

    Relatives: Jaukoehai Ironskin (brother/essence donor, deceased), Arrozik Sky’ki (father, disowned), Issa Ironskin (half-niece, deceased), Zixka Ironskin (half-niece, estranged), Kaybal Ironskin (great half-nephew), Slithiria Deathscale (great half-niece, estranged)
    Enemies: All those who defy the will of the Tribunal, followers of Bertoxxulous and Cazic-Thule, Mistmoore & co., Slithiria Deathscale
    Allies: Servants of the Tribunal, fellow paladins in the Order of Light, Denva Loogei, and Kuza, a mysterious nomadic Iksar troubador that shows up to help him from time to time.

    Occupation: Ronin is his official job title
    Crafting: He’s an amateur weaponsmith

    Appearance: Tall, generally snarling, and rather intimidating to the Qeynosian citizens that have never seen a Sarnak before. The dark red of his scales and his purple eyes are stark contrast to his shining armour.

    Fashion of Choice: When not in armour, he wears a simple pair of pants and nothing else, besides the cloak of the Tribunal which he never removes. When forced into formal wear, it's simple red with silver trim.
    Armor of Choice: In game it is known as Judicator's armour.
    Weapons of Choice: Soulfire

    Special Abilities: Focuses more on outright destroying his enemies than providing aid or protection, he is especially proficient at undead slaying, especially vampires, liches, and revenants.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (though he thinks and speaks like a lawful neutral, his actions are chaotic good.)
    Motivations: Anger, revenge, justice, defence of the innocent
    Disposition: Angry
    Outlook: Norrath is a harsh place. It is cruel and unfair, but we must persevere. By shining sword and holy fire, we will purge Norrath of evil.

    Religion/Philosophy: A devout follower of the Tribunal, though he pays occasional respects to Mithaniel Marr.

    Sexuality: Heterosexual, but he has neither the time nor interest to pursue a relationship.

    Positive Personality Traits: Hard working, loyal, honest, incredibly focused on honour and defending the innocent, usually by crushing the threat before it has a chance to harm anyone.
    Negative Personality Traits: Irritable, hot headed, anti-social, frequently walks a grey path that other Paladins shun. Still emotionally attached to Gorowyn.
    Misc. Quirks: Dislikes children.
  • Guild: The Knights of Truth
    Guild Rank: 100
    Faction: Qeynos
  • Likes: Fights, crusades, Sarnak culture and history, smiting people, his friend Denva Loogei, the Tribunal and their followers, and his mount.
    Dislikes: Children, debates, more than a little bit of mercy, the Shadowknights working for the Tribunal, Neriak, and all evil gods and their followers.

    Favorite Foods: Meat cooked Gorowyn style.
    Favorite Drinks: Anything clean will do.
    Favorite Colors: Red and gold.

    Hobbies: Weaponsmithing, studying swordplay, mathematics
  • Played by What Famous Person: Bradley Cooper

    Theme Songs: O Sanctissima (a holy song with a very haunted, lonely vibe but heroic undertones in certain places)

    History: He was an experiment. That’s all. An attempt to take something incredible and make it even better by making it a Sarnak. There once was a hero, a legendary hero named Jaukoehai Ironskin. An eccentric who never removed his armour, and a great hero for the light. And Grazyk, famous author of Grazyk’s Anatomy of the Sarnak Body and long-time correspondent of Jaukoehai Ironskin, got an idea. He used magic and technology to create a device with which he could remove some of Ironskin’s essence, and then infuse a Sarnak child in an anchoring vat with said essence. By this method, a Sarnak warrior might gain whatever it was that made Ironskin so special! So Grazyk invited Jaukoehai to the Grand Athenaeum under the pretense of discussing a new astronomical guide book. Captain Ironskin, ever the astronomy enthusiast, came over to Gorowyn. The moment he sat down in the chair across from Grazyk, the hidden essence-drawing process began.

    The essence was applied to the youngest Sarnak in the anchoring vats, and the process worked! Mostly. The new adult Sarnak had purple eyes, very uncommon, and he was given the first name of the hero whose essence he possessed, Jaukoehai, and the last name of his original father, Sky’ki. Unfortunately, the process somewhat backfired. He was supposed to be able to do magic, thereby one-upping the hero he was based off of. But he couldn't perform magic at all. When he had progressed a bit and gained more experience, it was revealed why: Jaukoehai Ironskin was a little bit too far down the light path. Now, when Jaukoehai Sky'ki cast magic, it was only holy magic. This, of course, was a huge blow to him. He tried to suppress it, but the old Jaukoehai manifested himself in other ways, such as an inherent valor and desire to protect the innocent. He couldn't hide this forever. The situation reached a climax when he couldn’t stand his situation anymore and invited his “brother” over to Gorowyn again to tell him what happened.

    Captain Ironskin was more than a little outraged at this violation of his own soul, and urged his new brother to embrace his feelings, to embrace the light. The next time Jaukoehai Sky’ki went into battle against the Haoaerans, his battle brothers watched in horror as he called down lightning from the heavens and burned the Aviaks with holy blue fire. This was immediately reported to Archlord Gor’sok, who immediately banished Jaukoehai Sky’ki, as the practice of light magic is banned by Sarnak law.

    He was initially quite depressed, until his twin took pity on him, and told him to come back to Qeynos and become a paladin.

    And that totally worked... *cough cough*

    He really didn't get along with any of the paladins, or Qeynos, or anyone but his twin. He considered their ways to be weak and foolish and more complicated than necessary. He looked down his nose at basically everything, continually commenting on how Gorowyn did things better. Furthermore, he didn't really get the whole "protecting the innocent" thing. While the Knights of Marr, a sub-section of the Order of Marr would go out and defend a village, he'd go off on his own and lop the head off of whatever was attacking them. He has good in his heart, but he's really spiky on the outside.

    Jaukoehai Ironskin felt pity for his twin, and went to Gorowyn. When he came back, he not only had all the materials to make his twin's quarters look like a room in Gorowyn, but he also brought a Sarnak mercenary. Her name was Denva Loogei, and she was to become essentially Jaukoehai Sky'ki's paid squire. Only she refused to do squirely duties, and really the only thing she did was fight and gripe. She was a little slice of home, and Jaukoehai was forever grateful to his twin. And now, Jaukoehai finally had someone to gripe with instead of at.

    Then came the fateful day when Jaukoehai Ironskin, in an attempt to explore Thalumbra, was slain by Queen Cristanos. But we're not talking about him.

    Jaukoehai Sky'ki was devastated for the second time. He and his twin had been like two sides of the same coin. The only steady point in his life at that time was Denva Loogei. She stopped asking for pay and started adventuring with him out of the camaraderie that Sarnak soldiers have. So now he's in the only Sarnak duo in a whole city, a city whose society he dislikes, who's been disowned by his species and had his twin, with whom he was so close they had a mental connection, taken from him.

    And yet he perseveres, as a Sarnak should. He soon found comfort in following the word of the Tribunal, god of truth and justice, judge in the court of the gods. He constantly searches for some way to be accepted back into Sarnak culture, and find some proof that his brother, against all odds, is still alive.
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Re: Ronin Jaukoehai Sky'ki, Paragon of Truth

Post by Kosovos » 01/06/17

"He's one of the sarnak who appeared after myself. A bit thick-skulled at times, but that was only when he fell to the influence of some weapon." Kosovos says, looking to the asker with a neutral expression.

"He's also at the moment the candidate for a mate to my Daughter. We butted heads, His views are not entirely the same to mine. However with his mind free of that corruption that took his mind, we shall see what else he can do, and will do. If all falls into place, he would be a son in law to myself." Kosovos' eyes pierce the interviewer as he chuckles. "IS there something funny about this?...That is all I wish to speak of."

He knew more, perhaps, but tis nothing to be said to strangers!

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