Knight-Captain Jaukoehai Ironskin, the Protector

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Knight-Captain Jaukoehai Ironskin, the Protector

Post by Jaukoehai » 08/27/16

This is my most powerful character, so I almost never use him.

Full Name: Jaukoehai Meridius Ironskin (Born Ironfur on his father's side, Xoa'tal on his mother's side.)
Nicknames: Jauk, Captain

  • Level: 100
    Class: Guardian
    RP Power: 105

    Race: Half Elf
    Gender: Male
    Age: (this varies greatly, but 127 for the purpose of this character sheet)
    Hair: Brownish orange
    Skin: Covered by soft downy fur giving his skin a brownish orange colour
    Eyes: Yellow, like a Kerran’s
    Height: 6’4”
    Weight: 220 lbs.

    Place of Residence: T’narev
    Place of Birth: Felwithe

    Relatives: Jaukoehai Sky’ki (brother), Issa Ironskin (daughter), Zixka Ironskin (daughter)
    Enemies: Way too many to count, but his biggest foe is Lucan D’lere.
    Allies: The Qeynos Guard, several people amongst the Sathirian Empire, members of the Court of Blades, and the Frogloks of Tupta.

    Occupation: Former Defender of Qeynos and Knight-Captain of the Qeynos Guard.
    Crafting: A somewhat skilled Carpenter.

    Appearance: Almost nobody knows, but he looks about how you’d expect a half High Elf half Kerran to look.

    Fashion of Choice: Nothing beneath his armour but a pair of pants. And a monk hat.
    Armor of Choice: Fleshwound Armour, cloak of the Qeynos Guard.
    Weapons of Choice: Qeynos Guard (shield), Stormhammer

    Special Abilities: The amazing talent of withstanding blows that would kill most others in the defence of those in his charge, his ability to hold the line, and the power to turn into a Rook at will.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
    Motivations: Loyalty, defending innocents, protecting Qeynos
    Disposition: Kind, gentle, outgoing, charitable
    Outlook: Optimistic, cautious, sometimes paranoid, vigilant

    Religion/Philosophy: A follower of Mithaniel Marr

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Positive Personality Traits: Kind, charitable, fearless, loyal, vigilant, agreeable
    Negative Personality Traits: Paranoid, obsessive compulsive, secretive, secretly ashamed
    Misc. Quirks: He absolutely will not take any piece of his armour off around anyone who isn’t ridiculously close to him.
  • Guild: None
    Faction: Qeynos Guard
    Faction: Court of Blades
    Faction: Tupta
    Faction: Shipyards of Danak
  • Likes: Good people, helping the poor, protecting the innocent, valor and courage, ships
    Dislikes: All darkness, the Void, nasty or overly haughty people, and above all else, Lucan D’lere.

    Favorite Foods: None to speak of
    Favorite Drinks: Water from the Oakmyst Glade
    Favorite Colors: White, gold, blue
    Hobbies: He has many, including astronomy, model ship building, tinkering, decorating, and composing.
  • Played by What Famous Person: Vigo Mortenson

    Theme Songs: the battle song from the Narnia movie

    History: His father was a Kerran and his mother was a High Elf. Such a union was pretty much unheard of. High Elves are terribly haughty and very few had ever mated with another species, let alone a Kerran! His mother was a member of a prominent family in Felwithe, and his father was a Paladin in the Order of Marr. His father, Fahrar Ironfur, was a rather well known explorer, and he often took leave from his duties as a paladin to indulge that habit. It was on a trip through the Faydark Forest that he met his soon to be wife. She had been captured by Dark Elves of Neriak, and they were planning to perform some kind of experiment on her. He managed to defeat the guards and rescue her, and they were married a short time later.

    The young boy, Jaukoehai Ironfur, was raised mostly isolated from everyone else in his mother's estate in the High Elven city. Unfortunately, his mother had died in childbirth, and while his father visited as frequently as possible, his line of work made it difficult. Jaukoehai was kept in the house and mostly raised by service men, and treated as one, as his mother's family considered him a stain on their family name. The boy showed immense interest in following in his father's footsteps, and he began to wear a helmet most of the time.

    By the time the young hero turned ten, his father stopped showing up at all. When Jaukoehai turned 13, he took it upon himself to leave Felwithe and travel to Qeynos where his father was. Not a moment too soon, as the city's population began their transformation from the semi-reasonable Feir’Dal into the entirely unreasonable Renda’Dal.

    Upon arriving in Qeynos, still helmeted, the young Jaukoehai discovered some very upsetting news. The Halfling home city of Rivervale had been corrupted by strange, other-worldly creatures from a place called The Void. Not much was known about them at the time, only that they were horrendous monsters born of shadow and evil capable of corrupting anything if given time. And his father had journeyed there to try and help the Halflings. He had been captured and corrupted into one of The Void's enslaved servants.

    Naturally, Jaukoehai wanted to go find his father, but he knew that he would never be able to do anything, as a mere ten year old.

    Jaukoehai refused to remove his helmet, and refused to give his real last name. He had it changed to Ironskin. He wanted to enlist in the Qeynos Guard, but he was too young, so he started working at the docks. His bulging muscles and surprising endurance for his age made him quite useful at the busy port. They also got him noticed. By the time he turned sixteen, however, he had given up wanting to join the Guard for now. He used the money he had been saving up to buy a real helmet and suit of armour, as well as a sword, and he went out into the hills and mountains and valleys of Karan. With all of the recent destruction, many marauding creatures and unsavory things had taken up residence in the hills and mountains, and the villagers and the Qeynos Guard was fighting constantly for survival outside of the city walls. Plenty of opportunity for Jaukoehai Ironskin.

    Four years later, twenty year old Jaukoehai Ironskin returned to Qeynos as a star. Many a tale had been told of the knight with no face wandering the hills smiting those who would seek to harm innocent people. There were even rumours that he had singlehandedly infiltrated an isolated valley where a tiny Dwarven garrison was besieged by a ruthless Necromancer, rescued the garrison, and slayed the dark sorcerer and all of his unholy soldiers.

    Upon arriving back in the city, he was immediately allowed to enter the Qeynos Guard. The Order of Marr would have gladly had him join them, but a Paladin must use holy magic, and Jaukoehai Ironskin cannot use any magic at all. Any within the city who doubted his strength and wits were immediately proved wrong, and he ascended to the rank of Knight-Captain in two years. Many wondered about his past, his race, his family, and how he had gotten to be so powerful, but he wouldn't tell.

    By the age of thirty he had become a world-renowned celebrity. His exploits were sung by bards in taverns all over the world. For not only was his martial prowess unmatched, but he was also a man of kindness and integrity. He was never one to flaunt his celebrity status, in fact he often shied away from it. But wherever there was a gloomy child in Quinos, he'd be there to brighten up its day. Wherever there was a family in winter that couldn't get a fire going, he'd be there (with a wizard in tow).

    Pretty soon, he was presented with a brand new suit of armour by the queen of Qeynos herself. This new armour was not only thicker and more knightly looking, but it had also been treated with a special magical ointment to ensure that it was always highly polished (to the point where it quite literally glittered in the sunlight). The real kicker in terms of equipment, however, came when he discovered that the Qeynos Claymore had been stolen, and when he found it, it transformed into a shield which he went to wield against the enemies of Qeynos.

    Accelerate forty years or so, and Jaukoehai Ironskin had shown no signs of aging or slowing down. By now, his twin had been born from the vats in Gorowyn. Jaukoehai Ironskin decided that it was finally the time to face his past and go looking for his father. He acquired for himself a small boat and no crew but himself, his twin and Denva Loogei, and a wizard named Firus Scorchtouch, who was there to deal with any enemies that Jaukoehai himself, with his total lack of magical prowess, would have difficulty against. Together, the four fought through the corrupted animals and Halflings on the once peaceful island that was now beset by a dark cloud. It wasn't until he made his way toward the source of The Void's invasion that he met his father blocking the way.

    The duel was short yet gruesome. The son easily outpaced the father, and the Kerran in corrupted black and purple armour fell. But before Fahrar died he whispered something. Not even Jaukoehai's twin is sure what was said, but Jaukoehai immediately left and never returned to the island.

    Then came the fateful day, many years later when Jaukoehai Ironskin was nearly 100, that Thalumbra was discovered, and of course the hero journeyed there, where the Dark Elves of Neriak were waiting for them. Queen Cristanos herself blasted a giant hole through his stomach just as he stepped out of the portal.

    They found and bore his corpse back to Quinos and laid him to rest beneath the statue of the Quinos Claymore, never once removing his helmet, as he had always wished. And there his body lays still. There are those who refuse to believe that he is dead. And they’re right.

    Mithaniel Marr and Erollisi Marr recreated him in a new body, one that was exactly the same as his old one, as well as his armour and hammer. They did it for two reasons. Mithaniel gave him new life because he still had work to do. And Erollisi gave him new life because, after all those years, she finally found love for him. A certain rebellious Iksar assassin named Slythe he had met after being kidnapped by her and forced to work for her.

    After tracking her down, no mean feat, he and Slythe ran away together. He removed his armour and left it with Dominus Ganak for safekeeping. Since nobody had ever seen him without his armour, nobody recognized him. Still, he took refuge in T’narev with Slythe, where Slythe gave birth to two daughters, Issa and Zixka.

    Even so, he occasionally goes out and helps the innocent, and trains his daughters to be courageous and dutiful.
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Re: Knight-Captain Jaukoehai Ironskin, the Protector

Post by Cassidhe » 09/20/16

((I don't play anymore, but if I did, this is a character I'd find very interesting. Nice work on his bio!))

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Re: Knight-Captain Jaukoehai Ironskin, the Protector

Post by Jaukoehai » 09/20/16

Cassidhe wrote:((I don't play anymore, but if I did, this is a character I'd find very interesting. Nice work on his bio!))
Thanks! But don't people do non in-game RPs on this site?

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