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Full Name: Khelider Elu'Vian

  • Level: 95
    Class: Beserker
    RP Power: manipulation of flames in connection to his anger.

    Race: Wood Elf
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: Unknown
    Age: 97 years
    Hair: Dark gold
    Skin: Tan
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 4ft 2 inches
    Weight: 130 pounds

    Place of Residence: Kelethin
    Place of Birth: Lesser Faydark

    Relatives: Known: Belladorna (currently unknown)Shalour, Jetamyio, Rezilos, Saradathia.
    Enemies: N/A
    Allies: N/A

    Occupation: merc
    Crafting: Bladesmith


    Fashion of Choice: basic and simple clothing

    Armor of Choice: Heavy Platemail
    Weapons of Choice: Sword and shield/Greatswords

    Special Abilities: Pyromanipulation
  • Alignment: Chaotically good
    Motivations: To find the lycan that killed his father, to dispatch 'unnatual beings', to find his father, becoming a renowned swordsmen
    Disposition: positive
    Outlook: positive

    Religion/Philosophy: Mithrial Marr

    Sexuality: Straight

    Positive Personality Traits: Loyal, Optimistic, friendly, Hard worker.
    Negative Personality Traits: Quick temper, reckless, brash
    Misc. Quirks: Very passionate
  • Guild: N/A
    Guild Rank:
  • Likes: Ratongas, a good fight, test of skills and ability, rivers.
    Dislikes: The Unnatural, Lycans, bullies, lies, thieves.

    Favorite Foods: Grilled Basilisk steak
    Favorite Drinks: Tea
    Favorite Colors: Dark red and black.

    Hobbies: blade forging, hunting, chatting, sitting by the rivers.

  • Played by What Famous Person:

    Theme Songs:


    Khelider was born of a night of ill fate when Shalour had first been bitten and ran wild through the Faydark.

    Unware of who his father is, with only the knowledge that a Lycan had been invoked, the young elf assumed that he had been killed by the savage and mindless beasts and upon gleaming the information from his mother, the young hot head took up his sword on a hopeless quest to find and avenge his family, eventually leading to his capture by the Deadfist Orcs while traveling through Zek. He spent years fighting inside of their pit, facing death every day and dealing it in turn in a vain attempt to earn his freedom.

    One day, Khelider had enough and snapped while working in the forges, grabbing the hammer like a mace, he fought the guards though eventully beaten into submission to such a savage end he had had thought to be dead, tossed out of the citadel without a second thought except that the orcs had lost a decent slave. A new burning hatred added to his growing list, unware that one of those lurked within, waiting to be awakened as he matured, the bloodied and battered elf made his way off into the orcish wastes, hell bent on surviving.

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