Issa Ironskin, the Chokidai Whisperer

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Issa Ironskin, the Chokidai Whisperer

Post by Jaukoehai » 09/10/16

Full Name: Issa Ironskin
Nicknames: Chokidai Whisperer, Chillwarrior

  • Level: N/A
    Class: Beastmaster
    RP Power: (variable)

    Race: Iksar
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Hair: N/A
    Skin: Green
    Eyes: Yellow
    Height: 6’1”
    Weight: 140 lbs.

    Place of Residence: T’narev
    Place of Birth: T’narev
    Relatives: Jaukoehai Ironskin (father), Slythe (mother), Zixka Ironskin (sister)
    Enemies: None, she hasn’t been outside of T’narev much.
    Allies: Her family, the Ashen Monks

    Occupation: Being a Monk in the Ashen Order
    Crafting: None

    Appearance: She has the appearance of a more standard Iksar female, unlike her mother, though she has a strangely feral expression on her face most of the time.

    Fashion of Choice: When out of her common gear, she wears simple and understated clothing.
    Armor of Choice: Deadly Eruption armour
    Weapons of Choice: Chillborn Spear

    Special Abilities: She gained a fondness for ice from her father, and is more adept at ice related abilities.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
    Motivations: Pleasing her father, pleasing her mother (to a slightly lesser degree), becoming a monk
    Disposition: outwardly calm, until you give her reason to hate you.
    Outlook: Not especially optimistic, but she thinks she can help the world.

    Religion/Philosophy: She only pays respects to E’ci.

    Sexuality: Asexual

    Positive Personality Traits: Calm, fiercely loyal, friendly
    Negative Personality Traits: Secretly burning with animalistic fury
    Misc. Quirks: Chokidai absolutely love her, but she frequently disguises herself as a tiger as she adventures with her sister.
  • Guild: None
    Faction: T’narev
  • Likes: Chokidai, maintaining the balance, her family
    Dislikes: Dogs of any sort, people who try to knock Norrath out of balance, anybody who irritates her

    Favorite Foods: Pan-seared Sunfish
    Favorite Drinks: Any water imbued with the mystical properties of the Truespirit
    Favorite Colors: Silver, red

    Hobbies: Monk lore, ice sculpting
  • Played by What Famous Person: None can play an Iksar.

    Theme Songs: Kung-fu Fighting

    History: She doesn’t have much of one, to be honest. She is very schooled in the ways of a monk, as her father and the other monk masters taught her from a very early age. Even so, the monks detected a ferocity in her, a spirit which could not be tamed. This worried them somewhat, but with Jaukoehai’s constant insistence, they kept training her.

    She soon developed some incredible powers, which Jaukoehai swiftly identified as the abilities of a beastmaster. He snuck away to acquire a Chokidai for her. He at first thought he’d grab one from the Timorous Deep, but given that he was at that point believed dead and the lawful and militant Sarnaks would likely prevent him from doing so, he took one from Kunark.

    Issa was overjoyed when her father brought her a little Chokidai pup. She instantly bonded with the creature, and the two of them swiftly developed into a potent combat duo. Issa with her bo staff and the Chokidai with her teeth.

    (The following occurs in the future)When her father eventually felt the call of Norrath to return, of course she went to become an adventurer like he was, and her father’s first order of business would be to take her and her sister Zixka to get their first weapons. Issa went to Everfrost and claimed the weapon known as the Chillborn Spear, which would compliment her frosty fighting style and preference to fight with a staff weapon.

    After this, under the guidance of Shali Mar, a Kerran who could teach her what her father couldn’t, she grew steadily even more feral. Her temper and ferocity just kept increasing, until she tempered them with the frosty power of E’ci. She’s a warrior of ice, cool on the outside, with a raging inferno underneath. Jaukoehai approved of this, he knew that’s what she wanted to do. And sometimes, while adventuring with her sister Zixka, she’ll take the form of a tiger.

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