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Post by Rovine » 09/18/16

Full Name: Rovine
Nicknames: "roving", "ravine", "raving", weepy bug

  • Level: 40s
    Class: Illusionist
    RP Power: She can project her emotions into sounds and visual shapes. She claims her Illusionist personae as her identical friend/twin.

    Race: Arasai
    Gender: Female
    Date of Birth: unknown
    Age: Unsure but has witnessed the Shattering
    Hair: Deep red in two buns
    Skin: Pale human colour
    Eyes: Deep red
    Height: tall for a fae/arasai
    Weight: light

    Place of Residence: Neriak
    Place of Birth: Kelethin

    Relatives: Former Kelethin fae, some of which she might have killed herself
    Enemies: in general, Kelethin community
    Allies: House Zen'Myr

    Occupation: Full time whiner, occasional tailor
    Crafting: Tailor

    Appearance: expressionless, almost robotic when she doesn't break down and cry. Thin and light, almost immobile when she is expressionless, if not for the flapping wings that keep her drifting above ground.

    Fashion of Choice: Dark colour dresses
    Armor of Choice: Cloth
    Weapons of Choice: Mental damage magic

    Special Abilities: projecting her emotions into audible and visual scenes
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Motivations: struggling to survive under the torment between her lingering Fae memories and the new arasai persona
    Disposition: existential dread, melancholy
    Outlook: pessimistic

    Religion/Philosophy: Nihilistic, sadistic, formerly Tunarian

    Sexuality: bisexual

    Positive Personality Traits: Reliable despite her quirks, obeying, quick, honest
    Negative Personality Traits: Whiny, complains a lot, very negative about everything
    Misc. Quirks: Drops down bawling randomly, then turns expressionless as if nothing happened. Also randomly talks to her personae even when it's not summoned.
  • Guild: House Zen'Myr
    Guild Rank: New recruit / just adopted
  • Likes: good food, seems to shut her up nicely whenever she starts to cry
    Dislikes: pretty much everything else with her kind of attitude

    Favorite Foods: sweets
    Favorite Drinks: again sweet tasting drinks
    Favorite Colors: any dark colour

    Hobbies: writing emo poetry and making hex dolls, talking to her personae (essentially herself)
  • Theme Songs: Aura from .hack//SIGN and Spiracle by Soap And Skin

    “Arasai are a beautiful creation of Queen Cristanos – a dark reflection of the Fae from lands of Faydark, just as we Teir'dal are the direct reflection of Koada'dal as Innoruk hold up a mirror at their souls. Arasai proudly spread their beautiful wings of deceit and hatred through Norrath, a vivid reminder from the Queen that there's no escape in the world from our darkness.

    However, to augment the Queen's original design, I have successfully blended something even more exquisite than the already beautiful Arasai.

    Rovine, a very lucky Fae, to have been chosen by me for this exotic experiment and survived, is my greatest achievement yet in Neriak. You see, while the fundamental design of Arasai is intended to be a total conversion that wipes out all Tunarian virtues of a Fae, my version retains some of those virtues in her mind, just enough to not hinder her function as an Arasai.

    She does not forget what she used to be. She will function like any other Arasai, exist solely as the pollinator to spread the seeds of hatred throughout Norrath, but she will forever be aware of all the actions in opposition of Tunare that she has done. Her heart loves Tunare, and with that love she will watch herself tearing her own beloved nature apart. She will forever weep at every corrupted trees that she used to love, and continue to do our biding without question.

    This design is a step beyond the original Arasai. Not only is she a frightening herald of despair on corrupted Fae wings, she will also be an endless generator of sorrow and grief, damned forever by her own Tunarian conscience. Her wail that echoes through the dark tunnels of Neriak, as she rips out the wings of still-living Fae who failed the conversion, is the most beautiful music to the ears. Her grief sings louder than anyone being tortured to death, for she too is the tormented, living and breathing the very darkness that she still oppose, but now can do nothing about.

    She is a marvelous work of art... She is my precious lifeblood creation. Her dark emotions alone can penetrate and break the weak-willed, before any magic is needed. I daresay in the secrecy of my own private journal that I have surpassed Queen Cristanos's ability. My dream won't be too far to reach now.”
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Re: Rovine

Post by Jaukoehai » 09/19/16

This is actually pretty awesome. She seems like an ideal buddy for a character of mine, Slithiria. I'd love to discuss the possibility of an RP along those lines.

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Re: Rovine

Post by Rovine » 09/21/16

Thank you Jaukoehai! Yeah please feel free to give me a nudge if you see me online. Things may go slow though since I'm playing from Aussie time zone, so weekend is easier to catch me.

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