Slithiria Deathscale, the mad

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Slithiria Deathscale, the mad

Post by Jaukoehai » 09/19/16

Full Name: Slithiria Deathscale (the last name is one she gave herself)
Nicknames: Slith, to those close enough to call her Slith.

  • Level: Presently, 65, tradeskill 61
    Class: Necromancer

    Race: Iksar
    Gender: Female
    Age: 28
    Skin: Black and purple scales
    Eyes: Green
    Height: 6’4”
    Weight: 140 lbs.

    Place of Residence: Neriak
    Place of Birth: The city of Riliss, in the Fens of Nathsar

    Relatives: Dominus Rile Sathir (Father), Kaybal Ironscale (brother, disowned), Jaukoehai Ironskin (grandfather, deceased), Slythe (grandmother, deceased)
    Enemies: Kaybal Ironscale, the city of Kelethin, followers of Rodcet Nife and Bertoxxulous
    Allies: Most of Neriak, citizens of Ahket Aken, fellow followers of Anashti Sul, followers of Cazic-Thule, the Rilissians

    Occupation: Incense Master of Neriak
    Crafting: Sage

    Appearance: A tall-ish Iksar, slight of frame but generally speaking attractive. Her outwardly cute demeanor does a good job of hiding the total maniac beneath.

    Fashion of Choice: When not in her robes, she generally wears a formal yet revealing dress.
    Armor of Choice: Najena’s Voidcaller robes
    Weapons of Choice: Vazaelle the Mad, and Red Dragon's Incense

    Special Abilities: She can summon Void creatures, and is in league with them.
  • Alignment: Chaotic evil. So chaotic sometimes she’s lawful evil.
    Motivations: Power and servitude, to whatever master captivates her at a given time.
    Disposition: Insane, chaotic, unpredictable.
    Outlook: Unscrupulous, secretive, loyal, devoted, manic.

    Religion/Philosophy: She is a highly devout worshipper of Anashti Sul, so devout that it has nearly consumed her. She has given her life to the service of the Forgotten Goddess, though she still aids Cazic-Thule when he calls, and pays fealty to Queen Cristanos. She also displays a great deal of respect toward Innoruuk.

    Sexuality: Homosexual

    Positive Personality Traits: Loyal, power hungry, thoughtful, compromising.
    Negative Personality Traits: Impatient, murderous, insane, obsessed.
    Misc. Quirks: she’ll often seem initially kind and somewhat soft, but people quickly see her true nature. She is INSANE.
  • Guild: Darkmoon Tower
    Faction: Neriak
    Faction: Anashti Sul
    Faction: Sebilisian Empire
    Faction: Cazic-Thule
  • Likes: Killing, the Void, Queen Cristanos, cruelty, torture, flirting, Anashti Sul, Cazic-Thule
    Dislikes: Her brother, her grandparents, soft people, anybody who dislikes Anashti Sul, Freeport

    Favorite Foods: chocolate made from Cabilisian cocoa.
    Favorite Drinks: Warm, filtered vitae.
    Favorite Colors: purple, green, and black.

    Hobbies: Writing books and spell scrolls, though this is a bit more of a hobby that she’s paid for.
  • Played by What Famous Person: Grey DeLisle

    Theme Songs: O Death, by Jen Titus.

    History: She was always a very intelligent child, and she began to study necromancy with the blessing of her father at a very early age in the city of Riliss. She and her brother Kaybal often argued about methods, and Slithiria would frequently abduct various animals and torture them, at first for experimentation, then for fun. But she soon found that Riliss bored her, and she left that city to go to the legendary Neriak. But there was another reason for her eagerness to leave.

    She had secretly looked into her family line, and discovered that her grandfather was that odious warrior for the light, Jaukoehai Ironskin. She also discovered that it was Queen Cristanos who had killed him and thus spared her family from the taint of his name. She immediately felt a great desire to please Cristanos, so she went to Neriak and immediately began work for the Teir’dal Empire. She quickly gained even more admiration for Queen Cristanos, going from admiration to worship akin to what the Arasai give her. And though she displayed a great adeptness at the necromantic arts, she also showed proficient skill at crafting spell scrolls and general writing. She published several books, and worked for the Dark Bargainers quite a lot.

    She soon discovered that her brother had betrayed the family and left to follow their grandfather’s path. This led to the two of them clashing numerous times. Eventually, her adventures in acquiring more experience in the necromantic arts and in the art of scribing led her to the Desert of Ro, where she found the prophet of Anashti Sul. The two spoke for a while, and when the conversation was over, she had abandoned Cazic-Thule in favour of a new Goddess. These days, her loyalties are in the following order: Anashti Sul, Queen Cristanos, then Cazic-Thule.

    It went from worship to obsession over the course of days. She was still devoted to Queen Cristanos, of course, but now her heart and soul belonged to Anashti Sul. It’s easy to understand the attraction. A goddess who gave her the opportunity to commit horrible acts beneath the guise of kindness. She and Anashti Sul were quite alike in many ways, and Slithiria worked tirelessly to return her to Norrath. Eventually, she and Anashti Sul’s prophet determined how to complete the ritual to summon her back to Norrath. Slithiria performed this ritual, of course, and it remains the greatest moment of her life.

    When Anashti Sul stood before her, Slithiria nearly passed out from pure joy. She had done it! She had become her goddess’s favoured servant! She did everything that the Avatar of the Forgotten asked, and afterwards, was rewarded in turn. The sacred water of Fyr’Un flowed through her veins, and she wielded many artifacts of the Silent City, including the Vessel of Fyr’Un and the Staff of Second Life. She had the support of the Sul’Dal people behind her, and she frequently attacked the Lizardman rivals of the Anaz-Mal Gnolls and frequently led Sul’Dal forces in strikes against the Orcs of Rujark, Sandscrawler Gnolls, and even the Dervish people.

    Some believe that her intense devotion to female role models is the cause for her unusual sexual preferences, but the truth is that she’s felt that way for as long as she has had sexual urges. She was always attracted to other females, but she has quite a few odd kinks on top of that. Most of these result from her insanity. It was very hard for her to find anyone willing to indulge her, and she eventually resorted to summoning succubi.

    Now she’s spending time harassing the other civilizations in the Desert of Ro, but she goes anywhere her Queen or her Goddess command. And she always searches for a way to finally find and slay her ever-irritating brother and finally end Jaukoehai Ironskin’s taint on her once proud Iksar family.

    She spends much of her time commanding Sul'Dal forces, but not all. She has been writing another book recently which she hopes will be a bestseller in Neriak, the working title of which is "Fifty Shades of Indigo". She also serves Darkmoon faithfully, and has begun extensive research into Planar energies, in hopes of opening a proper pathway to the Plane of Fear.
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Re: Slithiria Deathscale, the mad

Post by Jaukoehai » 08/25/17

Quotes from Slithiria Deathscale:

"There is a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased it."

"Time to put the 'romance' back in 'necromancer'."

"Getting people to like you is a simple enough matter, you simply have to trick people into believing you wouldn't remorselessly kill them at a moment's notice. After that it's mostly light flattery."

"Aww, aren't you just the cutest little Fae in all the world? I know a cobbler that could do wonders for that skin."

"Somebody bring me a chocolate cake. With whipped cream, or nobody gets paid."

"Wait, you don't have voices inside your head?"

"I'm going to disembowel you and wear you as a hat."

"Are you joking? I'd love to be a Naga! I could literally be my own blanket."

"Crazy is relative."

"Perhaps we could bribe the Othmir? I'm certain I have a haddock somewhere in this backpack..."

"Oh, being dead is so much fun! Here, see for yourself."

Upon her brother asking her why she's surrounded by patchwork corpses "I thought you told me to go make some friends."

Upon being asked why she killed a man "Well, he seemed sad, so now I'm going to raise his spirits."

"A body at rest remains at rest until acted upon by me."

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Re: Slithiria Deathscale, the mad

Post by Jaukoehai » 04/22/18

Quotes from Slithiria's Deathscale part 2:

"Grave is only one letter away from rave."

"Who knew necromancy would be such a dead-end job. Definitely not the wight career choice."

"Getting in my way is a grave mistake."

"Necromancy is really just advanced recycling. Reduce, reuse, reanimate"

"I know all about raising children! I could raise a whole family! Oh, you meant, like, as a mother, huh?"

"Kerran, Elf, king, barbarian, it doesn't matter to me. I'm an equal opportunity resurrecter."

"I hope you like skeletons, because my boys are hard as hell for you."

"I wouldn't be caught dead in that outfit, but you seem to be of a different opinion."

"Wanted dead or alive, huh? Is the reward the same for undead? Like, where does that fit on the scale?"


"People say that when they're near me they can smell the crazy. I think they're just being scent-o-mental."

"I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."

"It has come to my attention that some people never go insane. What truly dull lives they must lead. There is pleasure in being mad that none but madmen know!"

"If I had the capacity to feel empathy, I'd still want to kill your whiny ass."

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