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Full Name: Aelitae
Nicknames: none known

  • Level: 14
    Class: Conjuror
    RP Power: Rebuilding her magic power after her usual energy is disrupted by the Shattering

    Race: High elf
    Gender: Female
    Date of Birth: Year 3463
    Age: 516 from my last known ingame time
    Hair: Firiona Vie style tall pony tail, light blonde
    Skin: Pale
    Eyes: Emerald green
    Height: Tallest average for high elf
    Weight: Medium

    Place of Residence: Moving out of Frostfang Sea soon to be a nomad
    Place of Birth: Felwithe

    Relatives: Pretura - mother, father died in one of the historic battles of Norrath
    Enemies: none known, she holds no grudge and will perhaps only be hated by the most fanatic Nerians. She is annoyed at orcs though.
    Allies: New Halas survivors - aided them in their rebuild effort after the Shattering

    Occupation: Community helper in New Halas, soon to be an adventurer again
    Crafting: Carpentry, but with the help of her conjured pets - she does the design


    Fashion of Choice: Fancy dresses with her hair out
    Armor of Choice: Cloth
    Weapons of Choice: Her elemental pets and magic

    Special Abilities:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
    Motivations: Creation myth, philosophy on life and living in general. Also exploring Norrath post Shattering.
    Disposition: Calm, self-absorbed, curious, nomadic, independent
    Outlook: Neutral, assertive

    Religion/Philosophy: Spiritual but not religious, explores all religions as part of many facets of life’s creation and interpreting them all as part of life.

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Positive Personality Traits: Anything goes, very laid back, polite, knowledgeable, minimum disruption to others, independent
    Negative Personality Traits: Self-absorbed, arrogant at doing things her own way, secret superiority complex, out of touch with society, not good at following up, too spontaneous
    Misc. Quirks: Strange obsession with Malachite
  • Likes: Malachite, her mother, exploration, her elemental pets, philosophy, deep discussions about life, being in calm nature places
    Dislikes: Being told what to do, being blocked from information or exploration, orcs, naggy people, noisy crowded places

    Favorite Foods: Vegetable based food
    Favorite Drinks: Fruit juices
    Favorite Colors: Blue, green and aqua

    Hobbies: Handmade crafts, reading, travelling the world especially the lesser known corners

Theme Songs: The Searchers by Sepiamusic

Aelitae spent most of her teenage exploring Norrath with her magician mother Pretura, even Luclin and Planes of Power. She lost father since she was about 100 years old, and afterwards her mother encouraged her to go alone as her mother returns to Faydark. So she began adventuring on her own, accompanied by her open mind and her elemental summons.

During the Shattering, Aelitae was near Halas region and got stranded on Frostfang Sea as the lands were split apart. The energy she maneuvers for her magic has also shifted after the Shattering, greatly reducing her magic ability and she has to learn from scratch. She was saved by the surviving barbarians. With the world still under total chaos, she decided to stay and enjoy some simple peace with the barbarians and rebuild New Halas with them. To her Eleven perception of time, a hundred years flew by quickly as she lived in New Halas.

Her wanderlust kicked in again then as more and more post-Shattering adventurers crosses the sea. She was able to receive news from Kelethin that her mother is still safe and sound, now residing with the home of wood elves and fae. Remembering her mother’s teaching, Aelitae drew the final straw to step out of New Halas, into discovering a world that has completely changed.

OOC note: This is more of a nostalgic character for me, as high elf magician was my very first character in EQ1, made when I was 13 years old. Aelitae’s mother is precisely that EQ1 character of mine, created after Planes of Power expansion.

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