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Mirida M'Andriel

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Full Name: Mirida M'Andriel
Nicknames: Hates being called Ida, None

Level: Riseing
Class: archer ( channler)
RP Power: shifter youngling

Race: Shifter
Gender: female
Date of Birth: Oceansfull 2 of the year 3973
Age: human years 19
Hair: varies
Skin: lightly sunkissed
Eyes: Varying colors of Aqua blue
Height: depends on form
Weight: varies

Place of Residence: Freeport
Place of Birth: Maj'dul

Relatives: father-(mostly seen as a coldain) Rythan M'andrial Mother- Aluia M'andrial (if ever seen outside of there home she is seen as a Mixed blood elf)
Enemies: any who have a problem with supernaturals

Occupation: Mercenary
Crafting: Journymen tailor

Appearance: Her most common apperances is a dark haired half elf and a red haired dwarf

Fashion of Choice: What ever looks good on her curves
Armor of Choice: what has been aquired through her work, or made by her hands
Weapons of Choice: Acidic recurve

Special Abilities:
Can shape into multiple humanoid forms

Alignment: unshaped
Motivations: Money
Disposition: bright and normaly happy
Outlook: Bright, For one who lives in the city of the overlord

Religion/Philosophy: erolisi

Sexuality: straight

Positive Personality Traits: happy, good listener, helpful

Negative Personality Traits: speaks her mind, wonders

Misc. Quirks: Is a wonder

Favorite Foods: cookies

Favorite Drinks: Xenoberry/ nerian red

Favorite Colors: Earthy colors

Hobbies: Playing with her pets when she is home

History: Mirida is a shifter child from a very old clan that keeps hidden. Her parent came to maj'dul over four decades ago. after Mirida was born they moved to halas, for her fathers work.he mother took up with the sisters of errolisi. when it was seen that Mirida had a gift for the bow she was sent away to train. until they found ou what she was and band her from there island and her family was asked to leave the cold city now resideing in an old manor outside of the overlords city.

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