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Post by Kosovos » 08/10/17

Full Name: Xeeqi Vereeka
Nicknames: Xeeq

  • Level: 100
    Class: Defiler
    RP Power: Psionic and Shamanistic Abilities

    Race: Roekillik
    Gender: Female
    Date of Birth: Unknown
    Age: Young,/ Unknown
    Hair: Black
    Skin: Grey
    Eyes: White
    Height: 4 feet
    Weight: 85 lbs

    Place of Residence: Neriak
    Place of Birth: Underfoot

    Relatives: None
    Enemies: One Fae!
    Allies: Unknown

    Occupation: Shaman
    Crafting: Woodworker to be

    Appearance: A small roekillik with tribal markings and a lingering array of incense. She is small, and energetic at times. She wears some tattered clothing, barely much armor. Earrings in one ear and footwraps.

    She often has her trust Spear with her at all times, or a ritual dagger tucked away in a hidden part of her body. But she often uses a spear twice her size, which she wields with no issue.

    Personality: She is energetic, and believes she is doing the right thing. She is shy around others sometimes, specially in public places, and has a distaste for Ratonga. She will tolerate them if needed.
    • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
      Motivations: To 'save' the spirits and souls from what waits in the Ethernere with the corruption about there.
      Disposition: Traditional, and tribal.
      Outlook: Determined and Loyal.

      Religion/Philosophy: A devout follower of Cazic Thule as he wields fear as a weapon to control.

      Sexuality: Straight

      Positive Personality Traits: She is 'cute' and Innocent at times
      Negative Personality Traits: She can be extremely aggressive and intimidating for even the smallest things.
      Misc. Quirks: She speaks in third person occasionally and refers to her self as "this one".
    • Guild: Deimos
      Guild Rank: Unknown
      Faction: Neriak-Neutral
      Faction: Freeport-Neutral
      Faction: Qeynos-Neutral (as she helps clear the sewers of Bloodsabers)
      Faction: N/A
    • Likes: Shinies, cheese, music, and incense
      Dislikes: Goody two-shoes, Nosy people, Self-righteous.

      Favorite Foods: Cheese, Sweets
      Favorite Drinks: Sweet drinks, Mixed drinks
      Favorite Colors: None

      Hobbies: Totem carver, some artistic ability.
    • Played by What Famous Person: None and unknown.

      Theme Songs: None yet, looking.

      History: She has some sort of past in Etherenere that has her thinking the way she does. She Does not actively carry out the Dark Agenda, but does not oppose it. Other than appearing in Neriak one day, nothing is known about Xeeqi. She appears to be in Neriak from not of her choice.

      Back in The Underfoot, perhaps she was a shaman of sorts, dealing with the dead, and spirits that came across her and her kin. She did want to see the world from a new prospective and not from an arid desert stuck in Ultera.

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