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Full Name: Amelianne Lightbrand (a.k.a. Duchess Amei Lyehnn Lightbrand)
Nicknames: Amy

  • Level: 110
    Class: Monk
    RP Power: Weak

    Race: Teir'Dal
    Gender: Female
    Date of Birth: 13th of Busheldown, 3080 (5325 AN)
    September 13th on the Earth calendar
    Age: 655 years old

    Hair: White, long & very curly
    Skin: Charcoal grey/nearly black
    Eyes: Red
    Height: Tall for a Teir'Dal
    Weight: Surprisingly heavy for her slender size.

    Place of Residence: Village of Shin
    Place of Birth: Neriak

    Relatives: Saerys Lyehnn (father, deceased), Magnix Lyehnn (cousin, deceased), Valorie Punox (half sister)
    Enemies: none
    Allies: The Order of the Rose (Guild)

    Occupation (known to most): Author & Chef
    Occupation (NOT known to most): Confessor & Restaurant Owner
    Crafting: Provisioner (110)

    Appearance: Amy is tall, slender, and leanly muscled with white hair, brilliant red eyes, and dark skin. Her hair is a riot of long curls kept neatly pinned in a loose bun with a plain silver hairstick and an ornamental butterfly hairpin with three small crystals dangling from it. She wears no jewelry or make-up, and her modestly styled clothing, made from the softest high quality silk, is kept impeccably maintained. Her facial appearance has an ageless quality, making it impossible to pinpoint how old she may be based on looks alone, and she bears no obviously visible scars or identifying marks of any kind.

    Fashion of Choice: Loose pants, fitted tunics, and arm bands
    When outside, she wears a large kasa (woven hat) and scarf to hide her appearance.
    For special occassions, she'll wear an elegant dress.
    Armor of Choice: None
    Weapons of Choice: None

    Special Abilities: Due to an intense regimen of Mithridatism as a child, Amelianne is exceptionally resistant to most (but not all) poisons... including alcohol. Basically, she can't be easily poisoned, nor can she be easily intoxicated. If you ever see her drunk, then something is very wrong.

    Amy is also incredibly strong and flexible due to centuries of training.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
    Motivations: Curiosity, Compassion
    Disposition: Good-natured and happy
    Outlook: Optimistic

    Religion/Philosophy: Disciple of Erollisi Marr

    Sexuality: Straight

    Positive Personality Traits: Sweet, caring, highly intelligent
    Negative Personality Traits: Shy, socially awkward (Do NOT mistake this for being submissive!)
    Misc. Quirks: Her manner of speech is polite and formal. It borders between archaic and modern. When addressing people, she almost always uses honorifics and has a hard time dropping them when asked.
  • Guild: Vagabond Knights
    Guild Rank: Knight
    Faction: City of Qeynos
    Faction: Lost Children of Marr
    Faction: Whistling Fists
  • Likes: Bardic events and flower viewing
    Dislikes: Being confined or locked in a room, loudness, aggression

    Favorite Foods: Oranges, dango (sweet dumplings on a stick)
    Favorite Drinks: Green tea, mead, sake
    Favorite Colors: Turquoise

    Hobbies: Cooking, reading, writing, gardening
  • Played by What Famous Person: Catherine Zeta-Jones

    Theme Songs: Teardrop, by Massive Attack

    If you speak with her, she may tell you... or she may not. She's an oddly private individual at times. She can most often be found watching the water from a rooftop in Freeport or writing in her notebook while sitting in a tree in Qeynos.

    Side Notes:
    Amy is disabled. She is unable to use her hands properly and suffers from a medical condition that she rarely speaks of to others.

    Current Stories:
    1,001 Norrathian Nights
    Assassins in the Night - Chapters 1-6
    Bitter Brew
    Captain James and the Baa-aa-aad Dream
    The Curious Case of Mr. Leonhard's Curse
    Dance of the Butterflies
    The Defection of Amei Lyehnn
    The House That Jane Built
    The Money Pit
    The Pursuit of Captain James - Parts 1 & 2
    The Sunshine Monk
    'Twas the Brawl Before Frostfell

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