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Full Name: Krada Dar'Hasstn
Nicknames: N/A

  • Level: 110
    Class: Shadowknight
    RP Power: Typical

    Race: Teir'Dal
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: N/A
    Age: 280 yrs.
    Hair: White
    Skin: Onyx
    Eyes: Light Purple
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 185 lbs.

    Place of Residence: Neriak
    Place of Birth: Neriak

    Relatives: Ujuru Caz'Ehlir (Step-Father)
    Enemies: Many
    Allies: Few

    Occupation: Guard/Merc
    Crafting: Blacksmith

    Appearance: Stout with fine white shoulderlength hair. Usually kept in a slicked-back fashion away from his refined facial features; clashing against his dark onyx skin in a gorgeous way. His eyes are of a stunning bright purple, perhaps a little too much so for the rest of his look. His ears are.. Bigger than typical Teir'Dal.

    Fashion of Choice: Platemail
    Armor of Choice: Platemail..
    Weapons of Choice: Sword and Shield

    Special Abilities: Lifesteal
  • Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral
    Motivations: Pleasure
    Disposition: Narcissistic, Manipulative
    Outlook: "I'm better than you. That's just how it is."

    Religion/Philosophy: Athiest

    Sexuality: Straight

    Positive Personality Traits: Secretly has a soft side. Headstrong, Confident
    Negative Personality Traits: See above. Quick to agression.
    Misc. Quirks: Nervous habit of playing with the ends of his hair.
  • Guild: Army of Obliteration
  • Likes: Women, Alcohol, and a good fight.
    Dislikes: Small talk

    Favorite Foods: Red Meats
    Favorite Drinks: Whiskey
    Favorite Colors:Black, dark blue, red

    Hobbies: You don't want to know.

History: Krada was born around 280 years back. His parents, who were on constant travel, left Krada with an old Erudite by the name of Ujuru, who were regular contacts. Unfortunately, they met a horrid end not only two weeks later. Ujuru was stuck caring for Krada until Krada himself decided it was time to leave the walls of Qeynos and pursue his own path, instead of one laid out for him. He moved back to Neriak, where he trained to be a Knight of the darkest kind. He spent years training, though no amount of it brought to his heart the joy that real battle brought to him... He still kept contact with his Step-Father, however, but thinly.

Ujuru later asked Krada to do a body-guard job for a friend of his named Keita. He did so, but not out of the kindest of his heart, for his own interests. After a while of being around the young Teir'Dal from Qeynos, he began to grow soft from her ways of life. He had fallen under a spell of the heart woven by the Goddess herself.. Though it wasn't to be, even after Keita confessed having feelings for Krada, she told him that she was due to get married after dragging out the secret meetings with Krada, against Keita's Grandfather's wishes. The fact that she held off telling him so long left him angry.. Hateful. He ended up raping her, and leaving her with his children to bare as punishment and a constant reminder to stir the guilt she felt. After doing so, Krada went to Keita's would be husband, and told him what he had done, then struck him down. With Keita's fiancee` dead, and Keita's dread overwhelming, Krada had fed hate to her, through his own actions. His quest was complete, he reverted back to his own roots. Praise Innoruuk..!

He had gotten re-married many many years later, but the relationship fell apart due to the both of them being hard-headed and stubborn, that woman was Laynisa Val'Haden, of all people.

He now spends his time in his home in Neriak, drinking, and sweeping up any female he can get his hands on, then leaving her as food for the newly born Freeblood that resided in the streets of Neriak.


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