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Full Name: Ujuru Caz'Ehlir
Nicknames: N/A

  • Level: 100
    Class: Wizard
    RP Power: Strong points are obviously magical based. This includes power over the Elements, Coercion, Illusion, and Necromancy. As experience in these aspects as he is, he lacks much physical strength.

    Race: Erudite
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: N/A
    Age: Approx. 1,000
    Hair: None
    Skin: Pale-grey
    Eyes: Red
    Height: 6'7
    Weight: Approx. 150

    Place of Residence: Timorous Heights, Gorowyn
    Place of Birth: Odus

    Relatives: No blood, Krada Dar'Hasstn (Step-son)
    Enemies: None
    Allies: Minaka, Arthalion, Slardar

    Occupation: Provost of The Arcadin Academy, Book binder

    Appearance: Tall and frail, pale-grey skin, dark red glyphs and eyes.

    Fashion of Choice: Anything light and comfortable.
    Armor of Choice: Robes
    Weapons of Choice: Hands

    Special Abilities: Aura reading and energy tracking.


    • Alignment: Neutral-Evil-ish... Hard to explain. Lol.
      Motivations: Greater Knowledge
      Disposition: Critical, calm.
      Outlook: Logical

      Religion/Philosophy: Cazic-Thule

      Sexuality: Absolutely no experience what so ever in that area. Straight.

      Positive Personality Traits: Very little actually makes him angry
      Negative Personality Traits: Too tied up in his own affairs to socialize
      Misc. Quirks: Often is found talking to himself


    • Guild: The Arcadin Academy
      Guild Rank: Provost(Leader)
      Faction: The Academy of Arcane Science


    • Likes: Reading, Herbal Tea, Finding new and interesting things, Individuals he can hold intellectual conversations with.
      Dislikes: Naivety, Stubbornness.

      Favorite Foods: N/A
      Favorite Drinks: Any kind of Minty tea.
      Favorite Colors: Neutral colors.

      Hobbies: Book binding and entertaining children with safe formed elements, such as air or water.


    • History: Ujuru Caz'Ehlir was a student to Miragul before the incident on Odus. After that said incident, he was one of the few cazicite heretics that made it out, along, of course, with Miragul. They made their seperate ways, and as Miragul grew old in his Phalactaries, Ujuru hid out in Qeynos. He has flopped between Freeport and Qeynos, as well as Neriak for some time now. Even after Miragul's demise, Ujuru traveled as a bookbinder, finding interesting materials to read and learn further from along the way. He learned, from that, to conquor what Miragul failed to. To tie his soul to another body from death. Which he did.. Over and Over again. While in Neriak, he became close aquaintences with a Teir'Dal couple, who had just had a son. Krada Dar'Hasstn. Leaving for a work trip, they left Krada with Ujuru. Unfortunately, they met their end but a week later. Ujuru, shocked about the news, held the child in his arms, baffled, confused, a bit scared. He did what he could for Krada, between his own studies and scrounging up coin. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. Krada became a hasstle, always causing trouble, hurting other people. Ujuru was practically powerless to stop the inevidability that was his blood and race. When it came time, Krada decided he was to leave. Ujuru couldn't protest. A good while later, after many years of different events, Ujuru, now growing at his bodies end in this life, now seeks to pass on as much information as he can to those willing to use it to be furthered, and taught again. "A soul can only take so much before giving out. ", he thought. So he created a school, as to pass on the knowledge he has learned over the years to young, spongey minds.


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