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Post by Zorgin » 04/06/07

Full Name: Zorgin Adrian Zalephres (Zohr-guh-in Zuh-leh-frez)
Nicknames: Zorg, Z, pointy-eared git, meddlesome elf.
Aliases: Alfred D'Null (Dark Elf) Robert Summers (Human) Zlith Python (Iksar)
Titles: Prowler, Pirate, Tavern Ninja, Lunkhead, Officer

Coggle Cogrocket
Murthulous Adun
Lizalfos Iz'Razek

  • Preferred Modelset: Zorgin can be viewed in either Soga or Vintage, currently I'm using Vintage due to the higher quality of the models, but for an accurate depiction of his face, SOGA is the way to go.
    Level: 89
    Class: Swashbuckler
    RP Power: He's a very talented buckler of swashes. Nimble, agile, he can perform some rather flexible moves in combat. He has had training with the monks of the Whistling Fist, and for all purposes, fights much like a Ninja. In addition to this, he possesses Psionic power which he will employ into his moves when pressed. Telekinesis, psionic shockwaves, etc, though these powers do little more than give him a small edge. A lot of his prowess has waned in recent years, though his psionics have become more of a go-to in fights.

    Race: Feir'Dal (With an Aura which sets him apart from them, but physically he is no different.)
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: IC: Unchronicled OOC: 08/14/02
    Age: 1202 years old. (He certainly doesn't act it.)
    Hair: Auburn-brown with progressively larger streaks of grey, long and tied into a loose ponytail. He keeps it curtaining his eyes gently in the front.
    Skin: lightly tanned, giving him a very Wood-Elf appearance. Slight wrinkles from advanced age.
    Eyes: His eyes are bright and clever, and are somewhere between Emerald and Jade in color, not having lost their gleam despite his age.
    Height: 5' 9"
    Weight: 140 lbs.

    Place of Residence: South Qeynos. 2 Lucie Street (Across from Broker.)
    Place of Birth: Kelethin (A very, very long time ago.

    Zargone Zalephres - Brother Deceased
    Razzap Snookums - Foster parent
    Fizzwiggle Cogrocket - Foster parent
    Coggle Cogrocket - Foster Uncle Deceased
    Thornberry Cogrocket - Step Sister
    Xelanna Zalephres - Wife Deceased
    Yisandri Zalephres - Daughter Deceased
    Windri Zalephres - Daughter Deceased
    Zakorin Zalephres - Son
    Enemies: Just about all of his enemies are either dead, retired, or otherwise out of the picture; a side effect of his regular hiatuses. He has a long-standing enmity with Lizalfos.
    Allies: The Vagabond Knights (To name a few, I'd list Spindel, Tosta, Reedeep, Telis, Fortuna, Tyrs, Jarconok, Draelin, Shard, and many others.) The Legacy of Honor (Namely Klumpp and Morian), and some friends would be Zaladin, Koyah, Ruani, Tambo, Jerimin, Drekkan, Tock, Dreyco.

    Occupation: Tavern Ninja (Swashbuckler)
    Crafting: Carpenter.

    Typical Feir'Dal tan, very pleasant and wide-eyed. He seems eager and go-getter about everything he does. He stands tall, sometimes with a minor slouch when he's bored.

    Fashion of Choice: Linens, down-to-earth peasant wear, work clothing. He loves rollin' up his sleeves, and doesn't think it's necessary to dress other than how he is.
    Armor of Choice: Light chain. He prefers protection and the ability to move. He only wears cloth when he does espionage, as chain is far too loud.
    Weapons of Choice: His blade of choice in battle is his Cinderblade, a weapon he enhances with his psionic energy, and of course his Left Handed Sonic Wrench.

    Special Abilities: Zorgin is not a typical Feir'Dal, He was born a prodigy of psionic power, master of Telekinesis, Telepathy, and magics generally considered the work of coercers and illusionists. Zorgin is not capable of nearly as great mental feats as he used to be. He can communicate telepathically over large distances, yes. Telekinesis is all but gone, and what he does maintain is far from battle-effective. He can repair mental injuries to some extent, and heal minor amnesia, but that is the most useful trait he has retained in his old age.
  • Alignment: Zorgin can easily be considered Chaotic/Neutral Good.
    Motivations: Achievement and Beneficence.
    Disposition: Joyful.
    Outlook: Optimistic, conscientious, Spontaneous, Intrepid, Stubborn, Warm, Agreeable, Engaging, Candid, rebellious.

    Religion/Philosophy: A devout worshipper of Bristlebane to the end, he believes laughter is the best medicine and the strongest weapon.

    Sexuality: Zorgin has a strong Libido, is Heterosexual, and is very romantic when he expresses. He has a strong attraction toward Elvish and Human women.

    Positive Personality Traits: Zorgin is quick to make friends. He has an innate ability to get people to trust him. It doesn't always work with the shadier of individuals, but to those who are scared and fearful, Zorgin is their best friend.
    Negative Personality Traits: He has a tendency to be totally, utterly oblivious to social queues and hints. He has no sense of social grace, and can often, as a result, be somewhat forward or blunt. Having been raised by a pyrotechnically-obsessed gnome and an Innoruuk-worshipping Troll, he can exhibit some rather...eccentric social behaviors at times.
    Misc. Quirks: Zorgin suffers from "Anatidaephobia", it is the fear that Somewhere, Somehow, A Duck Is Watching Him. He also has some sort of fascination with fireants, collecting and training them with his mind as a weapon...
  • Guild: The Vagabond Knights
    Guild Rank: Vagabond Knight (Was an officer, stepped down.)
    Faction: Qeynos - Amiable
    Faction: Kelethin - Amiable
    Faction: Gorowyn - Indifferent
    Faction: Maj'Dul - Indifferent
    Faction: Neriak - Hostile
    Faction: Freeport - Hostile
  • Likes: Pranking people and guards, explosives, playing cards with the Freeport Militiamen in Nektulos Forest, making an uproar, being a nuisance or distraction, drinking, helping a friend, talking to shy people, making friends, running along rooftops, practicing his Stealth Art, cutting purses, startling people, being a hero.
    Dislikes: People who go out of their way to be rude, people with no sense of humor, people with no sense of responsibility. He hates when people don't step up to challenges in their lives, or when they try to work around problems instead of solving them. Falling off Kelethin, missing the boat, not getting his fill of food, Renita.

    Favorite Foods: Vulrich anything. Sandwich, steak, stew, you name it and it has Vulrich and down it goes!
    Favorite Drinks: Jum Jum Cider, Brell's Everlasting.
    Favorite Colors: Red, Black, gold.

    Hobbies: Making explosives with his adopted parents on Norrath, Razzap Snookums and Fizzwiggle Cogrocket. Hanging out with anyone from his guild, playing with magnets near the guards wearing full plate, teasing the Griffons when they're at the towers, drinking with anyone who'll tolerate his presence.
  • Played by What Famous Person: Dunno. Probably voiced by David Tennant.

    Theme Songs: The Majestic Tale By Murray Gold

    History: Orphaned at birth, for the advent of his psionic powers caused a horrific shockwave which struck out his family in a flash of power. He was raised by the forest of the Faydark.

    Zorgin grew up in Kelethin, at least as far as he can recall. It was a simple life, exploring the Druid Rings and avoiding Orc Hill to the best of his ability. His childhood friend, Wuud, convinced him to go up to Orc hill with him on a dare.

    Wuud never made it. Zorgin has harbored a particular hatred for Crushbone ever since.

    Zorgin's history on Norrath is long and complex, so I will attempt to make things as clear and concise as my skills with the english language will allow. I will put small OOC notes here and there to help give you a grasp of this. Unless noted otherwise, the majority of the events listed below /actually/ happened in-game.

    Ages ago, when Norrathians were content in their domination of magic and the world (EQ1), a powerful, evil Necromancer walked the lands of Kunark. His name was Zaladin Shadeclaw, and he boasted to his peers in Cabilis that he alone was Thule's very claw, here to make a lasting impression of fear on all of Norrath's inhabitants. He felt no strong connections to Cabilis, for he was not of natural birth; Zaladin was a Sarnak prototype, the middle of three "siblings", bearing striking resemblance to Iksar but harboring no other racial similarities.

    Zaladin wrought fear on many as he walked the lands of Kunark, his legend reaching the ears of two traveling merchants; Razzap Snookums, a Troll of Innothule and master cook, and Fizzwiggle Cogrocket, a Gnome of Ak'Anon and expert Firework maker. (Both played by my Father in EQ1 on the Nameless Server.)

    The two decided to band together and try to stop this threat, but neither Razzap's Spiritual magics nor Fizzwiggle's powerful, explosive wizardry could harm the Necromancer. Defeated, they fell back to the Faydark to think of a new strategy. It is there that fate took a turn for all three of them. (The next portion is fabricated; Zaladin was on a different server than Razz and Fizz.)

    From the crest of Orc hill ran a terrified, blood-soaked figure, which turned out to be an Elf, Feir'Dal by the looks of it, and extremely injured. The Elf awoke and shared his name, Zorgin Zalephres, and told how Wuud had perished but Zorgin had survived, having unwittingly awoken his psionic abilities. The Elf showed promise, and upon hearing of Zaladin's story, decided he would help the two travelers defeat him.

    Years of work went into training Zorgin in the ways of Norrath, showing him the world as only a Traveler could. Zorgin grew comfortable and began to understand the ways of the world he, content frolicking in the Faydark, never saw. Eventually, he felt his skills and knowledge were ready to be put to the test. (My father taught me a lot of things -I was very young at this time- about the game, most of which I don't remember. I was really good at killing stuff though! Zorgin was a Druid in EQ1.)

    The two Titans, Zaladin and Zorgin, clashed in the pit, deep in the Field of Bone on Kunark. The Chokodai and Burynai alike fled to their homes and dens at the discharge of Zaladin's potent magic, and quite the fearsome display it was. Blow after blow was struck, minion after minion summoned, wound after wound sustained, until finally the rest saw the better. Zorgin stood triumphant, and the alleged "Right Claw of Cazic Thule" lay defeated beneath a child of light. (This did happen; Zaladin and I dueled in the center of the pit in FoB. Was pretty awesome. And yeah, I won.)

    Zorgin offered the Necromancer two choices; die here, or live on and stay with him to learn the power Zorgin used to defeat him; light, hope, and trust against Dark, Fear, and betrayal. Zaladin, eager for more power and to continue living, took up the opportunity to try and buy time to think of a way to escape. As he traveled with Zorgin, however, he saw him live and realized the merits of his ways. He began to see what Zorgin tried to show him in the first place; the difference between Power and Strength.

    Zaladin now makes it a point to use his Dark Magics toward benevolent ends, as his own means of giving the finger to his ex-deity. He is working toward becoming a child of the light himself, but with so much blood on his hands, it is a long and trying journey indeed, but the two began to form a close bond.

    Zorgin in the meantime continued to wander Norrath, and upon sensing the cataclysms-to-be, hid himself in the deep places of the world.

    After the Tribulations, he awoke to find that not only had Razzap and Fizzwiggle persevered (How is to be discerned) but so had Zaladin, who had achieved Immortality at some point in his life, though he will not disclose when or how. (Zal's just creepy like that.) Razzap and Fizzwiggle now explore the Shattered Lands of Norrath, and every once in a while keep in touch with their foster son. Zaladin and Zorgin traveled a lot together, exploring the new Norrath, until one day, Zaladin simply vanished.

    He lived in Kelethin again for the next four years from that, until the Rending occurred. He survived that, and the Shattering, and has persevered through each trial after the other. He is now older, stronger, wiser (Only a little though), and finally has a place where he belongs. The trip to recovery, for Zorgin, is about to begin.

    Zorgin's time on "New" Norrath has been extensive. Years of battle with other guilds, his many adventures with the Vagabond Knights, and his own personal accomplishments have led to a very old elf. He has a device, called the Klockwork Empathy Globe (KEG for short), which stores and amplifies his psionic power. It also doubles as a transportation vessel.

    Though he's rarely seen these days, he still pops by the more populated areas of Norrath from time to time, just to check in. He feels he is no longer needed, and that the time of war is behind him.

    Only time will tell if he is right.
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Post by Axxon » 04/06/07

*smiles as if remembering something amusing*

I met this...Zorgin person...once. I was in the Greater Faydark and I had just completed a task for the Seraph of Hate. This impudent wretch accosted me and had the audacity to demand my \"business\" in the Faydark. Then he insulted my race. I, of course, demanded an abject apology, which he at first refused.

I was going to attack him, but instead I went about the more enjoyable task of killing Kelethin guards until he apologized. The tale is chronicled below for any who are interested.

((This little encounter of random RP really made my day! Thanks again, Zorgin and welcome to the RM boards.

https://p208.ezboard.com/fthedicipleshi ... =600.topic ))

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Re: Zorgin Zalephres (Updated)

Post by Zorgin » 06/21/08

((Updated the profile for more recent times. Looked it over and realized it was VERY out of date.))

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Re: Zorgin Zalephres (Updated again)

Post by Koyah » 12/13/08

Zorgin is the first friend I have had in some time, and I am thankful to him for taking notice of me. And not slitting my throat when we met. That would have been an embarrassing way to die. He has become a dear friend, but I must remind myself that friends is all we are and can be. It is not difficult; despite his wit, he possesses the perception of a Thundermist onion at times. Which I suppose I must be grateful for, else he would know how he can affect me. Fortunately, he does not, and so it shall stay.

He is a man in trouble, these days, and I hope to help him. He brought me out of the shell I have made for myself in the last year, and gave me back a fire I was missing by taunting me to anger. Sly.

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Re: Zorgin Adrian Zalephres (Updated 12/15/08)

Post by Ruani » 12/22/08

Zorgin. I dislike that he knows a part of me few do. There was a time when I was weak, under the sway of something I care not to contemplate. That, coupled with my hatred of Renita's methods and pedantic self interested ranting, moved me to help free him. That and I wanted my vithing basement back. I didn't expect that I would be kidnapped in the process, nor that he would stand up for me and make them let me go. How very strange.

We've met a few times since, and he has an odd sort of half-trust for me because of what I've done for him. Perhaps I should betray it, to bring some simple closure. I don't like what I did for him, and I don't like what called me to. Some things are best left forgotten and dead.

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Re: Zorgin Adrian Zalephres

Post by Bird » 07/16/09


A fun guy. Ain't got to know him as well as I'd like but he is fun to hang out with. Just hope he gets better after that whole mess with gnomes and lizard rotties and I'm still kinda confused on all the details. Everybody seems to think he will, so I'm not too worried.

Well, except for about the rottie saying that Zorgin owed him.

That kinda worries me.

I'm still gonna totally dye his hair green though.

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Re: Zorgin Adrian Zalephres

Post by Vorenn Frostrime » 07/31/09

This bloke's family is so species-bending it does me mind in...I jus' decided ta turn to th'keg as drinkin' ale made more sense than his family tree. Ironically I let 'is cocky accent throw me off, but he's got a brain in 'is head and is cunning as a fox. He's also got a generous streak ta 'im and I owe th'bloke a favour whether he knows it or nae.

...I jus' dinnae understand why he's been lookin' at me so funny of late. Mebbe - ? ....nah.

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Re: Zorgin Adrian Zalephres

Post by Jezza » 08/02/09

Realy wierd. Really, really, really, wierd.

Did I mention wierd?

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Re: Zorgin Adrian Zalephres

Post by Shaok » 08/11/09

Zorgin..Hes alright in my book. I owe him twice over for what hes done for me. He helped defend me in Nettleville when the 3rd Birgade came for me, and then escorted me along with others into the heart of Freeport when Lt. Nerien had an orphan I had been watching over kidnapped. Demanded me for the kid, and Zorgin came with to ensure that the trade off went as planned. I'll have to make sure to write more as I get to know him, and he seems very worth getting to know.

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Re: Zorgin Adrian Zalephres

Post by Masq » 03/04/10

Heems a mean littles bastard!

Heems remind mes of one of dose cute littles dogs and yus t'ink, HEY it a cute littles dog. Sos yus look at its and maybes even yus try to pet its and den IT FUCKS YUS UP! Yis! It CHEWS OFF YUS DAMNS LEG. And yus screamings and trys to runs away but it chases yus ands den yus die.

Yis. Heems like dat. But meaners.

Damns crazy bastard toos

Damns rights

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Re: Zorgin Adrian Zalephres

Post by Amixa » 03/05/10

Amixa lounged in the sand of the oasis garden in her home and looked out at the clear night sky. Stars twinkled down at her hinting at a larger greatness out there and she could not help but smile. Her battle with Lizalfos was in full force and Zorgin had nearly paid the price for it tonight. Still, she knew the lizard and he had a much longer history between them than she did. She just didn't want to see the man who was quickly becoming one of her best friends to suffer because of her.

Her fingers pulled at the sand, let it run through her fingers as she considered the crimson haired elf. He was a conundrum to be sure. Almost childish at times and frighteningly powerful at others. The man was a depth of emotion and far stronger than most might think given how he presented himself to the world. It was satisfying and it was one reason she hadn't written him off as a frivilous flop after their first meeting. That and the fact that he and Shaok were friends.

She liked him and found she looked forward to the times they could speak. Hiring him on to help tend bar at the Mummy was most definately a good idea and she was glad she'd done that. He'd worked one night so far and she was pleased with the job he'd done. Pleased that he seemed to count her as a friend too. Flattered by his attentions but not fooled by them either. He had a sense of humor rarely seen and he made her laugh even when she didn't think he was trying to.

A smile found her lips and she pulled up another handful of sand. As it trickled from her fingers it seemed to hover for a moment, swirling softly then drifting away as if on a breeze. Yes, Zorgin was someone she hoped would be in her life for a long time to come.

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Re: Zorgin Adrian Zalephres

Post by Elkateth » 04/20/10

*Elkateth flips through some books, making notes, and biting his lower lip in concentration. At the disturbance, he looks up, a little cross and wags a finger at the person talking*

Now you should know not to disturb me when I'm deep in the stacks. What is it? Oh? Asking about Zorgin, eh? Well, let the Neophyte through the guards, by all means.

*He chuckles and shakes his head to clear the cobwebs from his studies*

Yes, Zorgin - well, my first meeting with him was quite educational. The Thirsty Mummy is a place to glean information, and work side deals with the likes of folks who are ... frowned upon within the Neriak borders. But Zorgin struck me as quite the quizzical fellow - very inquisitive, and knowledgeable, but a bit arrogant. Mind you, like most strong willed Pales, he can be, but don't let that brilliant smile and engaging laugh fool you. There's a sharp mind behind those eyes.

*He listens to the query*

And what were we discussing? Young Inquisitor, you should know better than to ask after my business - but I will say that it involved old magic, old beings of power. He has quite a few contacts, and knows more than he lets on. Not a bad person to know, even if he is a Qeynosian. And don't be surprised at my associations - there is information to be had, and you will learn this craft eventually. Now, leave me to my research - I'm quite busy.

*He gestures dismissively at the Neophyte, and returns to his research, shaking his head, and taking notes from dusty old tomes*

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Re: Zorgin

Post by GloomPixie » 12/16/10

I understand he is dead...pity. The world is always less fascinating when interesting people are removed.

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Re: Zorgin

Post by Telis » 02/11/11

Hah! Now I know this character quite well.

Zorgin, tha Tavern Ninja, our Tavern Ninja. It was at tha Spider he earned that title, an' back then I remember how much o' a one tankard drunk he was! Over time I got ta learn more 'bout him, where he was from, an' that powerful mind o his. I constantly remember all tha adventures we went on, an' tha dangers we faced that most o' tha time only he alone could percieve. Even as those around him doubted him, some o' us did our best ta help him. After a while, we thought it was over, an' he was all happily married an' such.

Wouldn't believe tha shock we suffered on hearin' tha calamity o' his wife bein' gone. In honesty, an' perhaps a bit o' lookin' back, behind all that grinnin', huge appitite, an' general insanity, there's a guy who's endured a lotta pain in his time. Even after his own demise in Maj'Dul, he still lingered, an' when he returned, he was still troubled. My heart sinks every time I think o' what he, his friends, an' close ones go through every day. I only hope that in time, we can still give him tha light an' hope that he has sought fer years. This guy deserves a little peace in his life, an I sure as heck am willin' ta stand by his side ta help him find it.

My only question 'bout him I still linger on ... how tha hell an elf that powerful became so fearful o' a bloody -duck-?

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Re: Zorgin

Post by Zorgin » 06/26/17

*Dusts off the shelves, coughing.*

Oh, hey. That's where I put this.

((Updated. Jeez time flies.))

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Re: Zorgin

Post by Slipps » 06/28/17

Hims nots remembers thes girls. Eithers ofs hims.
Nots sures hers remembers eithers.

Wonders whichs thems is thats does?

Wills sees.

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