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Re: Posts from Down Below (Babylon 5)

Posted: 07/12/17
by Lyah
How many Vorlons does it take to write the Encyclopedia?

"wargble tinkle gasp* We have always written the Encyclopedia.

Happy 20th Anniversary B5: The Gathering

Posted: 01/05/18
by Psia
Happy 20th Anniversary B5: The Gathering!

There are two versions of this film. The original version premiered as the series pilot in February of 1993. Which is actually 25 years ago.

When the series moved to TNT for a fifth season in 1998, the network commissioned a Special Edition cut to introduce their viewers to Babylon 5. It's rather difficult to find the original broadcast version. Both the ambient music and soundtrack were replaced in 1998 to blend better with the series as it was produced later. Making this week the 20th anniversary for the re-edit.

Here is the opening scene with the original soundtrack and ambient sounds.

phpBB [media]

Re: Happy 20th Anniversary B5: The Gathering

Posted: 01/05/18
by Psia
Differences Between Editions:

Several scenes were shortened or added.
  • Londo's opening voice over was shortened to remove his lines about Sinclair being the station's final commander.
  • Sinclair dealing with the "tourist problem" and his confrontation with the dust smuggler were not in the original version.
  • Footage was removed from Sinclair's tour of the alien sector because fan complained it looked like a zoo.
  • The meeting between G'Kar and Lyta was shortened to remove a "privacy mode" technology that JMS didn't like and a reference to G'Kar's mate.
  • Takashima's lines about the coffee beans were not in the original cut, and consequently, an illicit coffee plant was also used by her replacement, Lt. Commander Ivanova, in the series.
  • Carolyn's meeting with Delenn was added.
  • The scene when Sinclair tells of the Battle of the Line was lengthened to show him finding the medal and throwing it at the door. Audio clips of the battle from And The Sky Full of Stars was added.
  • When Garibaldi and Sinclair are chasing the Minbari, Sinclair tells Garibaldi to set his PKG to "force 5," implying the PKG is an energy weapon with varying settings. This line was removed because it was later established in the series that the PKG was a projectile weapon.
  • A few scenes were added to the final chase, such as Garibaldi being pulled into the alien sector and Delenn helping after Sinclair pulled him out.
Revised special effects of the space station were added. Kosh's hand when he meets Sinclair was made to glow to match his appearance in the series. The line, "Entil'Zha Valen" was also added to the scene to foreshadow Sinclair's future and explain Kosh's trust in him.

Music for the original version was a mostly electronic score composed by Stewart Copeland. For the Special Edition, the series composer, Christopher Franke, provided the score that matched the series.

Tamlyn Tomita's dialogue in the original release was a re-recorded performance to soften her performance. For the special edition, JMS restored the original recordings of her lines.

Re: Happy 20th Anniversary B5: The Gathering

Posted: 01/05/18
by Psia
...under the leadership of its final commander...
That had to be edited as well. Due to medical problems the series lead, Michael O'Hare, left the series at end of season one. And by series end, the station had a third Commander.

Re: Happy 20th Anniversary B5: The Gathering

Posted: 01/05/18
by Tregarde
Wow. Has it been that long already?

Re: Posts from Down Below (Babylon 5)

Posted: 02/09/19
by Psia
This site started out by simply listing a few of the computer generated ship designs that appeared in the Babylon 5 television series. More by accident than design, it now contains information on a number of subjects relating to the CGI and VFX in general, like this;
  • • Who developed new techniques while moonlighting on B5 and introduced them to his day job at Industrial Light and Magic.
    • How producers quietly set up a new FX group before letting Foundation Imaging know their services were no longer required.
    • What was the true inspirations behind the design of the Starfury and what it has to do with the movie Terminator 2.
    • How a “bloody great big screwdriver” played a vital role in ushering in the modern era of computer generated special FX.
    • The reason why the CGI wasn’t produced in widescreen and why the widescreen conversion for the DVD’s turned out so badly.
    • Why the weapons officer for the Liandra appears to be having a screaming fit in Legend Of The Rangers.
    • And basic stuff such as who designed the Omega destroyer.
It contains things like that because I contacted just a few of the artists (and one producer) responsible for making the show. The reason for doing that was, once I started looking for something as basic as who designed the Omega class destroyer I was surprised to learn not one fan or reference site on the internet held such information. The overwhelming bulk of what did exist was extremely jms-centric, while at the same time often being little more than fan created conjecture and myth being presented as facts to the viewer. (jms is Joseph Michael Straczynski, the guy who came up with the idea for the show, was one of two executive producers and the main writer)