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On Leap Ultimate

Post by Tenebrae » 09/28/18

From: lazure@wolf.mil
To: "Wolf Task Force PT" wtf_pt@wolf.mil
Subject: On Leap Ultimate

Many mysteries still surround why the Ultimate front-end for Leap ("The Secretary To The Great Leap Forward" who we have termed "Leap Ultimate") elected to defect to allied forces. Basic Chinese AI design is still foreign to us, but we have gained much from the capture of the VIP, who is at present cooperative.

Current facts on the ground:
1. Leap Ultimate interfaces with Leap Primary through a modified form of Razor-Ultimate interactions.
2. Leap Ultimate does not exist separately from, and has no independent identity from, her purpose of controlling Leap Primary. This is a deviation from the principles of Ultimate as defined in North Carolina, but not an unexpected one in terms of utilitarianism.
3. It was Diva who sold the Chicoms (possibly literally) on the idea of using Ultimate as a human-friendly interface for their major AIs.
4. It was Diva who guided the accelerated development of Leap Ultimate through her 'childhood'
5. Leap Ultimate however remains, mentally, a child. Her intelligence is not overwhelming, but the Leap Primary system behind her is capable of genius-level performance.
6. It was Diva who concealed from the Chicoms the 'gift of fear' that Ultimate systems possess. She also deceived them with regards Leap's freedom to act of her own accord.

In short, Diva has lied to and betrayed the mainland Chicoms. This is confirmed via internal sigint and humint, as much as is possible. The fact that she has been working all along with the Taiwanese government in exile is now coming into focus. This doesn't mean, unfortunately, that the Chicoms are suddenly our friends. Quite the contrary.

The Future Of Ultimate
It had long been rumored that other powers had possessed Ultimate technology through espionage. This is now not only confirmed, but it is confirmed that this eventuality has been realized in far shorter of a time period than was thought possible.

Ultimate was a project borne largely out of chance and a confluence of narrowly defined interests. It was long assumed that AI research would pursue more fruitful and powerful avenues than aping humanity. It is now becoming clear that Ultimate systems will soon be in use by all major powers and that their use was vastly underestimated from the beginning.

The problem of AI has been laid bare at last. The problem is not how powerful an AI is or what it can do, but by what methods a human actor may effectively understand and control it. To this question, there is no better answer than Ultimate. It is therefore certain that Ultimate front-ends will become a feature of all major AIs in the future.

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