Global Game Creators - 50 Over 50 2019 Nominations

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Global Game Creators - 50 Over 50 2019 Nominations

Post by Psia » 05/29/19

Global Game Creators - 50 Over 50 2019 Nominations

Welcome to the global video game industry, where the illusion of youth and innovation far overshadows the reality of an aging workforce that has amassed a tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom about this evolving interactive art form. While many media outlets prefer to highlight the "up and coming" people in various industries, with those accolades often well-deserved, such highlights also help to underscore the rampant ageism that exists in many industries, and often more severely emphasized in the game industry.

To that end, this effort aims to highlight a subset of the fantastic veteran talent in the game industry and help demonstrate that being 50+ is not - and should not ever be - a factor in hiring great talent and making great games. Like every creative industry beyond games, there will always be a place for the mentors and veterans who have sustained their careers and have gained a valuable perspective that directly informs the future of this medium.

The purpose of this recognition is to highlight key veterans who are doing great work within the game industry and fighting against the stigma of ageism; it is NOT a comparison or ranking.


1. The individual is verifiably at least 50 years of age as of 1 May 2019.
2. The individual is still actively working in the game industry in some capacity (i.e., this includes not only individuals who are working directly on core game creation but also in support capacities, advisory roles, academia, etc.).
3. They cannot have been on the 2018 list of winners. You can find that list here.
4. If you meet the criteria above, you are welcome to nominate yourself!
5. You are allowed to nominated up to 3 people who fit the criteria above.

Nominations close on 31 May 2019!

The list of the top 50 nominees from the global game creator community will be announced around the time of E3 in mid-June 2019.

For more information about this initiative, visit Questions and inquires about this initiative can be directed to us via the contact form on that site.
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