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2019 Raven Mythic Check-in!

Posted: 01/04/19
by Psia
Happy New Year, Everyone!

I thought I'd challenge our user's who read our forum to reply to this topic. Say Hello! Let us know what you're up to for 2019? Are you gaming? What games are you playing? Are not playing any games at all? Why not?

For myself, I'm finally coming up for air. After four months of the most intense retail holiday season that I've ever worked. After the stressful Halloween, my Manager quit just three weeks before Black Friday. Our new Manager transferred from a small store, just two weeks before Black Friday. With more refined methods and expectations. All while just trying to do the job I've been doing for just over three years now. I'm tired most of the time.

I'm looking forward to actually planning a vacation of some kind for myself. I don't do that. And seriously need to change that bad habit.

Gaming wise I've continued my cruising of starships in Star Trek Online. But, clearly, experienced a burnout and needed to take a break. I chose to resub to EverQuest 2 for the first time in over six years. There is a great deal I have forgotten about how to play the game. Casually taking lighter quests to break myself back in. While more time is dominated with decorating my prestige version of the Isle of Refuge. I finally figured out what to do with it. I've missed the setting more than I realized. Still seeing some familiar roleplayer's. Who make me feel welcome.

I look forward to reading what the rest of you are up to.

Re: 2019 Raven Mythic Check-in!

Posted: 01/04/19
by Tregarde
In the real world, still married, still have a home, still got cats, still have a job. Overall, things aren't bad.

In the virtual world, I've moved from GW2 to Final Fantasy XIV. The game mechanics are archaic in comparison, but the RP makes up for it. I had forgotten how much of a difference proper housing makes!

Re: 2019 Raven Mythic Check-in!

Posted: 01/11/19
by Morenin
Alive. Got married last year. Still have cats. Not currently playing anything, busy trying to keep the house going. Also trying to get my medical benefits restored.

Re: 2019 Raven Mythic Check-in!

Posted: 01/12/19
by Duvessa
Obviously I'm still here. :)

Ijaka is too. Not sure if he's getting around to posting here, but he is. Last I checked, Euryale was still running the Soulfire, and Slipps has been our loyal birthday gal forever.

Re: 2019 Raven Mythic Check-in!

Posted: 01/13/19
by Ijaka
I am here! Game wise I've been flitting from game to game with various single player titles. I'm building up a collection of tabletop RPGs that I'm probably never going to run, despite what I keep promising myself. I've been dabbling in Drake's Werewolf game in the Shoutbox and keep telling myself to try running a oneshot or something myself.

Re: 2019 Raven Mythic Check-in!

Posted: 01/16/19
by Slipps
Still single.
Still have cats.
Went back to college!! Going for an AA with Psychology certification that I plan to flip into a degree in Anthropology.
Playing EQ2, but my energy is waning for a game that feels like adventure is just bleah.
Playing one of the SWGemu's; Empire in Flames.
Still doing birthdays!

Re: 2019 Raven Mythic Check-in!

Posted: 03/10/19
by Lysari
Hi! I'm not really here often, but I'm still around. Still single, still have a cat, currently playing swtor and gw2 on occasion. Got a new job that doesn't allow me to be on forums.

Hi! *waves*

Re: 2019 Raven Mythic Check-in!

Posted: 03/11/19
by Psia
Lysari wrote:
Hi! *waves*
/dances with Lysari!

Re: 2019 Raven Mythic Check-in!

Posted: 03/12/19
by Calris
Wife fell at work. Shattered her knee. So she's out on Workman's Comp for at least 6 months. My body decided to become diabetic, so I haven't been able to pass my DOT physical. Found a job driving a yard truck only for them to have to cut back on employees after 2 weeks. And my laptop is still a potato that's falling apart but can't be replaced for yet another year at least.

So...shaping up to be a fun year so far. :(

Oh, and Slipps missed my birthday. XD

Re: 2019 Raven Mythic Check-in!

Posted: 03/13/19
by Caymin
Still sort of around, though not as often as in the past.
Still single. At work I'm being given more responsibility, which means more opportunity, but also less time to goof off.
Doing a bit of traveling when I can as well.

Took an extended break from EQ2 a while ago and have been playing single player games (Skyrim and Fallout 4) and lately gotten back into online games with ESO and currently Fallout 76, but I am starting to miss the online RP again.
I play Pathfinder, Star Wars, and a homebrew tabletop RPG with friends as well, so I still get to enjoy some RP.

Always nice to see what everyone's up to though! :D

Re: 2019 Raven Mythic Check-in!

Posted: 03/17/19
by Tort
I stroll through when I can. Plenty of wins in the real world, but I often miss the realms of the imagination. All my thanks to those of you maintaining the Thelus wiki and sharing the outputs of your very interesting games. I am hopeful that the SEGS City of Heroes emulator will prove successful within a few years. Cheers!

Re: 2019 Raven Mythic Check-in!

Posted: 03/20/19
by Shizouka
Ack! I forgot to check in earlier.

Still around, but stress is high. Trying to find customers, get work. need to work on certs.

Scout kitty is fine, Rijacki is working...

Re: 2019 Raven Mythic Check-in!

Posted: 03/21/19
by Sibelle
It's been awhile but I do still check in now and then.

I'm still in FL, with my goblin pupper (x2) and I still have my wee doggo, 4 cats and now a posse of chicks. I'm going through a rough patch medically, but working at home and enjoying ESO to keep myself sane.

I also still draw/do art, and treated myself to an ipad + ipad pencil over christmas which has been amazing for my art and sanity cause I can do art anywhere! I've been running a small art-centric discord server for almost a year now and it's doing well.

My father passed a few years ago and I've been dealing with the fall out from that (some/many of you know that) I also lost 80% of my belongings to Irma which many of you know. Though we are back in our house (Roof rebuilt!) and doing much better.. we just had a bad run for awhile, still do to some degree but hings are looking up, to some degree and mentally I'm doing okay with it all. Just need to get over the hurdle with the medical crap!

I don't pop in here much, but my skype is still used because I use it for work if anyone is trying to reach me. Or alternatively, I can give out my discord handle. I've seen a few RM/EQ2ers in ESO now and then, but only managed to connect with a couple and they tend not to stay.

But I've been pretty happy there, for a couple years now. And also, strangely, am pretty much only RPing male characters at the moment..

Don't be a stranger, I still get notifications for PMs here, and peek now and then.

Re: 2019 Raven Mythic Check-in!

Posted: 03/28/19
by Maelgrym
Busy. Busy. Busy. Work is good. Life is good. Kiddo becomes a teenager at the end of this month.

Zae and I have pretty much given up on EQ2 for the most part. We occasionally log in to refresh our accounts, but the landscape still seems still very much well traveled and known. We are just starting up in ESO after playing LoTRO for several months. Haven't engaged the RP community there as the game is very fun to simply play and there is much to learn.

The RP community there is daunting because the lore is expansive. I imagine we'll dip our toe in, but not just yet.

Re: 2019 Raven Mythic Check-in!

Posted: 03/28/19
by Lillya
Happily married to my amazing Riven, who is working offshore again. Recovering financially well. Lost boycat #1 a year ago thanksgiving, my black and white Caesar after 21 years. We are planning a move to Baton Rouge next year this time to be closer to his work. This week I dyed my hair multicolour purple which fulfilled a 10+ year long desire. Playing WoW, and EQ2 on Kaladim.

Oh, we got adopted by a new girlcat. She picked Riven, and her name is Gabriella. I am happy! Healthwise still sucks but not much worse.

Re: 2019 Raven Mythic Check-in!

Posted: 04/02/19
by Zeverai
Been a long time here, but I do still occasionally log in and check things out. Hey folks!

I pretty much don’t game these days unless it’s console, but I’m about on social media. I’m still married, now a home owner, work from home, still have pets. No kiddos by choice. That’s about all that’s l have been up to.

Hope everyone is doing well!