Execution in Freeport: Kiaua Nohr

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Execution in Freeport: Kiaua Nohr

Post by TinweSaa » 05/02/16

Name of Criminal: Kiaua Nohr

Name of Officer(s) Authorizing Execution: Commander Arquenniel Tinwe`Saa

By order of the Mighty Overlord, Lucan D'Lere, Kiaua Nohr is sentenced to death by execution via The Pit for multiple counts each of the following crimes:
  • II/I(b).211 Murder
    II/I(c).282 Anti-Lucanic Thoughts
    II/I(c).283 Anti-Lucanic Rhetoric
    II/I(d).143 Possession of Controlled Substances
    II/I(d).144 Possession of Uncontrolled Substances
    II/I(d).145 Illegal Sale of Controlled Substances
    II/I(d).146 Illegal Sale of Uncontrolled Substances
    II/I(d).001 Breaking the Law
    II/I(d).057 Malicious Loitering
    II/I(d).072 Jaywalking
Prisoner Nohr successfully executed via The Pit in West Freeport.

Strength in Unity!
Unity in Lucan!

Commander Arquenniel Tinwe`Saa
Third Division Cavalry
Knights of Freeport

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