Report: Rebels at the Jade Tiger

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Report: Rebels at the Jade Tiger

Post by Tajar » 08/23/16

Date/Time: Windday, Weeping 25 of the year 3977
Location(s): The Jade Tiger, Freeport.

Written By: Lady Commander Tajar Eb'Udae

Guilds Involved: Knights of Freeport
Individuals Involved:

Lady Commander Tajar Eb'Udae
Knight Crataegus Smallcorners
Knight Shankora Caz'Ehlir
Felwyr of Karana
Citizen Ashtorah Blooddreamer
Citizen Arseni Blaze
Citizen Faellan Blaze
Ambassador Falconlorn
Citizen Serotia
Citizen Tinsha

Summary of Event:

Upon hearing of a disturbance while on Patrol, we made our way to the Jade Tiger where a crowd had gathered around a 'rebel' shouting Anti-Lucanic rhetoric. Upon attempts to arrest him, he did not co-operate and he and his two accomplices attacked us. Knight Smallcorners was taken out quickly with a lightning infused kick and a rock to the head. Knight Caz'Ehlir managed to take down one rebel before taking an arrow herself. Commander Eb'Udae managed to land a couple of blows on the main rebel before being disarmed. At this point brave Freeport Citizens risked their lives to aid her and the rebels fell. The main rebel, Felwyr, teleported himself and his accomplices away before arrests could be made.

Additional Notes:

Commander Eb'Udae recommends Commendations for the Freeport Citizens who aided the Third Cavalry against this so called rebel.

The Commander would also like to recommend that Citizen Ashtorah Blooddreamer take some archery lessons to improve his aim.

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