Riess & Joley, Just a simple story

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Riess & Joley, Just a simple story

Post by Joley » 09/30/16

This is just an area to chronicle the meeting and adventures of two people.

It was a normal day, no different than the one previous. Joley was straightening out her workshop and developing her latest tik-tok creation. Joley is a rather young human, around 23 years of age and very much so her father's biggest fan. She lost him last year and she's taken on the family business. Her father worked beside gnomes and became a smith of tik-toks and doohickeys. She admired him and his work and grew up learning the trade. Her father always wanted more for her, but it was useless, for this was now in her blood.

As she worked, in walked a Koada'dal. He dropped off Rhodium gears (that she had previously ordered) and they engaged in conversation. Riess was his name and it was learned that he had become a blacksmith due to necessity. He explained the hamlet was not as it was and it had become a rather scary place. Looking for work he found some in the city of Qeynos. He was an armorer and enjoyed working with metal, much like Joley. They agreed to see one another again, wishing to work on fascinating thingamabobs and improve their crafts. They both had incredible talent and between the two they felt they could push their respective trades even farther.

When he left Joley sighed. She recluses herself after her father had passed. It isn't often she receives company and it meant the world to her to just have someone to talk to. She hopes he meant what he said, that he would be back. She even asked, or more or less tasked him to make her some much needed items for her workshop in hopes that would lure him back. After their encounter, she knew she needed a friend.

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