Freeport Observer: Let Lucan Guide Your Sword!

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Freeport Observer: Let Lucan Guide Your Sword!

Post by Publius » 02/28/17

Free Citizens!

I write today with good news. Our glorious Overlord has seen fit to recommission the Militia's First Infantry Division! All Free Citizens should rejoice, for now we have yet another opportunity to do our Overlord's bidding. Is he not generous?

The Division's purpose is to best prepare Freeport for conflict with any and all foreign powers. This not only requires martial ability, but commercial and political dominance as well. The First Infantry therefore allows militiamen and women a unique chance to specialize in traditionally in traditionally non-military fields, without having to sacrifice any of the many benefits of serving in our Overlord's militia.

Furthermore, they will have the unique distinction of serving under veteran commander Nerien Darius, former Lord Commander of the Knights of Freeport! Darius lead our city to triumph over the vile whore-queen of Qeynos during the Antonica Campaign! Surely his new division will be bestowed with the laurels of victory early and often.

The First are beginning their conscription patrols as I write this, dear compatriots, and my quill trembles with excitement! As our presses march on, so too will Freeport's brave heroes! But why wait to join their number? If you're like me, fellow patriots, you won't want to waste a second that could be spent bringing glory to D'lere. And are we in luck! The First is accepting applicants! Contact your local recruiter today!

In the words of our great Overlord- “Go forth, warriors of D’lere! Norrath awaits your might!”

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