The Rumor Mill

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The Rumor Mill

Post by Duvessa » 01/31/08


Post here with rumors about your character, this is a way to put the "word on the street" and hopefully attract some RP your way, or let you know about other people looking for RP.

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[b]Common Rumors:[/b]

[b]Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):[/b]


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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Pirate » 12/09/10

Character: Neversea Crimsonblade (Alejandrino, Neverzea, Dnael, Neversee)

Common Rumors:
- His real name is not Neversea Crimsonblade.
- He's more than just a pirate.
- He might be noble born.
- He was suppose to be knighted.
- He's a Prince of some royal family.
- He's had more than one wife at the same time.
- He's been married more than once.
- He's having an affair or four.
- His wives know about the affair.
- He is something more than he seems. Some suspect him to be a werewolf.
- He's studied Wizard magic for a long time.
- He pretended to dislike magic to hide the fact he used it.
- He relocated his family's home to make it safe from outsiders.
- He raises tigers.
- He raises wolves.
- He uses wolves and tigers like seeing eye dogs.

- He owns an enormous fleet of ships.
- He builds all his ships himself.
- He owns a fleet of ghost ships, given to him by his wife.
- He works for the Dame Euryale, Countess Malvina, the group known as Argus, Intrigue and another source that he calls Drinal.
- He's built a small fleet of ships to be used for each of those he works for.
- Each of his flagships have some sort of connection to him.
- He destroyed the first ship he ever built.
- He destroyed the ship he made for his wife.
- He hides his shady dealings under the guise of an Interior Designer.
- He really does enjoy and is quite good at Interior Design.
- He cheats, lies and steals whenever he wants to.
- One of his most trusted men, is his son.

- He's sober when he's drunk and drunk when he's sober.
- He's blind.
- He fakes being able to see.
- He's been blind a long time.
- There used to be three of him.
- He follows the Marr Twins.
- He follows Innoruuk.
- He follows Prexus.
- He follows no God.
- He won't follow orders if they are given by a male.
- He's wanted in every city for murder, pirating, drug trafficing, smuggling and more.

- He cheats on his wives.
- He killed his parents.
- He killed his twin sister.
- He killed the Captain of his first ship to gain the Captain title.
- He slept with and impregnanted his Captain's wife.
- He killed his Captain, so he could take his wife.
- He tortured his Captain before killing him and the Captain's wife.
- He's a cold, emotionless, heartless bastard.
- He'll kill just for the sport of it.
- He'll betray anyone for the right price.
- He's out to kill someone very close to him.

Most Recent Rumors:
- He's been trying to kill his brothers for a year and only succeeded at putting them into a coma.
- He sacrificed a part of himself to bring his brothers back.
- He tried to kill his brothers while they slept.
- He poisoned himself in a suicide attempt, only to find that he couldn't die.
- He tried to drown himself afterward and again found himself still alive.
- He had to access extremely powerful magic recently and it's left him weak.
- His left leg is fake.
- He's planning to kill his wives to rid himself of them.
- He's filing for divorce with all his wives.
- He and his daughter Roxxy are opening a Brothel.
- He's being hunted by the Order of Rime for inflitrating their camp and stealing a map to their homeland.
- He's blackmailing the Order of Rime leaders.
- He's blackmailing Euryale with secret naked pictures of her.
- He hates Torryn.
- He's planning to kidnap Euryale and hold her hostage.
- He thinks of Torryn like a brother or a father.
- He's been tryin g to provoke Torryn in an attempt of male bonding.
- He just wants to kick Torryn's ass.
- He stole a collection of panties from several women of Moonshadows.
- He only stole Euryale's panties.
- Plans to hang the panties in the guild hall some day.
- He's trying to kill Tennos.
- He really does not want to kill Tennos.
- He likes Tennos.
- He thinks Tennos reminds him too much of himself
- His new flagship has no name.
- His new flagship has a crew of souls he took himself.

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):
The first three sections are true. Only one of the 4th section is true. Half of the recent rumors are true and half are false.

Rps! Feel free to spread any of the rumors above too! I'm not always available to rp, so shoot me a tell or catch me in the hall. I am all for someone calling him up on some of the rumors! If you want to try something, just let me know!

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Dumakeene » 12/18/10

Character: Dumakeene

Common Rumors:
--Was the mortician of Somborn
--Was a painter who was able to cast divinations and conjurations with his paintings
--Was a pervert who would screw just about anything be it living, dead or undead
--Was a Voidling in a human body
--Kept a staff consisting mainly of curvy Naiad and a Harpy
--Used to have a personal Lamia slave who rebelled and ran away
--Had a vampiress slave who also rebelled
--The mortuary was set aflame by this Vampiress
--The mortuary was set aflame by a Teir'dal from Neriak
--Was recently assassinated or maybe just murdered
--Was actually banished to some pocket realm within the Void

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):
--He was RPed as a mortician of Somborn
--His paintings really were magical and inspired from "Duma Key" written by Stephen King
--He was lured into the Void, attacked, restrained to a stone block and beheaded after a certain part of him was ripped from his body
--The mortuary of Somborn was set ablaze and many of his works have been destroyed, and this is something that can indeed be known as it is difficult to hide a burning building

--Anyone interested in owning a painting and possibly playing a minor part in a storyline

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Mikalle » 12/21/10

Character: Mikalle


Easy (Very Common, likely baseless):
  • * "Her? Nah, she's all bluster. No skills to back up the loud mouth, y'know?"
    * "No, I think she's .. you know.. the type to sell what she was born with. If you know what I mean. Acts like one, anyway."
    * "Saw her take out an ogre three times her size with a candle and some rope. Don't ask me how she did it. Seriously - you don't want to know."
Medium (Uncommon, Potentially true):
  • * "Mika? That girl's a pistol. Don't let her kiss you - no, I mean it. Poison on her lips; I've seen grown men collapse after a smooch with that one."
    * "I heard she was personally trained by Savani."
Hard (Very uncommon, likely true):
  • * "Yeah, she works with Savani, now. Heard he practically made her what she is today - which would explain a lot. Lunatics, the lot of them."
    * "She acts like nothing can take her down, but there's a weakness, there. You can't see it? It's plain as day."
Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):
  • (May be added later.)
  • * Friends! Currently, Mika is a very new character and doesn't know many PCs. Allies that she can get to know and maybe even depend upon would be great.
    * Enemies! The same applies, but in reverse - I love having someone as a rival (or multiple someones)! Anyone who may feel like they need to stamp out evil would totally work - Mika's reputation isn't fantastical, but it is growing in the darker circles of the world.
    * Hapless victims! Do you need a small-time villain to harass your character? Look no further!
Feel free to whisper me in-game or PM me here if you're looking to contact me for RP! ♥

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Maggeria » 12/21/10

Character: Lady Maggeria N'Sveran

Common Rumors:
~She's some sort of witch
~She's an enchantress
~She's actually a mindmage with empathic abilities
~She can influence Nightmares
~The mindless woman that follows her sometimes is her sister, Mischan
~The mindless woman is her mother
~She ripped through her mind at the age of 9
~She's wanted in Qeynos for killing an arch-mage
~She's out to kill Feldyin.
~She wants to bed Feldyin
~She has a secret hitlist hidden somewhere
~She's somehow connected to mistmoore by multiple bonds
~She's employed by a Knight of Hate
~She's employed by a vampire
~She's carrying Tennos' child
~She's carrying Neversea's Child
~She's carrying both.
~She hates them both and wants to castrate them
~The child's some sort of unusual mix
~There are rumors floating around Neriak that she influenced the guards to think her employer was a tunarian.
~There are rumors around Maj'dul she hoodwinked the Blades to think she's an Ally
~Spends alot of her free time secluded in multiple places
~Is being hunted.

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly): She is an empathic mindmage, and affilated with Mistmoore due to being employed by Thrads. She's pregnant with tennos' child, and she IS being hunted, she has killed an arch mage in qeynos, the rumors are both true, she does spend alot of time in seclusion, she does have a hitlist, and feldyin is top of her list. The midless woman is Mischan her sister...and. She can influence nightmares to some degree.

Wanted: RP! Need someone willing to play the Hunter for character development and to get into her hair and be nosey!

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Yssyvielis » 12/26/10

Character: Yssyvielis Il'Seliel

Common Rumors:
Anyone affiliated with The Concordium could easily find this information and it is all true:
- She is the daughter of Kaltharad Il'Seliel, a fairly high class but anti-social Erudite Wizard.

- Kaltharad himself never partakes in relationships actively, Yssyvielis is the result of a night with a courtesan and a lack of precautions. Something he apparently does quite often, though nowadays with more care.

- The Courtesan, is not known by name to Yssyvielis on the grounds that she died while giving childbirth. It was a particularly rough pregnancy, and they did not anticipate that Yssyvielis would make it. She was however, a widowed High Elf woman who was known well enough for her profession.

- At a young age, it was determined that Yssyvielis did not share her father's gifts. But was still rather magically adept. However despite many teachers, classes and attempts. She never exhibited much in the way of control despite the prodigal amount of potential she has.

- Though she is a half breed, there are no rumors of her having much trouble with her Father. Though based on her mannerisms and glyphs it's fairly obvious that she takes after her Erudian side, and therefore must have been raised with that in mind. Even if, as rumors would have it that she did not see much of him.

More personal rumors that are undocumented:

- She occasionally takes the form of a fae when she knows she will be going somewhere and she is likely to be unaccepted, it for whatever reason is the only self-illusion she can manage.

- Most mages would find her presence to enhance their natural ability. Sort of like a powerful set of ley lines. They may not however know it is her doing, but her presence would be pleasing.

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):
The extent of her abilities stops at illusions and dreamweaving. She's completely incapable of telepathy, but receives messages and emotions just fine. She cannot mend minds, or manipulate time (yet), and to most people she is harmless. Everything she can do that would be dangerous is an illusion or dream manipulation, and she isn't a very good actress to go along with it.

Like her alignment says in her character sheet, she is painfully neutral. She is also extremely susceptible to outside influence.

Wanted: Roleplay, good or bad. I wouldn't mind her being used, or manipulated herself. She doesn't quite understand what the fuss is about her, only that she troubled her teachers immensely.

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Nashir » 01/02/11


Common Rumors:
-He is an insatiable dervish sex god.
-He is a desperate fool.
-He's hung like a camel.
-He's a Eunuch.
-He has been stabbed, poisoned, and beaten to a pulp for supposedly sleeping with a variety of wives belonging to a Sultan, as well as daughters a variety of times.
-He is a Sultan, in disguise.
-He is a silk importer.
-His silk importing is a cover-up for his Drug Cartel.
-His silk isn't real silk.
-He has some kind of skin deformity that causes him to conceal most of his body all the time.
-He has a Harem and there are men in it.
-He owns a Caravan, but would like a boat someday.
-He allegedly has built up an immunity to asp poison.
-He puts scorpions in the beds of people he doesn't like.
-He is in love with Peralin.
-He hates Peralin.
-They are related somehow.
-He hates mages.
-They are really boyfriend and girlfriend.

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):
Nothing, I will inform you personally of anything OOC that you need to know. All his rumors could be true or not.

Wanted: Roleplay. Women to leer at, men to beat him up.. Anything really.

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Flamesong » 01/08/11

Character: Flamesong Ravenheart

Common Rumors:
-She'll write you a poem or song for a fee.
-Sometimes she'll do it for free.
-She's got a new fascination with axes.
-She currently sold everything in her home and is redecorating.

-She might be secretly in love with someone.
-She's looking for someone to love.
-She's sworn off relationships.
-She's got this fascination with blue eyes.

-She has a sister, recently discovered.
-She wants to know more about her parents.
-She's decided her parents wanted nothing to do with her.
-She has an adopted sister who is a dark elf living in Kelethin.
-Her parents were killed by invading orcs when she was a baby.
-Has a habit of collecting strays (people and animals).
-Has a habit of adopting people into her family when she feels she can trust someone.
-Talking to new people is hard for her.

-She was dedicated to Bristlebane, but doesn't actually worship him.
-She lived in exile for years before settling in Neriak.
-Before becoming a bard she was a dancer.
-Before becoming a bard she was a courier.

-She dislikes her appearance.
-She likes her appearance.
-Most people find her beautiful.
-She is narcissistic when it comes to her hair.

-Has a strange fascination with fire.
-Has a strange fascination with the color red.
-Is immune to damage from fire.
-Fire is the only thing that can hurt her.

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):
3/4 of that is true. The rest is half-truths.

-IC Trainer who can help me break out of my shyness when it comes to RP.
-RP of course!

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Clemency » 01/30/11

Character: Clemency Salonius

Common Rumors around Beggar's Court:

The Washerwoman: "Oh? The creepy girl? The one with all the dolls? Yes, I know of her. Her mother is a real windbag, poor but trying to act rich. I suppose she passed on her crappy personality to her daughter. I seen the girl floating cats in the air, laughing as they screeched in confusion. She almost went after my Bessa until I told her to just keep away and not say a word to her. Horrifying child. She'll never find a husband like that."

The Tailor: "Clemency? She's not all bad. She's been a loyal customer for years. I always think of her when I come across a pretty fabric. Everyone knows she makes dolls, but not everyone knows about the skill she puts into their outfits. Such a tight stitch on that girl! You know recently she's been going around the Court and handing out some of them to the little girls and boys. All for free. I know why, of course. For years, those were the only friends she had. Maybe, to some of them kids, it'll be the only friend they ever have as well. Nice of her."

The Butcher: "Ach, that lass... Creepy as 'ell. Ya kno she dun broke er mum's plates wid 'er mind? Apparently she did'na want any of me pork chops fer dinner. Scary little witch. Them were prime cut!"

The Young Lady: "Clemency? Ha! She's weird. The girls and I always made fun of her for those creepy tricks she does. What a freak! Who'd ever want to marry her? When I turned sixteen I had four suitors after me. Guess how many she had? Of course. None. She'll die alone of course, but that's just fine. The Overlord says the weak will weed themselves out of society eventually!"

Mama: "Really, she's an embarrassment. How will I ever marry her off to a rich family when she acts the way she does? Sometimes I wish I never had her. Her brother is the only hope I have left of having grandchildren and a rich daughter-in-law. I can't boss her around as much as I should because she's dangerous with that mind curse she has. It's like all the gods were against me when she was born!"

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):

-She's so lonely she goes to tears nearly every night before bed. All she wants is acceptance.
-Clemmy has a lovely singing voice.
-She's afraid of the dark.
-She's afraid of being alone, but despite this, she almost always is.
-She has a bit of psychometry, which is the ability to read the past of an object. This may be a budding power for her.
-Her brother is the only relative she really considers family.
-She's poor.
-If all of her dolls were to be destroyed at once the wave of mental energy rushing back to her would kill her.
-She doesn't have as much control over her mind as she'd like to think. If she got angry enough everyone would be in danger.

-A good friend, someone to talk to and chat with who sees her as a person, not just "weird girl."
-An enemy of any sort.
-Someone willing to scare her.
-A tutor/mentor, someone to apprentice to.
-Anyone needing the help of a talented mind mage in their plot.
-Anyone willing to play a doll!
-And any RP anyone is willing to give her!

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Thanchir » 03/02/11

Character:Thanchir D'Arkund, Viper

Common Rumors (correct and incorrect):-He's a terrible slaver with a heart made of coal
-Many have tried to kill him but even when they see him die, his lifeblood pour from him, he always shows up again.
-He has no patience for stupid people
-He had a wife but he killed her
-He's a vampire
-He bathes in the blood of the accused
-He does not like being questioned
-He doesn't like women
-He doesn't like men
-He doesn't like anyone
-He doesn't really like selling slaves
-He owns a hundred slaves
-He's secretly a coward!
-He's a powerful Arbiter in the Nerian courts, trained by his famous grandfather who was also an Inquisitor.
-He rigs the court to let out his frustrations with executions
-He's a mind mage
-He's not well-liked by Innoruuk

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):-Thanchir dearly loved his deceased wife who happened to be Koada'Dal. Her family killed her for her choice to marry the Inquisitor and his racism from that point on grew manyfold and he decided to take on the family practice of slavery

-At any given time he's seen in public, it's not actually him, but a body double, magically altered to look like him and his mind running the show. It's a common practice for do-gooders to target slavers and so far it has kept Thanchir alive.

-He likes children, and when they come to him off the block he makes sure they're freed as quickly as possible, though this is shrouded in secrecy. If word got around he'd been freeing merchandise his reputation would be ruined. When they're asked for he'll usually reply "they're out of stock."

Wanted: Anyone foolish enough to play Thanchir's high-risk games! A business associate, an antagonist. Any RP would be welcomed.

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Arybella » 03/02/11

Character: Arybella more commonly known as Ary (R.E)

Common Rumors:
* She is Shy
* She watched as her husband was killed but was helpless
* She has left all of her magic behind
* she can hear what you are thinking most of the time

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):
She didn't watch her husband die, she found him with her best friend and could not control herself, they ended up in ashes upon the bed, which she swept up and keeps in an urn near the fireplace. She is not at all shy but it works for her at this time. She trusts no one! She only left her studies as a chanter because punching and kicking keeps her calm
Wanted: Any RP is cool~

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Ethelle » 05/05/11

Character: Ethelle Pratchett

Common Rumors:

True without a shadow of a doubt:
- Is the youngest child of six by Count Marrden and Philicia Pratchett.
- Ethelle is a monk and chooses not to live at the family Estate, and instead lives in a modest innroom somewhere in Qeynos.
- She is a pacifist.
- She has suffered a rather severe injury in the past year that has severely damaged her mental state.

Things that could or could not be true:

- She is an exhibitionist.
- And a nudist.
- She has flashed grown men for the sake of proving she isn't a crazy person.
- Is on the outs with her sister Quia because she stole her boyfriend. Alternatives: or her favorite dress, or spread nasty lies.
- Doesn't go to large noble gatherings and balls because she is afraid of meeting potential suitors. Alternatives: She doesn't remember which fork is for what.
- Can break a spine with her thighs.
- Has been sleeping with her Mentor, Delvaan Brighthawk.
- Before her cousin Nikolaos found her, she was the maid of a wealthy guardsmen.
- Nikolaos and Ethelle did not know they were cousins before they met.
- She can't read.
- Previously fled to Freeport because of some scandal involving two Lords.
- (old) She was a Bard with a fairly bright future ahead of her.
- She used to work for Mavros Aeros`Rae.
- Like her father, she is also a fairly decent carpenter. But she doesn't talk about it very much.
- Often goes to Mara to spend time with the monks there, and to get away when she's having trouble with someone.

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly): There is some truth to most of the rumors, even if they aren't all exactly true. There could be quite a few variants on what was said to be more risque or gossipy.

Wanted: Roleplay, of course. Someone to piss her off enough to break her faith a little bit.

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Luxelen » 05/09/11

Character: Luxelen Marie Greenleaf (Stage Name: Lux Lovegood, Code Name: Deluxe (har har, The Lux...>.>) )

Common Rumors:

*She wasn’t really raised in a farm, the whole farm girl thing is a ruse because it attracts sympathy and/or endearment
*She moonlights as an escort/companion
*She’s a mind mage
*Her feminine wiles are practically an art form
*She’s not an actress, just suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder
*She’s a spy
*She's a con artist
*She’s well-trained in the art of projecting what her subject wants to see/hear/feel
*She’s well-trained in the art of mirroring her subjects
*She works for more than one organization
*She has a partner in crime, literally
*She’s insane
*She’s really dumb and naïve
*She’s a master of disguises
*She’s boy-crazy and a serial flirt
*She’s madly in love with the worst person ever
*She’s an intelligence agent within a network of mercenaries for hire
*She drugs people with ‘special lipstick’
*She’s a gold digger
*She is /always/ acting, so no one can truly tell when she’s real and when she’s…just an act
*She is very fond of avian creatures and wants to have her own free-range aviary sanctuary someday
*She’s an opportunist first and foremost, and will always seize the moment
*She was once a Renda’Dal nobleman’s lover
*She almost married said Renda’Dal
*She's had more than three dozen noblemen lovers, and still counting
*She’s not afraid of much, but she fakes fears to score sympathy points
*She’s very adept at subterfuge and trains others she deems talented enough
*She’s ambidextrous
*She a skilled swordsman but she’d never show it

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):
Some of the above is true, some of the above is false.

Wanted: Lux is a catalyst. The reason for her origin was to instigate/provoke/make introductions/get things started in a certain semi-regular RP event. She’s an entertainer first and foremost, IC and OOC. I wanted a character that I could throw into a room/tavern/guildhall/RPchannel and just sort of…start people talking, plotting, gossiping, groaning, rolling their eyes, irritating, giggling, whatever. She’s there for comedic relief and for stirring the pot, so to speak… Overtime she’s become more than just an alt made for special occasions. I kind of grew fond of her (and her silly antics) so have been playing her more. She's available for plots that are consistent with her personality and what not. However, I should note that I, the player of, tend to be very flighty when it comes to long, extended plots, so she's better off for short term deals.

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Rin » 05/14/11

Character: Rin (Real name: Rinmaru Mori)

Common Rumours:

- He's 12, no 15, no 17 years old, whatever he's 29 in his head!
- One of his close friend died
- He lives in the streets, really?
- He has a very unique style and look, you never seen someone like him
- He spends more time in front of the mirror than most girls, look is something he likes to play with
- He's social and popular
- He remains shy in some situations, even if he's social
- Rin is a dirge, his art will make you feel sad, he likes extreme feelings
- He's a stage beast
- He likes girls, but is very picky
- He has tattoos all over his body, really?
- He likes creepy things
- It's easy to judge him based on his dark look, assumptions about his appearance couldn't be more wrong
- He's positive and he smiles, but will sing sad songs
- Sad without being unhappy is one of his motto

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):

- Nothing much to add here. As a detail, I will say that his parents were killed by Neriak vampires, he dislikes vampires for this reason.

- Fangirls! I'm kidding :twisted:

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Melenie » 05/24/11

Melenie D'Aronbarra

Common Rumors:
1.- She's loud, obnoxious, and annoying.
2.- There's quite a few Teir'Dal who want to pull her wings off.
3.- Queen Cristanos ordered her out into the world to make her go away.

4.- She's competed in every Feyiron Chef competition held at the annual Festival of Unity, and every Gud Eets competition held at the annual Festival of Discord.
5.- She has always finished in Last Place in the above competitions.
6.- She poisoned the judges.

7.- She's a horrible cook.
8.- She's a great cook.
9.- She's just been hired as a chef for the Amela's Dawn restaurant.
10.- Amela's Dawn will go bankrupt after she gives all the customers Food Poisoning.

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):
The above rumors, by the numbers -

1.- She's tactless. She's only loud when upset.
2.- Quite likely. "They're jealous."
3.- Maybe.

4.- She might have missed the 1st FoU Feyiron Chef, I don't remember. But she's been a regular contestant ever since.
5.- Not entirely true:
*5a.- Feyiron Chef doesn't list the order that non-winners came in.
*5b.- The 1st annual Gud Eets ended with all contestants tied for 1st Place, Melenie included. She also came in 3rd Place in the 2nd annual Gud Eets.
6.- Not true. No judges have died, though medical attention was needed in a couple of cases, due to apparent allergic reactions to Extract of Dark Hatred.

7,8.- In improvisational cooking contests, she tries to cook based on her own tastes rather than considering what the judges might like. Opinions on the results have tended towards extremes. In truth, she's neither horrible nor great.
9.- True.
10.- Why would she do that?

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Yisteara » 05/24/11

Character: Yisteara

Common Rumors:
-Insanity runs in her blood
-She's a drunk
-She's a courtesan
-She's suicidal
-She's a runaway slave
-She's wanted for murder in Qeynos
-She has a daughter and an ex-husband
-She lives in Neriak
-She's covered in scars from head to toe, only her exposed skin isn't scarred

Uncommon Rumors
-She tried to have her ex assassinated
-Her daughter tried to have her assassinated
-She is being hunted for having seen something she shouldn't have

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):
-Touching any of her scars will set off flashbacks
-She was enslaved for decades by someone - she was told it was orcs, so that's what she believes, but she has so far repressed the memory that she doesn't know who or what.
-She has absolutely no self-esteem left

Anything. Random RP. Blasts from the past. People who recognize her from Qeynos. Intrigue.

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Faerlira » 05/27/11

Character: Faerlira

Common Rumors:
  • She was booted out of the Concordium for lewd and lascivious conduct
  • She's a secret agent working for the Concordium to monitor activities in New Halas
  • She'll bed anything with a pulse that's around her for more than half an hour or so
  • She's a terrible mage and only got training because someone owed her parents a favor or money
  • Her magic has driven her insane
  • She's a drunkard and a drug addict
  • She's unbeatable at any game of chance, and has been banned from gambling halls as a result
  • Whenever you see her, you're actually just looking at an illusory construct of her
  • Her magic isn't actually illusions, but direct control of reality itself
Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly): There's a tiny kernel of truth in some of the above rumours, but most are entirely false. Her wild days as a student in the Concordium have given her a particularly bad reputation, while her ability to extensively discuss metaphysics has convinced some that she has a lot more power than she actually does.

Wanted: Any and all RP, of course! Especially looking for mages to "talk shop" and people with weird and interesting perspectives on the world.

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Domnai » 05/31/11

Character: Lady Domnai Gavrelich, daughter of Duke Gavrelich.

Common Rumors:
"I don't know where she came from, but she sure is Daddy's girl. It's daddy this, or daddy that.."

"I'm willin' to bet that if you could steal her underwear, the cloth alone would be worth a new house, or at least a nice new sword.."

"I hear her and her Daddy live out in the Loping Plains, with all them vampires and werewolves and wargs. Not sure why, but It just ain't quite right for a woman like that to live in a place so dark.."

"I hear she's chaste, you know.. No sex, 'cause she's a Priestess and all.."

" I ain't never seen her eat, but she's definitely got curves in all the right places.."

"Sometimes I hear men go into her carriage, and they don't come out.. Or if they do, they end up at her manor chained to the bed posts."

"What's with that servant of hers? He some kind of pushover? Koada'Dal weren't meant to serve other Koada'Dal. Gods."

"I don't think her title's real. I mean, who the hell has heard of a Duke Gavrelich? Where the frack did 'e come from?"

"Folks who ain't got history that's public are dangerous indeed. Where's her mother, and how come she isn't married? A woman like that.."

"She's right desperate, the way she sniffs around at men. Probably ain't ever gotten any, since her father is such a stick in the mud."

"I bet there ain't a damn freckle or scar on that lady, down to her pale ass."

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):

Some of that is true, not every bit of it is. But there are hints to truth in most of it. She is intentionally hiding things from people, and the rumors speak openly of her avoidance of certain subjects. I will tell people who ask, or who guess as to why.

Wanted: Someone to play her manservant! See thread in the community Roundtable. Also, people who want my evil, chiffon and silk wearing templar to mess with them. More roleplay in general, as always with my characters.

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Laynisa » 06/25/11

Character:Arch-Duchess Laynisa Onyx Val’Haden

Common Rumors:
In Freeport:
~She’s a well-off citizen, never breaks a law
~She’s been seen murdering lucan officials and paying off any witnesses handsomely.
~Has been seen going in and out of the new portals within the city in a high temper.
~Meets in the Jade tiger with shady individuals
~She’s a bad alcoholic, and tends to head for the nearest bar when she’s under pressure, or stressed
~She buys children from the markets on occasion and usually will intervene when she sees a child being mistreated often with vicious results for the one abusing them.
In Neriak:
~She’s a ‘Blood Spider’, meaning a top assassin. Goes by the alias Lady Onyx
~She has her own House and it’s well guarded magically, and she employs quite the number of guards.
~Has recently killed a rival noble and is avoiding backlash from his family.
~People who go into her Estate as sometimes never seen again, especially ayr’dals, or tier’dals.
~Her slaves that leave the Estate for whatever reason report that she is not a cruel mistress, but that she is indeed a loyal innoruukian.
~She’s a whore who has her own estate due to stealing money
~She’s of well-known noble birth but recently returned to her nobility status due to political intrigue.
~There’s a rumor going around among the D’Morte that she is somehow in friendly standing with mistmoore despite the fact she kills her own kind.
~She’s a little-known decorator, the people who do come out of her estate have said that she has a talent for such.
~It’s been said she buys children from the slavers and keeps them in her estate to be trained and educated as her adopted children.

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly): ((she does not follow the laws of Freeport as set down by the knights of Freeport, she does kill Lucanic officials, and pays them off to say they saw a human male doing the killing. She is a top assassin in Neriak, but not many would know that about her unless you are a Nerian assassin in good roleplay standing with the ebon mask. People do go into her estate to never come back. She is innoruukian. She is of noble birth but recently recognized. She is in a permanent friendly state with all mistmoorian loyal vampires. She’s a horrible alcoholic, and will resort to drinking when she’s done something she feels guilty about, or feels goes against her morals. She does buy children and trains them, normally elven children, but she has been known to adopt iksars or kerrans. Any slaver who has children on the block usually meets their death shortly after Layn has bought said children, and the deaths tend to be vicious.

Wanted: Random Roleplay, I’m up for anything.

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Eljacko » 06/29/11

Character: Nince, or Jacob "Nince" Damien Reginald Albuquerque Victor Lark

Common Rumors:
- Nince was born in a good-aligned city.
- Nince fights for the highest bidder.
- Nince is extremely skilled at avoiding conviction for his casual murders.
- Nince only owns one cloak.
- Nince stole that cloak, probably from someone he killed.
- Nince doesn't know many people in Freeport.
- Nince knows people in Neriak.
- Nince knows people in Qeynos.
- Nince is constantly drunk.
- Nince is a virgin.
- Nince's nickname is secretly derogatory, somehow.

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):
- Nince killed his original mentor when he left the Concordium Tower, and has come to regret this.
- Nince's only cloak was taken from the corpse of aforementioned mentor.
- During his escape from the Concordium Tower with his second mentor and sarnak father-figure, Nince ended up killing several other Concordium students. He regretted this immediately.
- Nince once tried to kill his second mentor, but it didn't work.
- When sober, Nince is constantly paranoid that his second mentor is planning her revenge.
- Nince is not a virgin, but in some ways he would prefer to be.
- The word "nince" means "short" in Olde Elvish, and refers to his foresight. Nince does not know this.

Wanted: Random RP please! Nince needs friends and enemies in Freeport. People he can trust, and people he can oppose.
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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Zhadowsee » 07/26/11

Character: Zhadowsee

Common Rumors:
~He has recently been assassinated in his own tavern while conversing with a Koada'dal
~He has lost his Neriak Tavern as well as his home
~The new owner of the Tavern is the same Koada'dal referenced earlier
~The new owner of the Tavern is actually a Teir'dal girl
~One or both of the new owners secretly arranged to have him killed

~Maybe it was his wife who killed him

~Zhadowsee has recently been seen entering House D'Morte in Neriak, well after the alleged assassination
~His relationship with the D'Ryil vampires has started to decline since he lost his tavern
~He visits House D'Morte to negotiate new associations with the clan
~He visits because he is a blood doll to one of the elders
~He visits because he has a secret lover
~He visits because he keeps leaving his keys there
~He visits because he is renting a room there
~He visits because he is prone to drama and is trying to make someone upset

~Rumor has it he's a decorator

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):
~It really is a banana in his pocket

~Random RP always welcome
~I'll settle for bananas

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Duvessa » 08/08/11

Character: Duvessa El'lar

Common Rumors:
  • She's been adding management and staff to the Raven.
  • Part of this is because she's been so busy.
  • Part of this is to keep the riff-raff in check.
  • Remains BITTERLY angry over the death of Mahamari Kress.
  • Was married, to a man!
  • Has a long-lost daughter!
  • In part of some secret Militia project within Freeport.
  • Was suspiciously absent during the recent Antonican battles.
  • Because she was helping Freeport in disguise to not piss off her patrons.
  • Because she was helping Qeynos, and didn't want to get killed by Freeport.
  • Because she was having a multi-day snog with Pyxie.
Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):

I'm still looking for additional staff at the Raven!


General RP, well-behaved patrons, a little drama. I love Duvessa's magic or connections/influence being able to help solve or fix other people's problems. I make a nice deus ex machina!

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Araxus » 08/10/11

Character: Araxus Sha`Itar

Common Rumors:
-He is a carpenter.
-He is a bartender.
-He is a businessman.
-He is wanted in nearly every city.
-He is a high ranking Tears assassin.
-He has considerable pull in Maj`Dul.
-He doesn’t exist.
-There are no official documents in any city for him.
-He has a harem.
-One of his concubines is a male.
-He has numerous uncounted for bastard children.
-He is a drunk.
-He is dead.
-He is alive.

Less Common Rumors
-There’s a strange glow to his aura.
-He has died and seen the void.
-He is only partially living.
-He is a “Freedom Fighter” and has freed many slaves in his life.
-He has provided said freed slaves with employment.
-He was once a slave himself.
-He is an assassin.
-He is a crime boss.

Rare Rumors
-He is not racially what he appears to be.
-His mother was, in fact, not a whore.
-He is artistic.
-He is a tattoo artist.

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):
-Some of the rumors are true, some are false. Some are only partially true.
-He’s more approachable than he comes off.

Wanted: RP. Any and all is cool. If anyone is in need of an assassination-driven plot, I’ve done such in the past and am willing to help out. Just trying to get myself back out there and into the rp scene again.

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Lizalfos » 08/17/11

Character: Lizalfos

Common Rumors:
- Was a powerful Lich from before the Shattering
-Fought regularly with Qeynos' own Vagabond Knights, forwarded agendas with both Moonshadows and Shadow of Fear
-Disappeared months ago, was allegedly and mysteriously slain deep within the Mistmoore Catacombs but an unknown assailant
- Has subsequently had his phylacteries all destroyed, leading the general public to accept his permanent destruction

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly):
- Shinrah, the new Leader of Deimos, fought and killed Lizal with relative ease deep in the Catacombs
-Shinrah used his mysterious powers to track and destroy all of Lizal's phylacteries, save for one.
-The spared phylactery was powerful enough to resurrect him, but had to bring him to life rather than take on the strain of supporting his undead existence.

Wanted: Roleplay!

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Re: The Rumor Mill

Post by Dreya » 08/17/11

Character: Dreya

Common Rumors:

She is a vampire.

She killed her entire family.

She is a fugitive.

She is part of the coven of vampires from Neriak.

She is bisexual.

Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But I Want You To Know OOCly): I'll leave it up to other's to find out what is true and what isn't. It's no fun if I just tell you!

Wanted: Love spontaneous RP! If you see her out and about - Bring it on!

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